Our Downtown Store in San Francisco

Store view from the sidewalk


Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry was originally established in 1969 by its namesake, Jarmilla Lang, just a few doors down from its present location in San Francisco's Union Square.

Window view of our display case from outside

From her original home in Czechoslovakia, Mrs. Lang brought to San Francisco old world refinement and taste along with a wide ranging expertise in antique jewelry. Lang's still stands out as a refreshing reminder of vanished times amid the corporate clones which dominate today's jewelry trade.

The spellbinding window alone stops unsuspecting passersby in their tracks. They sometimes ogle for an hour at a time. Lang's entertains visitors from all over the United States, Europe and Asia who say they have never seen a store like it anywhere in the world.

Inside view from the door

Upon entering the store one is immediately transported back a century to cozier, quainter times. The cases brim over with sparkling one-of-a-kind baubles: rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, timepieces, and old silver from days of yore. Lang's staggering collection of over seven thousand individual jewels and objets d'art is a veritable museum of the jeweler's art.

Today Lang's is headed by Suzanne Martinez, GG, a native San Franciscan who along with a dedicated staff of jewelry experts and professionals has developed Lang's into one of the foremost estate jewelers in the world.

Business Hours:

Our staff is available to take your questions, calls, and emails during our business hours.

Today we are having phone problems so us 415-986-8025 to reach us. Tuesday September 23- Thursday September 25th Lang will be closed for renovations. Our website will be open and you can reach us by phone. Thanks for your patience. Closed
Monday 10:30am - 5:30pm
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