Our Selection of Art Deco Brooches

Diamond and Sapphire Double Clip Brooch

A fabulous late-Art Deco double clip brooch, expertly and substantially hand crafted in platinum, circa 1930s, featuring mirror-image cornucopias of vibrant blue Ceylon sapphires flowing from sparkling, asymmetrical diamond bows. A truly gorgeous example of long lost, opulent Art Deco artistry. Equa...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond Brooch

Consummate Art Deco artistry, circa 1925, is elegantly exemplified in this stunning brooch, expertly hand crafted in platinum and sparkling throughout with a mélange of round, triangle and baguette diamonds, totaling just shy of 3 carats. The cartouche shaped jewel effectively incorporates fine pie...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Circle Pin

Sixteen high-color transitional-cut diamonds, alternating in diamond-shape and round collet settings, sparkle all around this striking Art Deco circle brooch, crafted in platinum and textured with fine engine engraving. Circa 1930s, .85 carat total diamond weight, 1 1/8 inches in diameter.

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Carnelian Jabot Pin

An early twentieth century uniquity! Cupid's arrow is beautifully rendered and masterfully hand engraved in 14K yellow gold, and the very fetching fletching is a bright orange, hand carved carnelian donut. This beautiful jabot pin measures 3 inches long by 7/8 inch wide.

$695.00 - View Item    #50-1-4915

Art Deco Crystal and Diamond Platinum Brooch

This truly exquisite lozenge shaped brooch dates from the height of the Art Deco period - circa 1925-35. The shimmering frosted crystal background centers on a high-color and quality transitional-cut diamond, weighing just under 1 carat, sparkling from within in a platinum bezel and fancifully fra...(more)

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Art Deco 'Tutti-Frutti' Flower Basket Pin

This stunning, though modestly proportioned (1 1/4 by 3/4 inches) Art Deco brooch is aflame with a super gemmy carved emerald, sapphire and a pair of carved rubies which, combined with a sparkling array of round and baguette diamonds, and a single kite shape diamond in the center, create a stunningl...(more)

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Large Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum Bar Pin

A ultra-elongated (3 1/2 inches long by 5/8 inch wide!) transitional Edwardian/Art Deco bar brooch, exquisitely hand crafted in platinum, circa 1920s, featuring an unusual and enchanting purplish-blue sapphire, weighing 5 carats, glistening front and center. The fabulous platinum setting employs met...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Emerald Clips

Fabulous Art Deco clips, masterfully hand crafted in platinum and extravagantly designed with over 10 carats of sparkling white diamonds and one carat of bright green emeralds. The elaborate mirror image design features a pair principal marquise-cut diamonds, each centering a pierced floral and ribb...(more)

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Large Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Brooch

The three principal old mine-cut diamonds alone weigh over 3.50 carats in this opulent Art Deco brooch, hand crafted in platinum, circa 1925. The elaborate geometric pattern with its open architecture allows the fabric on which the pin is worn to create a back-drop which further emphasizes the stunn...(more)

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Tiffany Diamond Brooch

This fabulous and fancy early-twentieth century, transitional Edwardian/Art Deco brooch centers on a scintillating, bright-white, European-cut diamond surrounded by diamond-set foliate designs meticulously handcrafted with delicate piercing and fine milgrain beaded edges. A consummate, ultra-fine, o...(more)

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Art Deco Wreath Pin by Krementz

By one of America's time-honored jeweler-to-the-trade, Krementz, a light and lovely wreath brooch crafted in platinum over gold and accentuated with black enamel tracery. Circa 1930s. Just over 1 inch.

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Platinum, Diamond and Emerald Brooch

Expertly hand-fabricated in platinum in the early 1900s, exceptionally bright and lively, small green emeralds and glittering rose-cut diamonds combine to create an intriguingly beautiful closed Möbius band brooch. Cleverly designed to appear as a three-dimensional three-row band, this unique vint...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Emerald Pendant

Originally designed as a convertible pendant/brooch combination, this exquisite Art Deco masterpiece was simplified by its former owner into a full-time pendant necklace, probably due to the fact that the pin stem was visible through the delicate openwork (if you wish, however, we can add it back). ...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond Brooch

Elegant fan motifs, a characteristic theme of classic Art Deco jewels, are studded with a sparkling array of old mine-cut and rose-cut diamonds (totaling 2.35 carats) in this gorgeous Jazz Age jewel, hand crafted in platinum over 18K yellow gold, circa 1925. The decorative pierce work wonderfully in...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Bar Pin

