Our Selection of Cameo Jewelry

Huntress Diana Shell Cameo Brooch / Pendant

Diana, goddess of the hunt, is superbly hand carved (much nicer than most) in this mythological (though absolutely real!) cameo brooch and pendant combo, dating from early last century. She's is modestly presented in a simple 14K yellow gold bezel frame. 2 3/8 by 1 3/4 inches.

$1,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-4904

Antique Pink Topaz Intaglio Swivel-Top Ring

A profile of a classical beauty is hand carved into the pretty pink 2.25 carat topaz intaglio, accentuated with a dramatic black enamel bezel surround. On the flip side, our lady is safely protected under her cabochon dome. The hallmarks suggest Vatican City (just a stone's throw from Roma, Italy wh...(more)

$1,950.00 - View Item    #30-1-7149

Lava Cameo Ring

One need only watch a major league baseball game to see that full beards are making a momentous comeback, and here we have a model specimen of this great American pastime - beard growing. Although, instead of a ball cap, this odd fellow seems to be wearing an old-fashioned leather football helmet. T...(more)

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Four-Color Hardstone Cameo Gent's Ring

A triumvirate of intimidating Roman Centurions are revealed from a single stone, in very high-profile and in three distinct colors - rusty maroon, deep brownish-peach, and white - and against a black backdrop, in this superb and striking antique cameo ring. The simple gold ring is of early-to mid-19...(more)

$1,250.00 - View Item    #30-1-4264

Victorian Coral Cameo Jewelry Suite

This ravishing, rare and wonderful suite of frutti de mare, by way of early-to-mid-19th century Italia, presents eleven deep orangy-salmon-colored coral cameos, carved in high relief, depicting as many classical Mediterranean beauties. The five necklace cameos are connected by a fabulo...(more)

$8,750.00 - View Item    #90-1-6296

Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch.

A profile of a bejeweled Victorian beauty is intricately hand carved in high-contrasting black & white onyx and presented in a classic rose-yellow gold Victorian frame with foliate hand engraving and four tiny, lustrous seed pearls. Consummate Victoriana, circa 1880. 1 3/4" by 1 3/8".

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2429

Victorian Shell Cameo

A classical beauty with alabaster white skin, curly tresses and flowing ribbons with apricot highlights is skillfully carved in profile in this sizable (2 1/8 high by 1 3/4 wide) and stunning shell cameo framed in 14K gold with elaborate floral hand engraving. Consummate Victoriana - circa 1875.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-1755

Victorian Coral Cameo Ring

A slenderized Modigliani-esque bella donna, carved in orangy-salmon colored coral, is accompanied north and south by a pair of sparkling European-cut diamonds in this strikingly lovely, 1 1/16 inch long, navette shape dinner ring crafted in sturdy two-color 9K gold. Ring size 5 1/2.

$875.00 - View Item    #30-1-5692

Antique Hard Stone Cameo Bracelet

Five exceptional and very early cameos (plus a small one for the clasp), each with two-tone carvings atop translucent agate, depicting classical laureate Roman busts, are assembled for an impressive effect in this rare and wonderful early-to-mid-nineteenth century century bracelet, presumably of Ita...(more)

$11,750.00 - View Item    #40-1-4636

Victorian Shell Cameo Earrings

An exquisitely ornamented pair of late-nineteenth century Italianate style earrings featuring two finely carved shell cameos of classical ladies framed with lovely scrolling grapevine appliqu├ęs, suspended from beautifully rendered individual grape leaves. A delicate fringe detail adds a pretty fini...(more)

$3,250.00 - View Item    #20-1-2166

Antique Gold and Carnelian Cameo Ring

A handsome Victorian ring featuring a grandly scaled (1 1/4 inches long by 1 inch wide) cameo hand-carved in rich dark Carnelian. The charming cameo depicts Ceres, ancient Roman goddess of agriculture and the harvest and is cleverly, slightly, concave to protect it from damage. Hand fabricated in 14...(more)

$2,250.00 - View Item    #30-1-1694

Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch with Enamel and Pearl Frame

