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Star Sapphire and Carved Emerald Brooch

This bold, colorful, ultra-chic and sizable bauble, circa 1950, glows front and center with a natural, no-heat star sapphire clocking in at an impressive 16 carats. The entrancing denim blue gemstone radiates with a shimmering 6-ray star and is orbited by nine sparkling white full-cut diamonds. The ...(more)

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Jardiniere En Tremblant Floral Brooch

This sizable, sensational and stunning creation blooms year-round with a glittering mélange of colorful gemstones, further enhanced by sparkling diamonds and green and red enamel. A ruby-framed opal takes center stage among emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond flowers, emerald leaves and turquoise b...(more)

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Diamond and Sapphire Double Clip Brooch

A fabulous late-Art Deco double clip brooch, expertly and substantially hand crafted in platinum, circa 1930s, featuring mirror-image cornucopias of vibrant blue Ceylon sapphires flowing from sparkling, asymmetrical diamond bows. A truly gorgeous example of long lost, opulent Art Deco artistry. Equa...(more)

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Platinum Diamond Arrow Jabot Brooch

Cupid's arrow is headed for its next lucky victim. Delicately hand fabricated in platinum during the zenith of the Art Deco period, circa 1920s-30s, both the arrowhead and the feathery fletching are aglitter with tiny round diamonds. Just over 2 inches long and lovely.

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Opal, Ruby, and Diamond Bee

The title doesn't mention her emerald eyes and sapphire-tipped antennae! This colorful, sizable and very precious pollinator sports an opal head, a ruby abdomen and sparkling diamond wings. A queen bee if there ever was one, she'll add some serious buzz to your wardrobe. Circa mid-to-late 20th centu...(more)

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Carved Nephrite and Amethyst Floral Brooch

A beautiful bouquet in glorious purple, green and white (diamonds). Lucky seven carved amethyst and diamond-centered flowers forever blossom atop five lush nephrite jade leaves in this never wilting charmer artfully hand fabricated in rich 18K yellow gold. These elaborately carved jewels usually ori...(more)

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Large Antique Eagle Brooch

Boasting a 4 and 1/4 inch wingspan, this may be the most phenomenal eagle brooch of all time! Dating from the-turn-of-the-last century and, based on the 18ct. mark, more than likely of British origin, he/she sweeps through the sky with a natural pearl in its talons and a sparkling diamond in ...(more)

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Large Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Brooch

By William B Kerr & Co of Newark New Jersey, circa 1900, comes this fabulous, large scale brooch, crafted in sterling silver, depicting a nubile forest nymph peeking out between sizable (and lucky) clovers. 3 inches by just under 2 3/4 inches.

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Retro Ruby and Diamond Double Clips and Brooch

A superb and unique pair of asymmetrical clips and brooch combination from the glamorous 1940s. Based on a free flowing ribbon design and magnificently rendered (even the back is beautifully decorated) in baguette and round diamonds, Burmese rubies, rose gold, white gold and platinum, this multi-dim...(more)

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Carved Coral Brooch

A beautiful and bountiful bouquet of blossoms and leaves are hand carved from a single piece of bright salmon colored coral in this cheerful and charming brooch, backed in 14K yellow gold, dating from the middle of the last century. 1 5/8 inches by just over 1 1/4 inches.

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French Tiffany and Co. Birdie Brooch

This sweet petite tweet sports a multitude of spiky golden feathers and a tiny cabochon emerald eye. Fabulously crafted in rich 18K yellow gold by none other than Tiffany & Co. - Française contingent. 1 and 1/4 by 1 inch.

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond Brooch

Consummate Art Deco artistry, circa 1925, is elegantly exemplified in this stunning brooch, expertly hand crafted in platinum and sparkling throughout with a mélange of round, triangle and baguette diamonds, totaling just shy of 3 carats. The cartouche shaped jewel effectively incorporates fine pie...(more)

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