Exquisitely designed and impeccably hand fabricated, this Art Deco, Platinum and Diamond Bar Pin is simply splendid. Each contour and design element of the pin is unique yet essential to the overall design of the piece. Centering on a .20 carat central bright white diamond, the pin is further accen...(more)

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Large Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Bar Brooch

4 and 1/8 inches long and extra-lovely! An early Art Deco bar pin, superbly and thoroughly adorned with fine geometric lattice work, glitters left and right and in between with 2.35 carats of bright white European and old mine-cut diamonds shining from within an array of delicately millegrained sett...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Brooch

A sparkling trio of bright-white European-cut diamonds, totaling 1 carat, are the featured stars of this platinum brooch dating from the peak of the Art Deco period - circa 1925. Measuring and impressive 2 1/8 by 1 inch, the plaque packed to the hilt with a glittering array of old mine and rose-cut ...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Platinum Brooch

A central trio of antique cushion-cut diamonds, totaling 1.75 carats, sparkle across a striking louvered design set inside a blazing double frame of icy-white, high-quality, transitional European-cut diamonds (bringing the total diamond weight to 5.00 carats) in this stunning Art Deco masterpiece, e...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Bar Pin

Delicate, geometric, platinum filigree outlines a sparkling, diamond-set, elongated bow-tie shape bar pin containing 1.40 carats of beautiful bright-white old mine-cut diamonds, including a .55 carat center stone. A gorgeous Jazz Age jewel - circa 1920s. (Bar pins are also perfectly suitable for tav...(more)

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Art Deco Natural Pearl, Onyx, Ruby and Diamond Bar Pin

Quintessential Art Deco splendor is consummately captured in this sleek and sophisticated bar pin dating from the zenith of the design period - circa 1925. Three colorful sections: the center featuring a natural oriental pearl, and the outer sections centering on a pair of collet-set European-cut di...(more)

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Rock Crystal, Sapphire and Diamond Art Deco Clip Brooches

Streamline and sophisticated high-Art Deco clip pins, circa 1925. These ultra-moderne works of jewelry art were seemingly snatched from the top of the Chrysler building. Highly dimensional rock crystal ornaments are wrapped in double bands of platinum which extend to form blue and white stripes of s...(more)

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Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Bar Pin

This impressively sparkling, 3 and 1/8 inch long, platinum, sapphire and diamond bar pin, dating from the heart of the Jazz Age - circa 1925 - artfully presents a velvety blue cushion-cut sapphire, weighing 1.25 carats, radiating in all directions, but predominately east and west, with a glittering ...(more)

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Fine Art Deco Diamond Onyx Bow Brooch

An exemplary treasure from the pinnacle of the Art Deco era. This magnificent bow tie pin from the early-to-mid 1920s displays all of the characteristics which distinguishes Deco jewelry: sophisticated, geometric style, impeccable craftsmanship and top quality materials. The central lozenge shape di...(more)

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Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Jabot Pin

This stunning and sensational jabot pin, circa 1925, will light up any room - the darker the better! Two three-dimensional (disco) balls - 14 millimeters and 12 mm. - are tightly paved with with over 200 bright white and sparkling European-cut diamonds, weighing 8.50 carats total. The two balls are ...(more)

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Platinum Diamond Edwardian/Art Deco Bow Pin

This hand-fabricated platinum, diamond-encrusted bow is exceptionally designed with a master's attention to intricate detailing. Featuring a central marquise-cut diamond, the bow also incorporates step-cut baguettes and round diamonds, each reflecting light in a unique way which gives the brooch an ...(more)

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Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Bar Pin

Compared to their blue (sapphire), red (ruby) and all diamond cousins, fine emerald calibre and diamond Art Deco jewels are rare and desired, and this sleek and shining bar pin, measuring just shy of 2 and 1/2 inches long, is a particularly stunning find. Groupings of three vibrant green emeralds al...(more)

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French Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Enamel Brooch

Subtle black enamel tracery adds Art Deco flair to a classical motif. This stunning French made brooch, masterfully hand crafted in platinum - circa 1920 - features a tailored floral motif with geometric lines arrayed over a hexagonal shape frame, sparkling with 2.00 carats of bright white diamonds ...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond, Ruby and Rock Crystal Clips