A classical beauty with a noble visage and alabaster skin is masterfully depicted in high-relief in this exemplary Victorian hardstone (agate) cameo brooch - circa 1875. Her striking profile is framed in jet black enamel dotted with natural button pearls (one of which was replaced at a later time) b...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4659

Long Shell Cameo Drop Earrings

These extraordinary, three-inch long, lithe and lovely cameo earrings are composed of two matching pairs of hand carved shell cameos: the bottom pair depicting a beautiful maiden in a flowing gown (both of which are signed by the artist) and twin double-winged angels on top. Four bezel-set r...(more)

$4,750.00 - View Item    #20-1-2339

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo and Pearl Bracelet

This wonderful antique bracelet comes with a touching story. According to the private seller, this beauty was worn as a wedding bracelet since its original acquisition - the back is engraved "Elsie A. Lombard Nov. 16th 1858". Expertly carved in black and white sardonyx, a woman's profile stands in ...(more)

$4,850.00 - View Item    #40-1-1296

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Pin

A comely classical gal is artfully depicted in an unusual plum and white colored hard-stone cameo, hand carved in three layers and displaying an exquisite speckled top layer. Framed in warmly patinated 14K yellow gold frame with triangular shaped engraving. This pin measures 1 3/8 by 1 1/8.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-1420

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Brooch with Diamonds

An exquisite Victorian-era brooch centered with a hard stone sardonyx, or banded agate, cameo expertly carved in three color layers. The ethereal figure is that of Athena bearing her characteristic shield and spear in a flowing and gauzy gown. Twinkling rose-cut diamonds frame this very special nine...(more)

$3,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2603

Victorian Hardstone Cameo Drop Earrings

What better way to protect yourself than with a pair of Roman centurions dangling from each ear? These handsome helmeted guardians are handcarved in glorious black & white banded agates and are framed with lustrous natural pearls and crowned with stylized fleur-de-leis. The inverted V-shape exte...(more)

$2,450.00 - View Item    #20-3-5123

Vintage Citrine Cameo Ring

A classic beauty is artfully hand-carved in cameo relief in this very lovely and highly distinctive citrine ring, dating from the early-twentieth century. The center of the golden citrine shimmers with a soft matte finish that is enhanced by a sparkling faceted frame. The Italianate mounting is ador...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #30-1-5219

Vintage Shell Cameo Brooch/Pendant

A lovely cameo brooch/pendant is carved from shell and set in a classic oval 14 karat yellow gold frame. The cameo is of a lady in profile with a grape leaf motif in the curling tendrils of her hair. The cameo is sizable and measures 2 1/8 inches high by 1 3/4 inches across.

$1,650.00 - View Item    #50-3-4579

Seven Muses Cameo Bracelet

Meet Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania.....Actually only seven of the nine inspiring muses of the Arts and Sciences dance in handcarved seashell cameos in this very lovely and 'amusing' vintage bracelet - circa 1920s to 1930s - otherwise it would b...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #40-1-4513

Tri-Colored Cameo Stick Pin

The portrait of a Roman Centurion dressed in full regalia is handcarved in the burnt-orange color top layer with his lily-white wife just behind him in this masterfully conceived tri-color agate stickpin - circa 1890. The top measures 7/8 inch by 5/8 inch - the pin extends just short of 2 inches bey...(more)

$1,450.00 - View Item    #150-1-2828

Antique Round Hardstone Cameo Brooch

A classical beauty is handcarved in artful and precise detail in this exemplary Victorian cameo brooch - circa 1875. This thick and translucent circular agate is tastefully outlined with a cobalt-blue enamel Greek-key design followed by a twisted rope inside a reflective 18 karat gold frame. This st...(more)

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Antique Double Cameo Ring

An intimidating pair of Roman Centurions are depicted in perspective, in different colors and in high relief in this tri-color (black, white and brown) Victorian cameo ring artfully rendered in two-tone 18 karat rose and yellow gold. Notice the deeply embossed design on the ring shank. Just over 1/2...(more)

$695.00 - View Item    #30-1-5248

Victorian Mourning Necklace with Cameo and Locket

This magnificent and sentimental Victorian mourning necklace centers on an angelic presence holding aloft a dove of peace, artfully hand carved in a glorious black & white hardstone cameo. The 20-inch necklace is composed of striking geometric links each studded with seed pearl-centered rose gol...(more)

$3,750.00 - View Item    #90-1-4459

Fine Shell Cameo Brooch

One of the finest and most enchanting shell cameos we've seen. An ethereal pair of Greek Goddesses rise above a majestic dove and light up the night sky. Masterfully hand carved and simply presented in a scrolled openwork frame. 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches.

