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Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch with Enamel and Pearl Frame

A classical beauty with a noble visage and alabaster skin is masterfully depicted in high-relief in this exemplary Victorian hardstone (agate) cameo brooch - circa 1875. Her striking profile is framed in jet black enamel dotted with natural button pearls (one of which was replaced at a later time) b...(more)

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Long Shell Cameo Drop Earrings

These extraordinary, three-inch long, lithe and lovely cameo earrings are composed of two matching pairs of hand carved shell cameos: the bottom pair depicting a beautiful maiden in a flowing gown (both of which are signed by the artist) and twin double-winged angels on top. Four bezel-set r...(more)

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Victorian Hard Stone Cameo and Pearl Bracelet

This wonderful antique bracelet comes with a touching story. According to the private seller, this beauty was worn as a wedding bracelet since its original acquisition - the back is engraved "Elsie A. Lombard Nov. 16th 1858". Expertly carved in black and white sardonyx, a woman's profile stands in ...(more)

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Antique Coral Cameo Ring

A sweet and pretty late-nineteenth-century Victorian era ring featuring a bright orangy-salmon colored handcarved coral cameo depicting a former classical beauty (the sands of time have softened her features a bit). Crafted in gleaming 10 karat gold, this ring is 3/4 inch long and a finger size 6.

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C.D. Peacock Art Nouveau Coral Cameo Pin/Pendant

The radiant Roman goddess Ceres, with flowing tresses and adorned with ribbons and a sheath of wheat on her shoulder, is handcarved in high-relief in pretty peachy-pink coral. This captivating cameo is framed in warm 14 karat gold with a lovely thistle-motif design and may be worn as either a brooch...(more)

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Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Pin

A comely classical gal is artfully depicted in an unusual plum and white colored hard-stone cameo, hand carved in three layers and displaying an exquisite speckled top layer. Framed in warmly patinated 14K yellow gold frame with triangular shaped engraving. This pin measures 1 3/8 by 1 1/8.

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Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Brooch with Diamonds

An exquisite Victorian-era brooch centered with a hard stone sardonyx, or banded agate, cameo expertly carved in three color layers. The ethereal figure is that of Athena bearing her characteristic shield and spear in a flowing and gauzy gown. Twinkling rose-cut diamonds frame this very special nine...(more)

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Victorian Hardstone Cameo Drop Earrings

What better way to protect yourself than with a pair of Roman centurions dangling from each ear? These handsome helmeted guardians are handcarved in glorious black & white banded agates and are framed with lustrous natural pearls and crowned with stylized fleur-de-leis. The inverted V-shape exte...(more)

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Vintage Citrine Cameo Ring

A classic beauty is artfully hand-carved in cameo relief in this very lovely and highly distinctive citrine ring, dating from the early-twentieth century. The center of the golden citrine shimmers with a soft matte finish that is enhanced by a sparkling faceted frame. The Italianate mounting is ador...(more)

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Victorian Coral Cameo Bracelet and Ring

A pair of Victorian beauties are beautifully captured in bright pink coral in this splendid bracelet and earring set - circa 1885. The frame of the bangle bracelet is embellished with small sparkling round diamonds set amid golden rosettes and is embraced by graceful decoratively pierced shoulders. ...(more)

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Vintage Shell Cameo Brooch/Pendant

A lovely cameo brooch/pendant is carved from shell and set in a classic oval 14 karat yellow gold frame. The cameo is of a lady in profile with a grape leaf motif in the curling tendrils of her hair. The cameo is sizable and measures 2 1/8 inches high by 1 3/4 inches across.

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Seven Muses Cameo Bracelet

Meet Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania.....Actually only seven of the nine inspiring muses of the Arts and Sciences dance in handcarved seashell cameos in this very lovely and 'amusing' vintage bracelet - circa 1920s to 1930s - otherwise it would b...(more)

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