A singular and sensational pair of high-Art Deco clips, composed of diamonds, carved ruby and rock crystal quartz . The rock crystal is carved from a single piece in a characteristically geometric Art Deco fashion with a striking architectural design. These sophisticated clips are further embellishe...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Bow Pin

From the elegant and exciting 1920s (back when people actually dressed up for dinner and bacchanals) comes this extraordinary and extraordinarily beautiful bow pin, artfully and intricately hand fabricated in platinum, and aglitter with a multitude of small round European and Swiss-cut diamonds acce...(more)

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Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Bow Pin

You've earned your wings and they're all tied up in a bow! This highly stylized and streamlined bow pin, expertly crafted in platinum over 18K yellow gold, centers on a sparkling old mine-cut diamond and glitters throughout with tiny rose-cut diamonds accented with royal blue calibre sapphires. This...(more)

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Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Bar Pin

The perfect adornment to wear to your favorite watering hole. This original Art Deco 'bar' pin measures 2 1/2 inches across and gently tapers with alternating rows of faceted (French/scissor-cut) sapphires, totaling over 2 carats, and .90 carat of bright-white and sparkling, high-quality European-cu...(more)

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Platinum Gem Emerald and Diamond Art Deco Brooch

In addition to the streamlined geometric styling, fine Art Deco jewels of the 1920s-30s are noted for their superior gemstones, and here is a splendid case in point. This majestic platinum and diamond brooch showcases a truly magnificent, old mine Colombian emerald from the renowned Muzo mines. Besi...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Clips and Brooch

The Chrysler Building - times two - is miniaturized (but shine every bit as bright) in these sensational and consummate geometric Art Deco double clips and brooch combo, crafted in platinum at the zenith of the period - circa 1925. Tree-like tacks of trapezoid and baguette diamonds serve as the cent...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Platinum Bow Brooch

A stunning, highly stylized bow pin, hand crafted in platinum - circa 1925 - sparkling with 1.50 carats of diamonds and accented with bright green calibre emeralds. Flowing, multi-dimensional, asymmetrical ribbons are tied-up with a glittering marquise diamond. A splendid and sophisticated Art Deco ...(more)

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Art Deco Style Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

This Art Deco style dazzler centers a vivid oval-shaped sapphire and sizzles with one hundred and forty-six bright-white modern round brilliant-cut diamonds. It's recently handcrafted in platinum and expertly pierced in an elaborate geometric fashion so popular in the Art Deco period and finished wi...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond & Platinum Bar Pin

Light up your lapel with this dazzling Art Deco delight. A classic Jazz Age bar pin, circa 1920s, centering on a flashing half-carat old mine-cut diamond set among a glistening array of smaller round diamonds radiating amid a platinum lattice of finely milgrained geometric wire work. Note the cute ...(more)

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Deco/Retro Two-Tone Gold, Platinum and Diamond Clips/Brooch

A striking amalgam of 1930s Art Deco and 1940s Retro styles coalesce in this spectacular brooch and double-clips combo, artistically (and substantially) rendered in contrasting 15K pink and green gold (thus most likely of British origin) and overlaid with platinum and diamonds. The geometric center ...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Double-Clip Brooch

Here is a bright, brilliant and ingenious twist on a pair of classic Art Deco double clips. Instead of parallel lines meeting in the center to create the brooch, a seriously sparkling 1.80 carat European-cut diamond, attached to the bracket, serves as a high-voltage centerpiece and may be worn alone...(more)

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Large Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Onyx Brooch

Something different and dramatic to add to your basic black wardrobe. This striking and sizable (2 and 5/8 inches long) navette shape brooch, meticulously handcrafted in platinum, circa 1920, centers on a removable black onyx centerpiece that, once upon a time, most likely came with different (inter...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond Circle Pin

A festive holiday wreath for your front door or blouse. This beautiful 1920s vintage brooch is crowned with an old cut marquise diamond and glitters all around with almost 2.00 carats of European-cut and single-cut diamonds accented with green glass calibre. The beautiful platinum brooch is delicate...(more)

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'Fougeray' Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

This gorgeous blue and white Art Deco bow pin is bursting with bright- white sparkling diamonds enriched with electric blue calibre sapphires. The center knot and half of the central bow is composed of rather large (3.50 cts. total) French-cut diamonds while the rest of the diamond sections are abla...(more)