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4437

Victorian Hardstone Cameo and Diamond Bracelet/Brooch

'Exquisite' barely begins to describe this exemplary Victorian period jewel. A magnificent hardstone cameo of a luscious butterscotch orange color depicts a mythological alabaster beauty wearing a winged headdress with a little visitor inhabiting her collar. The cameo is framed with 3.00 carats of g...(more)

$9,850.00 - View Item    #40-3-4386

Hard Stone Intaglio Ring

A bearded gent from antiquity is handcarved in greyish-blueish white and dark brown banded agate and presented in a simple, straightforward 18 karat rose gold mounting in this classic antique ring, suitable for either gender. The intaglio measures 1/2 inch by 3/8 inch.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #30-1-5026

Chariot Cameos Bracelet

'Round and 'round they go - seven Roman chariots - in an endless race around your wrist. Each finely hand-engraved cameo depicts a different form of chariot power - from left to right: a pair of ladies; a pair of horses; a pair of roosters, a pair of birds, a trio of birds; a dragon, and a team of f...(more)

$4,750.00 - View Item    #40-1-4044

Antique Coral Bracelet

This extraordinary nineteenth-century bracelet, composed of deeply-saturated, orange-red coral, features a high-relief cameo of a fancy, presumably Italian, lady (with a very nice personality). The bracelet is comprised of thirty-two individual, hand-carved scalloped links, which add up to seven inc...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #40-1-4034

Shell & Rose Gold Cameo

This particularly lovely antique shell cameo captures a classical Mediterranean enchantress with a grape vine wreath adorning her flowing locks. A beautiful carving with a rope motif frame of rose gold.

$1,150.00 - View Item    #50-1-2668

Triple-Headed Hardstone Cameo Ring

Unbeknownst to this old-fashioned bonnie lass, her bonnet is inhabited by a pair of Janus-faced gents who can't tell if they're coming or going. All three beings are masterfully handcarved in fleshy pink atop a white background in this rare and superlative Victorian hardstone cameo ring, elegantly c...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #30-1-4852

Victorian Mercury Head Cameo

The Roman god Mercury (Hermes in Greek) sporting his trademark winged helmet is masterfully handcarved in glorious black & white sardonyx, and framed in 18 karat gold with seed pearls pearls in this nineteenth-century hardstone cameo pin/pendant. Mercury is a rare subject for cameos and he moves...(more)

$1,475.00 - View Item    #50-1-4086

Antique Hardstone Cameo Brooch

A radiant and noble Victorian beauty is elegantly portrayed atop a gorgeous, highly-translucent, apricot-colored carnelian in this superlative nineteenth-century cameo brooch framed in rich 18 karat yellow gold with glistening rose-cut diamonds punctuated with glowing natural pearls. Engraved on the...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2942

Vintage Shell Cameo

A lady in profile is adorned with foliage and curled tresses in this intricately carved shell cameo displaying three layers of shell. This cameo is framed in a simple 14 karat bezel with twisted wire motif. Mid-twentieth Century.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-2945

Hardstone Cameo Pin and Earring set

A trio of classic beauties are depicted in glorious black & white onyx cameos and presented in exquisite style in this original Victorian pin and earring ensemble. The tasseled set is lovingly crafted in two-tone 14 karat rosy-gold and accented with tiny shimmering seed pearls. All three pieces ...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2711

Large Hardstone Cameo Brooch

A classic Victorian female bust is carved in exceptionally high-relief in the 19th century hardstone agate cameo. The wide bordered frame is fully hand engraved for a rich finish. The frame looks English and is marked 18K with makers marks "BBK" although the gold tested a bit lower. This is a great...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2804

