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Art Deco Diamond & Platinum Bar Pin

Light up your lapel with this dazzling Art Deco delight. A classic Jazz Age bar pin, circa 1920s, centering on a flashing half-carat old mine-cut diamond set among a glistening array of smaller round diamonds radiating amid a platinum lattice of finely milgrained geometric wire work. Note the cute ...(more)

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Deco/Retro Two-Tone Gold, Platinum and Diamond Clips/Brooch

A striking amalgam of 1930s Art Deco and 1940s Retro styles coalesce in this spectacular brooch and double-clips combo, artistically (and substantially) rendered in contrasting 15K pink and green gold (thus most likely of British origin) and overlaid with platinum and diamonds. The geometric center ...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Double-Clip Brooch

Here is a bright, brilliant and ingenious twist on a pair of classic Art Deco double clips. Instead of parallel lines meeting in the center to create the brooch, a seriously sparkling 1.80 carat European-cut diamond, attached to the bracket, serves as a high-voltage centerpiece and may be worn alone...(more)

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Large Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Onyx Brooch

Something different and dramatic to add to your basic black wardrobe. This striking and sizable (2 and 5/8 inches long) navette shape brooch, meticulously handcrafted in platinum, circa 1920, centers on a removable black onyx centerpiece that, once upon a time, most likely came with different (inter...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Clips and Brooch

The Chrysler Building - times two - is miniaturized (but shine every bit as bright) in these sensational and consummate geometric Art Deco double clips and brooch combo, crafted in platinum at the zenith of the period - circa 1925. Tree-like tacks of trapezoid and baguette diamonds serve as the cent...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond Circle Pin

A festive holiday wreath for your front door or blouse. This beautiful 1920s vintage brooch is crowned with an old cut marquise diamond and glitters all around with almost 2.00 carats of European-cut and single-cut diamonds accented with green glass calibre. The beautiful platinum brooch is delicate...(more)

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'Fougeray' Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

This gorgeous blue and white Art Deco bow pin is bursting with bright- white sparkling diamonds enriched with electric blue calibre sapphires. The center knot and half of the central bow is composed of rather large (3.50 cts. total) French-cut diamonds while the rest of the diamond sections are abla...(more)

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French Art Deco Diamond Brooch

In glorious black & white, an impeccable geometric diamond brooch from 1920s France, This Art Deco masterpiece sparkles with numerous glimmering round-cut diamonds set in an openwork grid design dramatically edged in black enamel. French hallmarks. This splendid Art Deco jewel measures 1 inch ta...(more)

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Large Diamond Art Deco Brooch

Great Gatsby! This opulent and stunning 1930s vintage Art Deco brooch evokes both old Hollywood glamour and the finest flapper chic. The sizable platinum and diamond plaque (3 1/3 inches by 1 3/4 inches) features a central bright-white and sparkling European-cut diamond weighing 1.25 carats. The dia...(more)

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Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Bar Pin

A bright vibrant-green Colombian emerald-cut emerald, weighing one carat, takes center stage in this strikingly beautiful Art Deco bar pin, handcrafted in platinum - circa 1920s. The finely milgrained, diamond-set brooch is thoroughly adorned with decorative openwork leading to calibre emerald-accen...(more)

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Diamond and Sapphire Sailboat Pin

Ahoy! Just in time for the America's Cup - a platinum and diamond sailboat, the main sail of which is composed of a giant, light-yellow tapered baguette diamond, weighing 1.45 carats, with a sparkling diamond-set hull glistening in the sunshine atop deep-blue ocean waves composed of calibre-cut sapp...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond, Ruby and Onyx Bow Brooch

A superlative and pristine Art Deco jewel dating from the zenith of the design period - 1925-1930. This debonaire bowtie is magnificently handcrafted in undulating platinum ribbons sparkling with bright-white European-cut diamonds accented with gemmy buff-top calibre rubies and black onyx crescents....(more)

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