$18,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-21

French Art Deco Diamond Brooch

In glorious black & white, an impeccable geometric diamond brooch from 1920s France, This Art Deco masterpiece sparkles with numerous glimmering round-cut diamonds set in an openwork grid design dramatically edged in black enamel. French hallmarks. This splendid Art Deco jewel measures 1 inch ta...(more)

$17,500.00 - View Item    #50-1-2118

Diamond and Sapphire Sailboat Pin

Ahoy! Just in time for the forthcoming America's Cup! - a platinum and diamond sail boat, the main sail of which is composed of a giant, light-yellow tapered baguette diamond, weighing 1.45 carats, with a sparkling diamond-set hull glistening in the sunshine atop deep-blue ocean waves composed of ca...(more)

$9,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2935

Art Deco Platinum and Diamond, Ruby and Onyx Bow Brooch

A superlative and pristine Art Deco jewel dating from the zenith of the design period - 1925-1930. This debonaire bowtie is magnificently handcrafted in undulating platinum ribbons sparkling with bright-white European-cut diamonds accented with gemmy buff-top calibre rubies and black onyx crescents....(more)

$9,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4529

Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Bow Brooch

Consummate Art Deco geometric artistry is in full force in this striking and sophisticated, highly stylized bow brooch masterfully handcrafted in platinum and diamonds. The 1 and 1/2 inch by 1 inch jewel glitters with 2.50 carats of bright-white, high-quality transitional European-cut and baguette d...(more)

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Carved Jade and Diamond Pin

A bright apple-green natural Burmese jade cabochon is handcarved and pierced with a lovely floral design in this charming Art Deco brooch - circa 1930s - framed in bright-white gold with an old mine-cut diamond sparkling at the cardinal points. Just shy of 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch.

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4130

Art Deco Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Brooch

A superb and stunning platinum, diamond and calibre sapphire brooch from the zenith of the Art Deco period - circa 1925. The elegantly modeled oval sweeps upward in the center, culminating in a .65 carat European-cut diamond sparkling from within a sharply scalloped sapphire frame. The center sectio...(more)

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Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Brooch

This miniature version of a classically styled Art Deco brooch, circa 1930, measures 1 1/2 inches long by 5/8 inch high. This darling vintage jewel centers on a marquise diamond flanked on each side by a triangle and baguette diamond, all of which are framed by sparkling European-cut diamonds. 2.00 ...(more)

$4,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-4417

Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Flower Brooch

Modern Art Deco geometry combines with feminine floral flourishes in this dazzling and sophisticated platinum and diamond brooch, circa 1930s. A transparent backdrop of horizontal open, finely milgrained knife wirework is framed by sparkling transitional European-cut diamonds and is overlaid, left a...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Emerald Bow Brooch

Glistening diamond and emerald ribbons comprise this enchantingly beautiful bow brooch, superbly handcrafted in platinum, circa 1925. Reminiscent of the classic dragonfly motif jewels of the previous Art Nouveau design period, this Art Deco masterpiece blends graceful, flowing curves and artful geom...(more)

$7,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4393

Double Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Clip Brooches

This dynamic and opulent pair of matching Art Deco diamond clips are loaded with 7.50 carats of old mine-cut, European-cut and single-cut diamonds which combine for maximum sparkle. These dazzling platinum and diamond brooches display a flowing and fluid free-form design, lending a softer and gracef...(more)

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Early-Art Deco Platinum Diamond Bar Brooch

This delightful, three-inch long Art Deco bar pin from the 1920s highlights a .65 carat antique, cushion-cut diamond which seemingly floats inside a central, finely-milgrained bezel setting. The center diamond radiates left and right with sparkling rows of small, European-cut diamonds, which are ou...(more)

$3,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-4113

Art Deco Moonstone Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

This enchantingly beautiful Art Deco brooch, masterfully crafted in platinum circa 1925, glistens and glows with a luminous round moonstone orbited by a ring of sparkling white diamonds. The celestial centerpiece resides between a consummate geometric Art Deco design of diamonds and sapphires in th...(more)

$7,750.00 - View Item    #50-3-4079

Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Oval Wreath Brooch

An elongated oval of calibre-cut sapphires is entwined with sparkling diamond-set flowers and leaves in this thoroughly charming Art Deco brooch of 1920s-1930s vintage, handcrafted in platinum. 1 3/4 inches wide by 7/8 inch high.