Large Vintage Hardstone Cameo Gent's Ring

This bold and sturdy 10 karat white gold gent's ring, in glorious black & white, depicts a pair of Roman Centurions hand carved in onyx. The deeply engraved sides of the geometrically sculpted mounting transitions into a hand hammered finished ring shank. This masculine vintage gents ring, circ...(more)

$1,250.00 - View Item    #30-1-4258

Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch and Earring Set

This splendid brooch and earring set from the late-nineteenth century features three superbly carved Carnelian cameos, each depicting a radiant Victorian beauty. The cameos are elaborately adorned with flowing golden braids, granulation and bead work, and each supports five distinctive matching tass...(more)

$5,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2838

Antique Carved Peridot Cameo and Diamond Brooch Pendant

A queenly presence inhabits this exemplary and truly exquisite peridot and diamond Victorian brooch and pendant. Her royal highness is magnificently carved and captured atop a glowing green peridot weighing approximately seventeen carats and framed by twenty-six bright white, high-quality European-c...(more)

$12,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2887

Victorian Male Cameo

A stern and distinguished, goateed, starched collared and bow-tied nineteenth century gentleman is masterfully depicted in this unusual antique shell cameo. The classic hand-engraved Victorian frame is further enhanced with black enamel ribbons. Signed on reverse - 'Adele H. 1859'. One fissure on up...(more)

$1,859.00 - View Item    #50-1-2869

Victorian Hardstone Cameo Ring

A sweet and petite antique cameo ring crafted in 18 karat yellow gold. The onyx cameo depicts a woman in profile in a diaphanous gown framed in a twisted wire motif with both rose cut diamonds and seed pearls. Please note that this ring is currently a size 3 so there may be an additional charge for ...(more)

$2,450.00 - View Item    #30-1-4180

Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch

Elegantly carved in white atop a deep gray background this serene classical beauty with flowing curly tresses, further embellished with hair ornaments, is encircled by forty-eight natural pearls set in an 18k yellow gold frame. A gorgeous antique cameo brooch, circa 1875, measuring two-inches by 1 a...(more)

$5,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-45

Large Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch

Elegantly carved in high-relief this Victorian beauty boasts a highly detailed hairstyle and classic features in white atop a wonderful very translucent taupe-gray background (which tuns white when held up to the light). The simple frame is crafted in 18k yellow gold. An exceptional and quite substa...(more)

$6,950.00 - View Item    #50-91-43

Antique Silver Cameo Box

Store your cameo brooch in this this lovely oval hinged box crafted in 800 silver with a shell cameo lid from the Eternal City. The sides are tastefully decorated with rope and scroll overlays. 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches. Signed 'Remos'.

$1,650.00 - View Item    #160-1-483

Coral Cameo Brooch of Bacchus

An intoxicating coral pin and pendant combination featuring a high-relief handcarving of Bacchus (or Dionysus in ancient Greek) - the Roman god wine and revelry - with his customary headdress of grape clusters and grape leaves and flowing toga. The young and effeminate Bacchus is framed in a lovely...(more)

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-2809

Early Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch

This exceptional early-Victorian cameo depicts the classic female in profile, carved of semi-transparent hardstone in a honey colored hue. Her curled tresses are upswept and adorned with a laurel leaf wreath. The cameo is set within a rich 18 karat gold Etruscan revival beaded frame. A tiny, hardl...(more)

$2,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-2775

Pictorial Shell Cameo Link Bracelet

Seven intricately hand-carved shell cameos each depicting a day of the week with a chariot and rider, each being conveyed by different means! From left to right: A slave, two horses, two chickens, two birds on land, two birds in flight, one or two dragons and a team of four horses. 7 3/8 inch by 3/4...(more)

$3,450.00 - View Item    #40-1-3913

Fine Victorian Shell Cameo Pin

A classical beauty is wonderfully captured in profile in this magnificently carved round shell cameo presented in a fabulous, geometric 14 karat yellow gold frame with a soft velvety patina. Circa 1885, 1 5/8 inches in diameter.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2799

Antique Hardstone Cameo Ring

A sizable (7/8 inch long) sardonyx cameo ring in glorious black & white presenting a charming high-profile portrait of a lovely Victorian lass. The frame and mounting is in 14K rose gold. Circa 1885.

