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Art Deco Filigree and Aquamarine Pendant

A light and lacy Depression Era (but decidedly non-depressing) pendant necklace suffused throughout with fanciful filigree ornamentation with a scissor-cut aquamarine glistening in the center. Die-struck in sturdy 10K white gold - circa 1930. 1 1/2 inches (without the matching loop) by 3/4 inch wide...(more)

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Art Deco Quartz Crystal and Diamond Filigree pendant

A translucent quartz crystal plaque imbued with a radiant cut-crystal carving is overlaid with delicate white gold doily work and centered with a small single-cut diamond. This fanciful and feminine pendant, circa 1930, measures 1 1/2 inches with the matching loop. The new chain measures 16 inches.

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Art Deco Quartz Crystal and Diamond Filigree Pendant

A darling and delicate Art Deco delight, circa 1930s, reminiscent of a Moorish, or perhaps Gothic, window. The 'window' is composed of a carved quartz crystal dotted in the center with a single tiny diamond. The vaulted arch is outlined with intricate filigree work and suspends from a matching loop....(more)

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Art Deco Camphor Glass and Diamond Filigree Pendant

A sweet, relatively petite and pristine pendant necklace dating from the Depression Era. This decidedly non-depressing, in fact quite uplifting, jewel centers on a molded glass plaque, sometimes referred to as frosted crystal, pierced by a single diamond. The delicate filigree frame and matching loo...(more)

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Art Deco Camphor Glass Sautoir Necklace

A long and lovely 1930s vintage Art Deco necklace by Krementz, one of America's oldest and most heralded jewelry manufacturers, founded in 1866. The 22 inch long (not including the 3 inch long pendant) sautoir necklace is composed of intricate 14K white gold filigree work and culminates in a rectang...(more)

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Art Deco Cabochon Amethyst and Diamond Drop Necklace

A splendid, striking and sexy original Art Deco jewel - circa 1920s-30s - featuring a shimmering, liquidy purple amethyst pendeloque measuring just under 20 carats. The colorful and entrancing gemstone is surmounted by a classic Art Deco pendant, delicately handcrafted in platinum and sparkling with...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Convertible Necklace

A stunning and sophisticated original Art Deco choker necklace from the zenith of the design period - circa 1925. The gracefully curved design centers on a geometric arrangement of three baguette diamonds and a pair of fancy shield-shape diamonds radiating outward on each side with sparkling graduat...(more)

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80 Carat Briolette Aquamarine Art Deco Drop on Marquise Diamond Chain

A truly spectacular, original early-Art Deco pendant necklace - circa 1920 - featuring a gorgeous, cool Caribbean-blue briolette aquamarine measuring 2-inches-long and weighing 80(!) carats. The rare and radiant gemstone is crowned with a double-sided platinum cap glistening with rose-cut diamonds a...(more)

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Green Enamel and Seed Pearl Chain

A festive holiday, or anytime, necklace from the 1920s-30s composed of 18K gold green and white guilloche enameled cylinders connected by a seed pearl dotted platinum chain. 17 1/2 inches long with some slight enamel wear here and there. Think green.

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Triple Diamond Art Deco Drop Pendant

A sparkling trio of bright-white European-cut diamonds are compass set in the center of three concentric golden circles in this charming 1930s-1940s vintage necklace drop. .35 carats total, 1 5/8 inches long including loop. This piece dangles from an 18 inch, 14 karat yellow gold chain.

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Art Deco Diamond Necklace

A rare, wonderful and eminently wearable, original Art Deco diamond necklace, handcrafted in platinum - circa 1920s - and beaming with 12.75 carats of bright-white and beautiful old mine and European-cut diamonds. The five main center stones, each set in finely milgrained collets with gracefu...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Lavaliere Necklace

This enchanting Art Deco lavaliere necklace stunningly exemplifies the lavish and sophisticated style of the roaring twenties. The 3 and 1/2 inches-long lavaliere pendant is fashioned as a highly styled, neoclassical amphora and culminates in a trio of sparkling, high-caliber European-cut diamonds, ...(more)

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