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Bicycle Pin

Take this golden bicycle for a ride (on your shoulder or lapel). With a sparkling diamond seat and black enamel tires that go round and round and round ... 1 1/2 inches by 15/16 inch and the ideal light weight for racing.

$1,350.00 - View Item    #50-1-4693

Baroque Pearl and Ruby Dog Pin

A natural, baroque pearl has been ingeniously and artfully transformed into this very lovable, but perhaps not the most comely (bless her heart), pampered pooch. She wears a gorgeous (and quite costly) ruby collar with a ruby ID tag - her name must be Ruby! A single tiny diamond twinkles in her mout...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4680

Retro Diamond Ruby Bird Pin

Cockatiels generally live for about 25 years, however, this chic chick was hatched sometime during the 1940s and looks no worse for wear. Artfully hand fabricated in 18K rose gold and 20K green gold, and sparkling with tiny round diamonds and accented with calibre-cut Burmese rubies, we expect her t...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4694

Vintage 18k and Natural Persian Turquoise Puppy Pin

An engagingly told shaggy dog story in the form of an adorable 18K yellow gold brooch with a spiderweb veined turquoise body, a pearl nose and a turquoise eye. This playful puppy comes fully trained and makes for a perfect pet. Circa 1960. 1 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches.

$1,650.00 - View Item    #50-1-4683

18k Diamond and Enamel Tiger Pin

Slinking along getting ready to pounce on her prey, her emerald eyes provide perfect night vision although her sparkling diamond stripes sometimes give her away. Sleek and svelte, almost 2 inches long by 1/2 inch high in textured 18K yellow gold.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4677

Schnauzer Pin

Up for adoption - Bowser the schnauzer, with sapphire blue eyes, a wet ruby nose, and a wiry coat is very well behaved in gleaming 14K yellow gold. Circa 1960s; 1 3/8 inches by 7/8 inch.

$975.00 - View Item    #50-1-4681

Mid-Century Gold and Enamel Clown Pin

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, now presenting in the center ring - the colorful Jojo the Clown and his golden unicycle! Amusingly rendered 14K yellow gold and multi-color enamel, 2 and 1/16 inch high. Circa 1960. Yes, the wheel goes round.

$1,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-4665

18k Gold and Enamel Mouse Pin

Got cheese? This cool and slightly daft cartoon creature seems to be begging for a morsel of Gruyere, or smoked Gouda perhaps? He's realistically rendered (if you're hallucinating) in 18K gold and shaded golden, brown and white enamel and stands 1 and 3/4 inch tall.

$1,650.00 - View Item    #50-1-4678

Hidalgo 18K Enamel Parrot Pin

This gleaming, golden, fine-feathered friend with bright-green enamel plumage will happily perch upon your shoulder. He comes fully trained with a very limited (non-existent) vocabulary. This petite parrot (1 5/8 inches high) is signed by Hidalgo, one of America's foremost contemporary jewelers spec...(more)

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Siamese Cat Pin

I am Siamese if you pleeze ... with marquise ruby eyes, a twinkling diamond nose and sleekly fluted 14K yellow gold fur. I’m 1 5/8 inch tall by 1 1/8 inch wide (svelte) .

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-4687

18K Dog Pin

How much is that doggy in the window? (see below) Putting on her most 'fetching' look, this little sapphire eyed, ruby-tongued, diamond-nosed gal is saying "Take me home". Her head swivels this way and that (above her diamond collar) to catch the eye of the next person walking by. Arrf!

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4684

Antique 18k Gold Double Dog Pin

A scampering pair of precious pups, with tiny little bells jingling (noiselessly) from their collars. Finely sculpted and detailed in rich 18 karat gold with a lovely time-worn patina. Circa mid-to-late nineteenth century and as sweet as can be; measuring 1 1/16 inches by 7/16 inch.

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