$1,275.00 - View Item    #30-1-3896

Victorian Cameo Tassel Brooch

A marvelous and sizable (3 1/2 inches long) Victorian hardstone cameo and double tassel brooch, and/or pendant, crafted in two-tone rose and green gold. The profile of a distinguished Greek gentleman is portrayed in glorious black & white sardonyx framed by acanthus leaves and elaborate, quintes...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2790

Victorian Cameo Brooch and Earring Suite

A lovely Victorian lass is captured in three separate profiles in glorious black & white and respendent rose gold in this rare matching Victorian sardonyx cameo suite. The brooch has a flip-up bail and may be worn as a pendant. A delightful antique jewelery suite. The pin measures 1 3/4 inch by ...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2791

Blue Agate Cameo Pin

A ravishing Victorian beauty comes to life in superb detail in this exceptionally carved, high-relief, light blue agate cameo. The light and lovely open work frame is finely crafted contrasting platinum and gold with a touch of pearl; a fold down bail makes for for a lovely pendant. A truly enchanti...(more)

$5,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2783

Antique Malachite Cameo of Dionysus

A rare and exemplary cameo depicting a young Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry (Bacchus in Roman parlance) bearing a pine-cone topped staff and dressed in a regal lion skin toga and an arrangement of grapes and grape leaves adorning his hair. An early, magnificent and collectible cameo pre...(more)

$8,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2730

Hardstone Cameo and Diamond Brooch

A ravishing classical beauty with a grapevine in her hair and a rams head on her shoulder is captured in high-relief in glorious black & white. The grape leaf motif frame is artfully rendered in finely textured gold and glistens with a half carat of sparkling European cut diamonds. A Victorian treas...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2662

Victorian Cameo Pin with Diamonds

An aristocratic beauty is captured in profile and in delightful detail in this wonderful carnelian cameo from the latter 19th century. The rose gold open work frame has a warm antique patina and is further enhanced with four glistening old-mine cut diamonds which together total .60 carat.

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2670

Victorian Coral Cameo Bangle

A lovely, almost pristine, antique yellow gold bangle bracelet ornamented with wonderful granulation work in heart shape and scroll patterns. The central coral cameo depicts a classical woman in profile. The bracelet has a beautiful, soft, warm acid wash finish. Circa 1890.

$3,250.00 - View Item    #40-1-1398

Antique Victorian Cameo Locket

This is a most exquisite locket from the Victorian era. A hardstone cameo of a lovely lady in profile adorns the front of this richly detailed locket in green and rose gold.

$2,450.00 - View Item    #90-1-2864

Hardstone Cameo Stickpin

A splendid miniature black and white sardonyx cameo depicting a classic beauty in profile is charmingly framed in 14 karat yellow gold leaves and punctuated with tiny seed pearls. A little gold ball dangles from a bow at the bottom.

$695.00 - View Item    #150-1-392

Gold and Agate Cherub and Fish Brooch/Pendant

A scalloped striped agate serves as the half-shell backdrop for a three-dimensional gold sculpture of a Putti, or Cherub, riding a rather sizable ruby-eyed fish. Unique.

$1,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-1989

Early Victorian Hardstone Cameo

The profile of a classical beauty is meticulously carved in an unusual palate of colors for an agate (ivory, gray and coral) and is presented in an elaborate and quintessentially Victorian frame of 18k yellow gold. Hallmarked Swedish! Exceptional and exceedingly rare.

$4,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2410

Carved Coral Angel Pin

This cherubic visitor from above is carved out of - what else? - Angel Skin Coral. 19th century Italian. He/She measures 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches.

$1,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-2418

Highly Decorative Victorian Hardstone Cameo Pin / Pendant

A miniature cameo of a Victorian lady is enshrined in this exquisitely decorated shield shape plaque rendered in two colors of gold and platinum overlay and containing eleven natural pearls and an antique cushion cut diamond on the drop. A wonderful treasure from the second half of the 19th century...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2431

Castellani Shell Cameo

18K Yellow gold Castellani shell cameo of the holy mother and son with doting patrons set in a decorative gold frame. This pin/pendant measures 1 3/4 X 1 1/2.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-60-71

Large Hardstone Cameo in Silver

A handsome Centurion in profile is wonderfully carved in grayish-blue agate with Pegasus and Sphinx on his helmet. Framed in a hand wrought silver chain link design and signed Doris Cliff. Bold and dramatic. Wearable as a pin or pendant. This piece measures 3 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide.

