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Victorian Turquoise Watch Chain

Exquisite 18K yellow gold Victorian watch chain dotted with turquoise cabochons set on both sides of the double sided links and finished with a twisted wire t-bar accented with turquoise cabochons on either end.

$3,250.00 - View Item    #100-1-1213

English Peacock Motif Compact

A vibrantly enameled English sterling silver compact in a hexagonal shape featuring a peacock motif with flowing colorful plumage sitting atop a flowering branch, London 1927. This compact measures 2 1/8 by 2 1/2.

$795.00 - View Item    #100-1-1217

Victorian Cows Head Motif Seal Fob

Victorian 10K rose gold cows head motif seal fob set atop oval onyx. This seal fob measures 1 tall by 1 wide.

$695.00 - View Item    #100-1-317

Steel and Enamel San Gennaro Motif Box

Steel and blue enamel box with greek key pattern detailing and an 18K yellow gold and enameled applique of the Bishop of Benevento, Italy, San Gennaro, the Patron Saint of Naples. This box measures 2 1/2 long by 3 3/4 wide by 1/2 thick.

$1,895.00 - View Item    #100-1-1428

Art Deco Gents Watch Chain & Fob

14K Yellow gold decorative Art Deco watch chain and fob in a streamlined geometric design. This watch chain measures 5 inches long by 1 inch wide.

$875.00 - View Item    #100-1-630

Art Nouveau Mechanical Pencil

An 18K Yellow gold French Art Nouveau mechanical pencil with a delicate mistletoe motif. This pencil measures 2 1/4 long by 1/4 wide.

$695.00 - View Item    #100-1-940

American Ladies Perfumer

Put your favorite scent in this American early 20th century ladies perfumer in sterling silver featuring lovely scrolling foliate and shell motif repousse work with a screw off cap and chain. This bottle measures 21/4 tall by 11/4 wide.

$675.00 - View Item    #100-1-1027

Tri-Color Golden Watch Fob

Fabulous turn of the century 14K rose gold watch fob featuring a handsome engraved geometric design finished with green, yellow and white gold highlights. A work of art. The fob measures 3 1/2" long by 1" wide.

$1,350.00 - View Item    #100-1-1056

Ladies Yellow Guilloche Enamel Double-Sided Pillbox

Early 20th century sterling silver double sided ladies yellow guilloche enameled pillbox with a delicate pink floral motif. This beautiful little pillbox opens on both sides to reveal a small mirror and hangs from a finger ring with linked chain. Pillbox measures 1 1/2 round and the chain measures 4...(more)

$695.00 - View Item    #100-1-1108

Victorian Watch Fob

Victorian 14K yellow gold buckle with tassel motif watch fob. This watch fob measures 5 long by 1 1/8 wide.

$875.00 - View Item    #100-1-470

Vatican Style Etruscan Revival Micro Mosaic Collar Buttons

18K Yellow gold Vatican style Etruscan revival micro mosaic collar buttons with characteristic white background and motifs set into decorated golden frames, circa 1880. These collar buttons measure 1 1/8 tall by 7/8 wide and one features a bail.

$2,250.00 - View Item    #100-1-728

Gold Match Safe

Handsome 14K rosy yellow gold match safe with an undulating design, early 20th century. This match safe measures 2 1/2 tall by 1 1/4 wide.

$1,450.00 - View Item    #100-1-224