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Enamel and Diamond Marlin Brooch

First you'll have to catch this slippery poisson before mounting it on your lapel or shoulder. Artfully rendered in 18K yellow gold and depicted in mid-turn, she is dressed for the chase in shimmering, iridescent blue and green enamel and trimmed in sparkling white single-cut diamonds. Tiny, ...(more)

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Art Nouveau Style Enamel and Diamond Flower

Reminiscent of the translucency of Japanese watercolors, this enchanting brooch, artfully rendered in rich 18K yellow gold, is adorned with iridescent, semi-transparent, pastel hard enamel, displaying a sweet pea blossom symbolizing delicate pleasures in the Victorian language of flowers. The...(more)

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Platinum, Diamond and Emerald Brooch

Expertly hand-fabricated in platinum in the early 1900s, exceptionally bright and lively, small green emeralds and glittering rose-cut diamonds combine to create an intriguingly beautiful closed Möbius band brooch. Cleverly designed to appear as a three-dimensional three-row band, this unique vint...(more)

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Enamel Three-Leaf Brooch with Pearl Diamonds

As the seasons change and the leaves transform, the first drops of rain fall like diamonds in this soothing Art Nouveau brooch. Hand-fabricated in 18 karat yellow gold, expert enameling adorns the graceful, lightly pastel colored leaves. Two bezel-set, old mine-cut diamonds add a dash of dew-like s...(more)

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Turquoise Hummingbird Brooch

This fabulous hummingbird brooch, crafted in 14K gold, manages to keep aloft with her large, shimmering mother-of pearl wings. Her elegantly embellished turquoise head is further accented with a flash of red rubies. It is not surprising that early Spanish explorers called hummingbirds flying jewels,...(more)

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Enamel and Seed Pearl Brooch

A sweetheart blooms in this small cluster of maple seed pods rendered in shimmering green enamel over 15 karat rose gold (hence most likely of British origin). All are vibrantly hued, gently fading from grass green to sunny yellow with the cell structure faintly appearing through the enamel of each ...(more)

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18K Diamond Horse Brooch by Craig Drake

This sleek and sizable, diamond-eyed steed has broken from his corral and is kicking up some serious diamond dust in this magnificently sculpted brooch, rendered in velvety 18K yellow gold, plus a pair of bright white and sparkling round brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing .80 carat. Signed Moboco with...(more)

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Antique Diamond Sword Brooch

A gleaming, golden Excalibur, measuring just over 2 1/2 inches long and sparkling to the hilt with old mine and rose-cut diamonds. Unsheathe your inner King Arthur! Victorian, circa 1880.

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Enameled Dove Pin

This precious little dove, outfitted in shimmering lime green enamel trimmed with tiny twinkling diamonds, will bring some blessed peace to your life and color to your wardrobe. 1 1/4 by 7/8 inches.

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Large Diamond Contemporary Heart Brooch

A sparkling variation on a romantic theme. This stylish and sizable 'work of heart' is elegantly crafted in gleaming 18K gold with the cleavage enwrapped with 1 carat of high-color, high-grade round brilliant-cut diamonds. Impressively proportioned - 1 7/8 by 1 3/4 inches - and like most of our cont...(more)

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18K Yellow Gold Mommy Bird Brooch

A golden, ruby-eyed and colorfully plumed momma bird is lovingly tending to her future family in this adorable, mid-century brooch from Italy, sculpted in 18K yellow gold. Every day is mother's day! She measures 1 3/8 by 7/8 inch.

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Egyptian Revival Sterling Silver Scarab Brooch

This artfully rendered example of the Egyptian Revival aesthetic of the 1920s depicts a scarab (the ancient Egyptian symbol of Ra the sun god) and the wings of Horus (the ancient Egyptian falcon god) and incorporates a pair of mirror-image birds. The scarab is carnelian, the translucen...(more)

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