$3,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-2115

Hardstone Carnelian Cameo in Silver Frame

Beautifully carved Cameo of a handsome Roman Centurion set in a bold Sterling Silver circular frame signed 'Handwrought-Doris Cliff'.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2113

Etruscan Revival Intaglio and Cloisonne Pin

Handsome, 18 karat Etruscan Revival brooch features a central intaglio carving depicting a man's profile rendered in carnelian with a circular frame adorned with cloisonne enamel and granulation. There is slight damage in one of the areas of cloisonne.

$750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2119

Victorian Coral Cameo Pin and Clip Earring Suite

An intricately detailed suite of a pin and matching earrings from the Victorian time period. Carved coral cameos of a lady in profile are set with delicate pointed prongs inside ornate frames with bead fringe and scroll work detailing. The pin measures 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/8 inch wide. The earri...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-1685

Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Clip Earrings

These pretty late-nineteenth clip earrings showcase a lovely pair of Sardonyx cameos depicting elegant be-jewelled ladies in profile, framed in 14k yellow gold and embellished with a fine scrolling foliate motif. Elegant and easy to wear, measure 1 inch long by 3/4 inch wide.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #20-1-196

Georgian Mourning Pin

A rare and collectible keepsake from the late 18th to early 19th century. An expertly rendered and heart rending shell cameo depicting a grieving woman at the grave site of her beloved. The cameo is lovingly framed under a thick beveled crystal and woven hair of the dear departed.

$795.00 - View Item    #50-1-396

Carnelian Cameo Locket

A lovely carved portrait of a Victorian beauty presented in a magnificent, highly detailed frame with a subdued patina. 15 karat rose gold. This piece measures 2 inches tall by about 1 1/4 inch wide.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2379

Antique Cameo Cufflinks

A pair of hardstone cameos depicting the profiles of formidable European nobleman, or perhaps Dutch Burghers, are expertly hand carved in layered rich brown tone atop dove-gray chalcedony. Simply presented in warmly patinated 14K yellow gold, the circular cameos measure approximately 3/4 inch in dia...(more)

$2,250.00 - View Item    #130-1-70

Antique Victorian Brooch/Necklace

14K Yellow Gold Victorian Brooch /Necklace. This ornate brooch has a centrally set hardstone sardonyx cameo depicting a classic female bust. The brooch utilizes geometric and scroll motifs with taille depargne black enamel tracery and is intact with two original tassles. A detachable original cha...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #90-1-1146

Antique Shell Cameo Pin

18K Rose gold cameo pin circa 1890. This beautiful rose gold cameo is ftted with a shell cameo depicting Joseph and Mary. The plain bezel is decorated with twisted wire and engraved frame. The original C catch has been relplaced with a safety catch.

$795.00 - View Item    #50-3-2123

French Neoclassic Hardstone Cameo Pendant

Silver topped 18K rose gold French pendant with an elegant Neoclassical motif centered with a beautifully carved hardstone cameo of a diaphonous female figure. Delicate rose cut diamonds highlight the piece.

$9,750.00 - View Item    #120-3-679

Exquisite Art Nouveau Coral Cameo Pin

Beautifully carved Art Nouveau coral cameo brooch of a lady in profile decorated with flowers set into a 14K yellow gold scrolling frame dotted with bezel set European cut diamonds (8 total, 1.00 carat total weight, I-J color, SI clarity), with a 10K yellow gold pendant bail. This pin measures 1 3/4...(more)

$4,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2053

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Pin

18K Yellow gold Victorian expertly carved hard stone cameo of a male bust in profile displaying a beautiful speckled layer of agate in the background, set in a detailed frame decorated with black enamel tracery and small seed pearls set high in buttercup settings. This pin measures 1 1/2 tall by 1 3...(more)

$2,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-1893

Late Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Pin

Exquisite sardonyx carved cameo pin of a classical female profile. This is a very fine example of cameo carving as seen by the three distinct layers expertly carved in high relief set into a 14K yellow gold twisted rope frame, circa 1880-1905. This cameo measures 2 1/4 tall by 1 5/8 wide.

