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Holbeinesque Rennaissance Revival Ring

A truly sensational antique ring from the mid-19th century. A light, almost moonstone blue sapphire has been carved into a classic female profile. The frame is a delightful combination of emeralds and red, white and green enamel. The cameo and frame more than likely once served as a pin or pendant a...(more)

$16,500.00 - View Item    #30-1-3510

Magnificent French Garnet & Diamond Pendant Watch

A supreme gem from 19th century Paris. Rich, glowing, round, cabochon almandine garnets, embellished with sparkling rose cut diamonds form the crowning trefoil design. The matching chatelaine gently tapers to meet the demi-hunter case pendant watch adorned with a glowing 14 millimeter cabochon garne...(more)

$18,750.00 - View Item    #70-3-283