$3,650.00 - View Item    #50-1-4110

Frosted Crystal and Diamond Intaglio Goddess Brooch

The goddess and proto-feminist Diana (goddess of the hunt) is masterfully depicted in this ravishing and ethereal Edwardian-era clip brooch, circa 1910. The delicately carved intaglio is presented in a sparkling platinum and diamond frame which has been riveted into a shimmering, frosted crystal, so...(more)

$5,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4085

Tutti Frutti Flower Basket Brooch

An colorful, original Art Deco bauble in the style and manner of the renowned French jewel houses. This multi-dimensional flower basket of modest proportions freely dangles from a matching watch pin style top. Blue and red blossoms of carved sapphires and rubies swing and sway with the wearer's ever...(more)

$5,850.00 - View Item    #50-91-46

Art Deco Double Clip Brooch

A double cornucopia crafted in platinum and packed to the hilt with bright-white and sparkling European-cut diamonds with a smattering of baguettes. The flowing multi-dimensional design is equally effective when separated into double clips or nestled back-to-back to form a glittering and glamorous b...(more)

$22,750.00 - View Item    #50-3-2836

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Bow Brooch

An original high-Art Deco bow pin, circa 1925. Ribbons of diamonds and slender trapezoid shaped onyx plaques with a European-cut diamond "knot" come together to create an elegant, classic platinum bow suitable for any red carpet occasion. This stunning and sophisticated brooch measures 2 1/4 inches ...(more)

$9,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-75

Art Deco Emerald Diamond and Onyx Brooch

A splendorous original high-Art Deco brooch, circa 1925. A small vibrant green emerald flanked by square-cut diamonds is the center of attention of this quintessential Deco design finely crafted in platinum. The center section is further embellished with bright white sparkling European-cut diamonds ...(more)

$7,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2812

Large Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Floral Brooch

Victorian romanticism and Art Deco geometry combine to sublime effect in this dazzling and sizable (3 inches long by 1 1/4 inch high) adornment, hand crafted in platinum — circa 1930. A lilting bouquet of blooming flowers embrace and overlap a sturdy architectural under structure containing 10.00 ...(more)

$17,500.00 - View Item    #50-91-3

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Brooch

Quintessential Art Deco geometry and sophistication in design distinguishes this exemplary diamond and platinum sparkler with 6.25 carats of round and baguette diamonds. The gentle convex curve of the mounting is further testament to the expert attention to detail in this dazzling adornment from the...(more)

$12,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-31

French, Very Fine Japonesque Diamond Brooch

A truly magnificent work of Art Deco jewelry art. The exotic land of the rising sun is elegantly depicted in platinum, diamonds, onyx, enamel and decorative fused glass (backed in mother of pearl!). Warmed by the diamond rays of the sun, behold Mt. Fuji, a sailboat, a pagoda and a Japanese garden. A...(more)

$13,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-99

Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Clip/Brooch Combo

A perfectly proportioned and modestly sized pair classic Art Deco clips - or single brooch. Straight baguette diamonds (plus one triangle) are artfully arrayed in the center and outlined by a gracefully rendered and glittering diamond pagoda shape with delightful open pierced designs to allow the co...(more)

$9,750.00 - View Item    #50-3-2652

Red, White & Blue Horse Shoe Pin

A fabulous, high-quality, Art Deco period horseshoe crafted in platinum. Radiant red rubies (set in yellow gold) crown the top of the pin, along with white sparkling diamonds and electric blue sapphires at the ends. A prize medal for the patriotic equestrian. Approximately 1 inch long and wide.

$4,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2628

Art Deco Three-Stone Diamond and Sapphire Calibre Bar Pin

An impressive Deco bar pin, circa 1925, starring two large European cut diamonds - 1.25 carat and 1.15 carat - at either end, and a twinkling .40 ct. diamond in the center. The three diamonds are connected by a thin line of bright blue calibre sapphires over a geometric backdrop of perpendicular, s...(more)

$14,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-2520

Art Deco Carved Jade Art Deco Pin / Pendant

A spectacular piece of wearable art. This high Art Deco treasure dates back to 1925, the apex of fine jewelry craftsmanship. A hand carved oval jadeite plaque is presented in an exotically designed platinum frame with insets of black enamel and tiny cabochon rubies, sapphires, emeralds and onyx. A r...(more)

$18,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-2513

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Knot Brooch

A sophisticated and dynamic brooch of archetypal Art Deco motif designed as flowing ribbons forming a blazing diamond stylized knot motif. This dazzler packs lots of impact with 4.00 carats of closely set bright white diamonds in platinum. Circa 1930.

