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.55 Carat Mid-Century Diamond Engagement Ring

A darling platinum ring from the Mid-Century, but with inspiration from the Art Deco period, highlights a sparkling .55 carat European-cut diamond. The center diamond is set with classic claw prongs and surrounded with small accent diamonds set in a lozenge shape in fishtail settings. In a finger si...(more)

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Vintage Diamond Band Ring

This bright and sparkling mid-twentieth century band ring, crafted in 14 karat white gold, centers on a seamless row of shimmering baguette diamonds, together weighing .75 carats. The baguettes are bordered on each side with a row of bright, single-cut diamonds totaling .25 carats - bringing the tot...(more)

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Vintage Diamond Band Ring

Ten old mine-cut diamonds and six tiny, single-cut diamonds, totaling .65 carats, glisten from atop this gently tapered band ring, probably crafted in the 1950s using antique diamonds from the turn-of-the twentieth century.

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.20 Carat Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

This original early-Art Deco diamond ring, circa 1920, glitters with lovely .20 carat European-cut diamond set atop a raised and beveled geometric mounting. This distinctive engagement ring is detailed throughout with a classic Art Deco openwork gallery and elaborate hand engraving, which has been w...(more)

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.94 Carat Vintage Style Diamond Ring

This dynamic platinum and diamond dazzler centers on a bright and shining old mine-cut diamond weighing just six points shy of one carat. However, the geometric setting in which it resides adds extra dimension to the outline of the stone, which gives it the appearance of being every bit one carat in...(more)

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4.14 Carat G-VVS2 Marquise/Oval Art Deco Diamond Ring

This magnificent and majestic original Art Deco Diamond ring, circa 1920s, highlights a bright-white and beautiful antique-cut marquise/oval shape diamond - or Moval - accompanied with a GIA - Gem Trade Laboratory certificate stating: G color - VVS2 clarity. This gorgeous and very special dia...(more)

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.56 Carat Antique Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A bright-white and gorgeous antique cushion-cut diamond, weighing .56 carat, scintillates from within a delightfully distinctive 18 karat white gold solitaire setting designed and rendered with flowing feminine lines and incorporating decorative open work and hand engraving throughout. A sweetheart,...(more)

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Edwardian Three-Stone Diamond Ring

A harmonious trio of European-cut diamonds - together weighing just under 2.50 carats - sing out loud and proud from this original Edwardian diamond ring, finely handcrafted in platinum, circa 1900. The three shining stars sparkle atop a latticework background, bordered on each side by a twinkling r...(more)

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Vintage Diamond Band Ring

This bright and sparkling, mid-twentieth century band ring centers on a seamless row of shimmering baguette diamonds, together weighing one carat. The baguettes are bordered on each side with a row of bright round, brilliant-cut diamonds totaling half-a-carat - bringing the total diamond weight to 1...(more)

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2.57 Carat Fancy Color Pentagonal Diamond Gent's Ring

This singular and sensational modern diamond ring radiates with a masterfully cut 2.57 carat 'Pentagonal Modern Brilliant' diamond, accompanied with a grading certificate from the GIA - Gem Trade Laboratory - stating: 'Natural Fancy Dark Brown Greenish Yellow' - or in layman's terms, a beauti...(more)

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1.00 Carat Diamond, Victorian Style Gent's Ring

This classic, Victorian-style diamond ring elegantly presents a beautiful 1.00 carat European-cut diamond. The sparkling diamond is held aloft by six golden prongs which seamlessly arise from the shoulders of the ring shank. The curved openings between the prongs reflect glimmers of light which lend...(more)

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1.03 Carat Art Deco Diamond Dome Ring

The bright-white and brilliant 1.03 carat center European-cut diamond tells only half the story of this truly splendid and stunning original early-Art Deco dome, or bombe', shape ring - masterfully handcrafted in platinum, circa 1920. This truly exquisite ring, which serves equally as well as an eng...(more)

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