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Antique Gold Ouroboros Snake Brooch

Exquisitely hand-fabricated in gleaming 14 karat gold, this darling Victorian brooch depicts a diamond-eyed Ouroboros - a serpent biting its own tail- an ancient Greek and Egyptian symbol of self-reflection and renewal. Measures 1 1/4 inch by 5/8 inch.

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Antique Heart Pierced By Tulips Pin

In the Victorian language of flowers, tulips signified passion, so the original recipient of this lovely brooch most surely knew her admirer was besotted. Exquisitely handcrafted in 14 karat with a rich high karat bloom, set with delicate shimmering seed pearls. Measures 1 3/4 inches long by 3/4 inc...(more)

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Colorful Enamel Bird Brooch

Two little love birds sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. A couple of radiant red, green and yellow diamond-eyed love birds make for quite an item. Three little ones in the nest will soon join the happy family. 1 3/4 inches b...(more)

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Victorian Pearl and Diamond Pin

A very lovely and beautifully constructed original Victorian brooch centering on a single antique cushion-cut diamond adorned on each side with hand-engraved wheat motifs. The floating golden centerpiece is framed with lustrous half-pearls and the side gallery intricately adorned with a tiny beaded ...(more)

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Antique Heart and Crescent Pin

Instead of Cupid’s arrow, this pearly Victorian pin is pieced through by a lustrous crescent. A 14K gold sweetheart measuring 1 3/4 inches by 5/8 inch.

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Antique Seed Pearl Clover Pin/Pendant

'Think of Me' is the sentiment traditionally accompanying white clover executed in this romantic Victorian love token. This very pretty and sparkling example is beautifully crafted in 14 karat gold. Paved with shimmering seed pearls and accented with a sparkling diamond at its center, this lovely pi...(more)

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Pearl Ruby and Diamond Crowned Heart Brooch

'Let love and friendship reign' is the sentiment traditionally accompanying these romantic love tokens, which date back as far as the Middle Ages in Northern Europe. This very pretty and sparkling example is of mid-to-late-20th century vintage and is beautifully crafted in 14 karat gold. Paved with ...(more)

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English Victorian Pearl and Gemstone Crescent Brooch

A marvelous and unusual variation on the late 19th century crescent motif, this delightful brooch deconstructs the shimmering pearl crescent mid arc and punctuates it with floating diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Hand-crafted in England in 15 carat gold, with English hallmarks and a rich antique pat...(more)

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Antique Scottish Thistle Kilt Pin

A small-scale antique Scottish kilt pin features bloodstone, jasper and banded agate capped with a faceted citrine in the shape of a thistle. This charming pin is crafted in 9 karat rose gold and measures 1 1/8 inches long.

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Equestrian Horse Pin

A bay-colored horse noses his way across this reverse intaglio nestled in the "V" of a snaffle bit. Whether you ride cross country, stadium jump or ride dressage this lovely pin is the perfect accent to adorn your cravat.

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Black Onyx Cat Pin

The folklore surrounding black cats varies widely around the globe, but we're with the Brits, who see them as a harbinger of good luck. Easy to believe when they are as darling as this little pin, beautifully crafted in 14 karat gold and shiny black onyx, with a sparkling diamond collar, and her bac...(more)

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Turn-of-the-Century Enamel and Diamond Tiger Pin

A fierce and delightful, diamond-eyed, golden tiger is proudly showing off a sparkling European-cut diamond in this diminutive yet dramatic pin, exquisitely crafted in 14 karat rosy-yellow gold and shimmering enamel - circa 1900. 7/8 inch.

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