$6,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-2514

Art Deco Diamond and Colorful Gem Clip-Brooch

An exceptional pair of Art Deco clips and brooch combo, circa 1925, with high-quality diamonds, natural calibre emeralds, and, strangely, synthetic sapphires and rubies (which are, of course, original to the piece). A superb and dramatic example of high Art Deco architectural artistry.

$19,250.00 - View Item    #50-3-2540

Platinum 1920's Diamond Bow Motif Brooch

A lovely looping bow in platinum and diamonds from the 1920's. This classic motif is centered with a bezel set .80 European cut diamond and fully set with small round and baguette cut diamonds throughout the delicate bows.

$9,750.00 - View Item    #50-3-2538

Art Deco Fancy Sapphire Circle Pin

This Art Deco platinum circle pin is a variation on a classic design. Bright fancy color sapphires, totaling 4.00 carats, gently taper into old European cut diamonds. A double row of old European, mine, single and full cut diamonds finishes the circle. Beautiful!

$6,500.00 - View Item    #50-1-1526

Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Scroll Pin

Platinum diamond and emerald scroll motif pin with soft flowing lines. One center round cut diamond (.50 carat, I color, I1 clarity) gives way to scrolls of 44 calibre cut emeralds (1.50 carat total weight) and 21 round diamonds (.75 carat total weight, I color, SI clarity), circa 1925-1930. The pin...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-391

Early Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Bar Pin

An interesting bar pin from the 1920's. Neoclassical scroll motifs are incorporated into this elaborately engraved, flared bow shape design. 18 karat white gold.

$1,875.00 - View Item    #50-1-2309

Superb Platinum and Diamond Bar Pin

A classic 1920's beauty, this sleekly designed bar pin contains all the hallmarks of consummate Art Deco. Symmetry and detailed geometric patterns enhance a flashy central .90 old European cut diamond which is bordered and flanked by more sparkling diamond melee. In original and excellent condition....(more)

$6,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-2318

Art Deco Diamond Bar Pin

This bar pin, fabricated in platinum over gold, features a central diamond set bow motif. The sides and top are fully ahnd engraved and each tip is further diamond set. The diamonds are described as follows:Seven European and Single Cut DiamondsWeight: 0.35 Carat TotalColor: HIJClarity: VS2 - I...(more)

$1,275.00 - View Item    #50-1-2401

Sapphire and Seed Pearl Bar Pin

A gorgeous emerald cut sapphire weighing approximately 1.75 carat is presented in this elaborate Art Deco platinum bar pin with four rows of tiny seed pearls divided by a line of calibre cut, square synthetic sapphires (original to the piece); circa 1920. This piece measures 2 3/8 inches long by 1/2...(more)

$6,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2349

French cut Diamond Filigree Pin

Four rare gem French cut diamonds are the central focus of this exquisitly detailed 14 karat white gold and diamond pin from the 1920s. An array of old mine and european cut diamonds fill out the elaborate design. This piece measures 5/8 inch by 1 3/4 inch.The Diamonds are described as follows:Twent...(more)

$5,900.00 - View Item    #50-1-2310

Alternating Sapphire and Diamond Filigree Bar Pin

From the 1920s, the graceful platinum openwork provides a light and airy backround for the center row of blue and white sparklers. Lovely. This piece measures 1/2 inch by 3 inches.The Gemstones are described as follows:Four Round Cut SapphiresWeight: .45 carat total weightFive European Cut DiamondsW...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2311

Superb Art Deco Diamond Bar Pin

This sparkling example of classic Art Deco design and craftsmanship is packed with deeply cut, high quality old-mine diamonds totaling approximately 5.00 carats. The intricate geometric platinum open work adds a splendid respite to the diamond splash. A beauty. This brooch measures 5/8 inch by 2 3/4...(more)

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1920s Platinum Diamond Bow Motif Bar Pin

A delightful example of late Edwardian, early Art Deco transitional style. This wonderfully designed and expertly fabricated pin from the 1920s contains an array of high quality European cut diamonds in a highly detaled openwork setting. A beauty in excellent, crisp original condition. This platinum...(more)

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Classic Art Deco Bar Pin circa 1930

