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Art Nouveau Lorgnette

This gorgeous, double-sided, decorative menu or opera program reader for the over-forty set is blooming with beautiful, raised, golden violets and leaves. Hallmarked Krementz, circa 1890. 4 3/4 inches long.

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Art Nouveau Iris Lorgnette

Sinuous flowing leaves entwine the handle and lead up to a beautiful blossoming iris flower in this exemplary and magnificently sculpted, double-sided Art Nouveau lorgnette, circa 1900. The reverse side displays a brightly polished, un-engraved plaque in contrasting rose gold. The lens frames and bo...(more)

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Art Nouveau Dragon Motif Lorgnette

Four fierce, snarling dragons - two on each side - effectively guard this truly fabulous, double-sided Art Nouveau lorgnette as their long, sinuous tails entwine the handle. A warm, time-darkened patina imbues this magnificent 18 karat gold marvel. 4 1/2 inches long.

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Antique Gold Nugget Watch Chain with Gold-in-Quartz Fob

A rare and unusual nine-inch watch chain composed of twenty-six small gold nuggets and displays a square rose gold fob composed of four triangular gold-in-quartz inlays. A T-bar and a swivel clasp adorn each end. Circa 1850, the initial 'S' is engraved on the reverse of the fob.

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Antique Key Fob

A petite antique fob in 14 and 9 karat gold. The fob features a citrine colored intaglio which is also a key. An interesting bauble to adorn your watch chain.

$525.00 - View Item    #100-1-1481

Vintage Swiss Enamel Compact

This octagonal vintage compact is decorated with a colorful Swiss enamel pastoral scene on the lid surrounded by a floral and foliate engraved motif. The compact opens to reveal a mirror, screen and powder puff. The bottom of the compact is fully engraved with a scrolling foliate and floral motif.

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Art Deco Diamond Lorgnette

A sleek and streamline spring-loaded lorgnette, circa 1930, sparkling with a row of four European-cut diamonds on one side and a shimmering engine engraved herringbone pattern in white gold on the reverse. 3-3/4 inches by 1-3/4 inches.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #100-1-1383

Antique Gold Lorgnette

Here is one of the finest Victorian period covered gold lorgnettes we've come across. Both sides are adorned with a combination of superlative hand engraving and engine engraving displaying graceful neo-classical design motifs. One side is engraved with fanciful initials. A true Victorian beauty. 5 ...(more)

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Vintage Gold and Rose-Cut Diamond Hair Comb

A cool and artsy three-tine hair comb with a sleek geometrically designed 14 karat yellow gold and tiny rose-cut diamond ornament. Circa 1890-1910, with a soft velvety patina. We think the comb portion is made from animal horn. 4 3/8 inches by 11/16 inch.

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Vintage Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Dress Set

A pair of double-sided cufflinks and three matching shirt studs (or vest buttons) crafted in platinum over yellow gold, each with a bezel-set diamond piercing a shimmering root beer-colored mother-of-pearl plaque with peacock colored highlights. Accompanied in its original fitted box from Juergens &...(more)

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Antique Turquoise and Gold Fob with Buckle

One of the coolest decorative fobs we've seen in sometime. A fantastic spiderweb turquoise specimen with rich copper color matrix is presented at the bottom of a sizable and highly ornamented fob. The fob is suspended from a black grosgrain ribbon (frayed at one end) embellished with a beautiful mat...(more)

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Vibrant Enamel Japanese Silver Cigarette Case

This vibrant, early twentieth century Japanese silver cigarette case depicts a scene from the floating world of the Tokugawa era (1615-1867). A geisha, in full kimono, pauses contemplatively over a bridge. The backside of the cigarette case reveals the object of her gaze: a lush river valley. The de...(more)

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