Our Selection of Objets d`Art

Antique Watch Boutonniere with Fitted Box

A rare treasure for your buttonhole or vitrine. A delightfully diminutive (roughly 15/16nds of an inch) timepiece, encircled by glittering rose-cut diamonds and displaying the tiniest porcelain dial ever, is masterfully crafted and ingeniously designed to fit right into the button hole of your lapel...(more)

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Natural Jadeite Carving

A substantial and hefty, vintage, three-dimensional natural jade carving of variegated medium apple green color, depicting a luscious peach with leaves and blossoms. On the reverse is a persimmon-the good luck fruit. A treasure for your pocket, purse vitrine or desktop. The jade measures 2 1/8 inc...(more)

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Large Micro-Mosaic Crucifix

From late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century Roma, a magnificent, six-inch high crucifix, fully ornamented with colorful micro-mosaic inlays. The four corners display Roman architectural sites with St. Peter's at the top.

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Large Double-Sided Jade Carving

A splendid double-sided jadeite carving measuring 2 7/8 inch by 2 5/8 inches. This elaborately carved, mainly mutton colored jade with a large splash of bright green on one side depicts, on the front: a Shishi - a legendary Chinese Guardian Lion with her cub at lower left. Upper right is a dog-like ...(more)

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Antique Silver Cameo Box

Store your cameo brooch in this this lovely oval hinged box crafted in 800 silver with a shell cameo lid from the Eternal City. The sides are tastefully decorated with rope and scroll overlays. 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches. Signed 'Remos'.

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Victorian Banded Agate Rectangular Box

This charming box is set on top and bottom with fiery orange banded agate. The agate is beautifully translucent. The box is constructed in nicely fashioned gilded metal. It would be a wonderful storage place for cherished keepsakes.

$695.00 - View Item    #160-1-481

Guilloche Enamel Compact & Lipstick, F&B

This vintage guilloche enamel compact and lipstick case is by F & B. The compact cover is a colorful bouquet of flowers and garlands. They are attached by a segmented enamel chain, all in sterling silver. It opens to reveal a mirror, powder compartment and rouge. The compact measures 2 x 2 inches ...(more)

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Art Nouveau Silver Seal

A graceful tapering silver Art Nouveau seal. Each side depicting a dimensional long stemmed floral spray atop a banded motif.

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Victorian Scottish Agate Stamp

This unique Victorian Agate Stamp is truly a collectible Object d'Art. It is a brilliantly executed assortment of inlaid agate and jasper varieties all indigenous to the Highlands of Scotland. The stamp itself is fashioned out of carved cairngorm (smokey quartz) and personalized with the initials ...(more)

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Antique Glass Perfume Bottle

A delightful treasure to adorn your vanity. A beautiful, Antique cut glass perfume bottle with a sterling silver cap. The cap has a floral repousse design with hallmarks from Birmingham, circa 1870, with initials engraved at the top 'EEH'.

$795.00 - View Item    #160-1-465

Art Nouveau Perfumer

A exquisite keepsake from the turn of the 20th century. Evidently of French origin, but sans hallmarks, this rare and beautiful collectible features a large, round purple amethyst embraced by a spectacular ornamental hinged lid containing diamonds and emeralds. The meticulous and exotic hand detaili...(more)

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French Silver and Glass Purse Flask and Shot Glass

The ideal keepsake for genteel alcoholics. A conical shaped glass vessel with a fluted design is topped with a silver threaded cap with a lovely stylized acanthus leaf border. The base doubles as a removable shot glass. Made by the French silversmiths Lagriffoul & Laval. With its original box, (beve...(more)

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French 18 Karat Yellow Gold and Citrine Seal

A fabulous objet d'art in its original fitted box, this gorgeous faceted briolette Citrine is embraced by a fine French made satin gold setting with tiny bezel set diamonds and rubies. The seal is made of carved Carnelian. A superb piece in fine condition.

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Carved Rose Motif Jet Table Box

Beautiful carved jet table box with fitted lid. The lid has a sweet pietra dura inlay with two roses in full bloom. A beautiful adornment to any collection. This box measures 3 round by 1 5/8 tall.

$795.00 - View Item    #160-1-450

Sterling Guilloche Picture Frame

Impressive example of an enameled sterling frame designed and hallmarked by Udall & Ballou at the beginning of the 20th Century. This octagonal frame is adorned with guilloche style enamel in jewel tones of crimson with white corners. The frame comes with the original fitted box!

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Georgian 14k Citrine Seal

Outstanding example of Georgian artistry. Every component of this seal is exquisitely tooled. The hand carved bloodstone intaglio seal depicts a lion in a crest, so finely rendered, that his mane appears to be blowing with the breeze. The repousse foliate motif of the gold is 3-dimensional and exq...(more)

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Antique Bloodstone Seal

A wonderfully sculpted bloodstone desk seal with a decorative 18 karat yellow gold bezel bearing an intricately carved intaglio depicting a rooster and the French saying "Talent de Bien Faire" which translates to "Desire to do well" which is the motto for Prince Henry the Navigator. The entire piece...(more)

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Antique French Rose Quartz and Turquoise Parasol Set

Luckily, we've saved you the embarrassment of attending Ascot with your parasol unadorned. This delightful nineteenth-century set is comprised of a turquoise dotted rose quartz handle and eight silver gilt safety tips. The original green leather fitted box (with broken hinge) is from: Edwards & ...(more)

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Antique Repousse Oval Box

A small oval vermeil box perfect for pills or perhaps on your nightstand as a special keepsake for your rings. A beautiful diamond set repousse floral and scroll motif decorate both top and bottom. American, circa 1890's.

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Carved Jet Waterlily Motif Box

Wonderful carved jet table box with fitted lid. The lid has a very fine pietra dura inlay with a delicate waterlily motif. A beautiful adornment to any collection. This box measures 3 round by 1 5/8 tall.

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Vintage Cigarette Case, Circa 1917

This is a cool vintage cigarette case, circa 1917. The fluted case opens to reveal an engraved plaque that reads "Neinem gelieben Sohne Max, zum 50. Gebartstage von seiner Mutter, 12. August 1917". The case has been well loved and is missing one tab on the inside.

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