Enhancing an array of high quality old European diamonds is a superb example of expert platinum handwork depicting Greek key and leaf designs. A treasure from a time when jewelers were artists. This brooch measures 1/2 inch by 2 3/4 inches long.The Diamonds are described as follows:One European Cut ...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Twin Circle Brooch

Twin interlocking circles of glittering diamonds comprise this stunning Art Deco brooch which has been expertly handcrafted in platinum. The opposing mirror image design incorporates vintage round brilliants, square and baguette cut diamonds with combined weight of approximately 9.00 carats. The bro...(more)

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Circular Wreath Motif Pin in Platinum

As graceful as can be, this charming jewel from the 1920s is appropriate for many occasions. Beautifully rendered in high quality transitional cut diamonds and finely detailed platinum. Excellent, original condition. This brooch measures 1 1/4 inch round.The Diamonds are described as follows:Thirty ...(more)

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1920s Platinum Sapphire and Diamond Bow and Circle Pin

A circle of gem deep blue french cut calibre sapphies is lovingly carresed by a glittering bow of diamonds. Gift wrapping would be redundant. Superb. Signed JW and numbered 25541. This platinum piece measures 1 1/4 inch round.The Gemstones are described as follows:Thirty One French Cut SapphiresWeig...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Enamel and Diamond Double Clip Brooch

These one of a kind black enamel and diamond clips from the Art Deco era are absolutely dynamite! Elegantly crafted in platinum, the mirror image linear design is distinguished by black enamel inlays bordered by vintage round diamonds and centered by four elongated baguette cut diamonds. The diamond...(more)

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Impressive Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Brooch

A magnificent, highly detailed, platinum, sapphire and diamond pin from the 1920s. A central round sapphire flanked by two European cut diamonds sit atop a diamond shape pattern composed of finely milgrained alternating channels of Swiss cut diamonds and faceted synthetic sapphire baguettes (absolut...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Pin, Circa 1925

Expertly crafted in platinum, this highly stylized frame motif pin exemplifies the height of the Art Deco period. Symmetry, geometry and top quality gemstones combine to make this a sophisticated and understated jewel. In superb condition. This brooch measures 1 inch by 1 3/4 inch.The Gemstones are ...(more)

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1930s Platinum and Diamond Bow Pin

They don't come nicer than this extraordinary Art Deco bow knot pin with neatly tied with graceful ribbons of sparkling, gem quality, round transitional and single cut diamonds. Keeping the center knot nice and taut is a lovely 1.00 carat European-cut diamond. Total Diamond Weight: 3.50 carats

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Art Deco Brooch

An equisite example of a piece of Art Deco jewelry. This platinum brooch incorporates diamonds, emeralds and onyx in a lovely geometric design. A central very fine marquise cut diamond is wrapped in a bright green emerald border with diamonds set throughout the piece, highlighted with sprigs of onyx...(more)

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Transitional Diamond and Sapphire Wreath Pin

Delicate platinum square wreath pin in a transitional style, incorporating both Edwardian and Art Deco design, that sparkles with European cut diamonds (1.75 carats total weight, G-H color, VS clarity) and accented by calibre French cut sapphires (.50 carat total weight). This pin measures 1 3/8 tal...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Bar Pin

Art Deco platinum diamond bar pin featuring a central diamond cluster with an old European cut diamond (.60 carat, G color, VS2 clarity) and old European cut diamonds (30 total, 1.40 carat total weight, F-H color, VS clarity) surrounding and set throughout the piece accented by eight marquise cut sa...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond Circle Pin

Platinum diamond circle pin featuring twenty bead set old European cut diamonds (1.00 carat total weight, H-J color, VS clarity) embellished at the four cardinal points with a French cut and three single cut diamonds (16 stones total, 1.00 carat total weight, H-J color, VS clarity), circa 1920s. Thi...(more)

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Art Deco Style Diamond Pin

14K White and yellow gold Art Deco style geometric pin primped with seventy six round brilliant cut diamonds (2.00 carats total weight, H-I color, VS-SI clarity). This pin measures 1 5/8 tall by 1 1/4 wide.

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Art Deco Pierced Diamond Pin

14K White gold delicate diamond pin with pierced detailing and filigree gold work. This pin features seven old European cut diamonds (2.60 carats total weight, I-J color, VS-I1 clarity) set in a geometric fashion and measures 1 X 2 1/4.

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Art Deco Diamond Pin

Beautiful platinum Art Deco pin of compelling open work design set with 180 old mine cut diamonds (3.75 carats total weight, G-I color, SI-I1 clarity) in a delicate symmetrical pattern finished with milgrain detailing. This pin measures 3/4 X 2 1/4.

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Geometric Art Deco Diamond Pin

Platinum Art Deco diamond pin with a stylish geometric design highlighting three round cut diamonds (.30 carat total weight, H-I color, VS-SI1 clarity) bezel set in the center and further set throughout the pierced mounting with 111 round cut diamonds (1.70 carat total weight, H-I color, VS-SI1 clar...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Brooch

Art Deco platinum diamond and pearl brooch highlighting a round lustrous cultured pearl and further brightened with fifty four old mine, old European and single cut diamonds (3.00 carats total weight, G-H color, SI1 clarity). This pin measures 1 X 1 3/4.

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Art Deco Diamond Circle Pin

An exquisitely made platinum and diamond Deco circle pin with synthetic sapphire accents. 4.50 carats of diamonds (F-H color, VS-SI clarity) are set in enfolding ribbon design from which dangles a .50 carat pear shape diamond (F-G color, VS clarity). A 1920s classic for the modern woman. The pin mea...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Bow Brooch

Platinum bow pin delicately pierced featuring a bezel set old European cut diamond (.40 carat, G-H color, VS clarity) with 265 diamonds (2.70 carats total weight) set in the ribbons in geometric settings with lozenge shaped sapphires dotted throughout; spectacular craftsmanship and detail. This pin ...(more)

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French Deco Diamond and Onyx Pin

Fabulous French Art Deco platinum pin featuring trompe loeil rolled edges and a navette shaped cutout in the center fully set with fifty two European cut diamonds (2.50 carats total weight, F-H color, VS-SI clarity) and dotted with onyx. This pin measures 5/8 tall by 2 1/4 long.

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Art Deco Diamond and Natural Pearl Pin

French Art Deco platinum pierced pin set with four natural pearls (4.5 mm) and seventy three rose cut diamonds (1.50 carat total weight). The open work looks fabulous on all colors. This artistic pin measures 3/4 X 2.

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French Deco Diamond and Sapphire Bow Pin

Exquisite French Art Deco diamond and sapphire bow pin with a sophisticated and tailored design, crafted in platinum, with a central .25 carat European cut diamond (H color, SI1 clarity) and further set with European and rose cut diamonds (1.90 carats total weight, G-I color, VS-I1 clarity) througho...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond Bar Pin

Sophisticated Art Deco platinum diamond bar pin featuring seven old mine cut diamonds (2.25 carats total weight, G color, SI1-SI2 clarity) set in hexagonal settings with a repeated pierced geometric pattern evoking an exotic feel. This pin measures 1/2 X 2 1/2.

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Art Deco Diamond and Synthetic Sapphire Pin

Exceptional platinum Art Deco pin finished with one bezel set old European cut diamond (.65 carat, H-J color, VS clarity) in the center accented with alternating rows of old European cut diamonds and synthetic sapphires (.35 carat total weight). The rounded V shaped end sections have reverse symmetr...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond Clips/Brooch

Sizzling stylized diamond flames snuggle back-to-back to form this graceful and impressive Art Deco delight which measures a full 3 1/8 inches from end-to-end. When taken apart from the removable frame, to be worn separately as clips, the sensuously curved outline becomes a prominent feature of this...(more)

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Art Deco Opal and Diamond Brooch

An extraordinary and entrancing opal of many colors - including: red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple - displays a different pattern of shimmering colors with every movement in this fabulous Art Deco brooch, crafted in platinum and diamonds - circa 1925. Unfortunately, over the past century t...(more)

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Antique Moonstone and Diamond Bar Brooch

A trio of shimmering moonstones glisten from the center of this exquisite Edwardian/early-Art Deco bar pin, finely crafted in platinum over gold and replete with fabulous decorative filigree work, hand engraving, milgraining and six tiny twinkling diamonds. Circa 1915-1020s, 1 3/4 inches long by 11/...(more)

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Art Deco Diamond Clip Brooch

A single original Art Deco diamond clip, circa 1925, to add asymmetrical sparkle to your collar or lapel. This geometric, architecturally inspired jewel is handcrafted in platinum (with a white gold clip back) and is brimming with 3.00 carats of deeply cut old mine-cut diamonds, the largest of whic...(more)

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