$3,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-1020

Antique Victorian Cameo Pin

Antique Victorian hard stone cameo of a gentleman in profile featuring curling locks with a seed pearl border in a simple 14K yellow gold frame. This pin can also be worn as a pendant and measures 1 3/8 tall by 1 1/8 wide.

$1,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-1075

Victorian Shell Cameo of an Angel and Child

Victorian carved shell cameo of an angel with child motif set in a cobalt blue enamel frame with foliate motif accents in 14K yellow gold. This pin measures 2 1/2 X 2 1/4.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-1184

Victorian Onyx Cameo Pin

Victorian 14K yellow gold pin in a fanciful shape with foliate and scroll motifs set with a central onyx carved cameo of female bust. This pin measures 1 1/2 tall by 1 1/4 wide.

$795.00 - View Item    #50-1-1256

Victorian Pink Shell Cameo Pin

Victorian oval carved pink shell cameo pin of a female bust with a decorative comb in her hair in an octagonal engraved 14K rose gold frame. This cameo measures 2 tall by 1 1/2 wide.

$695.00 - View Item    #50-1-208

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Pin with Pearls

14K Yellow gold Victorian pin with a cameo featuring a female bust with upswept hair. The cameo is carved from banded agate and set in a gold frame surrounded by pearls. The pin may also be worn as a pendant and measures 1 1/2 X 1 1/4.

$1,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-216

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo Pin

Victorian cameo pin carved in sardonyx of a lady in Elizabethan garb set into a fancy shield shaped 14K yellow and rose gold frame with scroll motifs and two claw set pearls. This cameo measures 1 3/4 tall by 1 3/8 wide.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-360

Victorian Coral Cameo Pin

14K Yellow gold coral cameo of a classical female bust with a long neck and flowing hair set with a delicate floral frame. A slight amount of wear and natural graining in the coral serve only to enhance her dignified posture. The pin measures 1 5/16 X 1.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-383

Art Nouveau Coral Cameo Pin/Pendant

14K yellow gold pastel coral cameo of a female bust softly framed by pierced Art Nouveau gold work. This pin/pendant measures 1 5/8 inches by 1 1/4 inches.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-498

Victorian Shell Cameo Pin

Very fine Victorian oval shell cameo brooch depicting a classical scene, possibly depicting the 'Lesson of the widow's mite' with five figures in long flowing robes rendered with exquisite craftsmanship. This 2 tall by 1 3/4 wide cameo is set into an 18K yellow gold filigreed frame with a seed pearl...(more)

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Antique Sardonyx Cameo Pin

Antique sardonyx cameo pin of a formal lady in profile with upswept hair, a dangling earring and pearl necklace in a 14 karat yellow gold frame embellished with a twisted wire border. This cameo measures 1 3/4 tall by 1 1/2 wide.

$2,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-566

Hard Stone Cameo with Navette Shaped Frame

Finely made hard stone cameo pin with carnelian background and white chalcedony female bust wearing a delicate pearl necklace set in a multi prong bezel with an 18K yellow gold navette shaped frame with an arts and crafts feel, circa 1900. This pin measures 2 3/8 X 1 5/8.

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-928

Victorian Hard Stone Cameo

18K Yellow gold Victorian cameo in banded agate of a female bust with a drop earring and upswept hair set in a pierced gold frame with black enameled trim and a scrolling foliate motif. This pin/pendant measures 2 1/4 X 1 3/4.

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-20-16

Antique Lava Cameo Pin

Antique oval carved lava pin of a forward facing male with Etruscan features, large eyes and nose, and tightly coiled hair in a 14K yellow gold twisted wire frame. This pin/pendant measures 1 3/8 tall by 1 1/4 wide.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-3-1365

Reverse Intaglio Forget-Me-Not Pin

Sweet Victorian round reverse crystal intaglio pin with a very dear forget-me-not motif set in 18K yellow gold. This pin measures about 7/8 round.

$1,150.00 - View Item    #50-1-1878

Citrine Cameo Pendent

An ethereal classical beauty is captured ghost-like in this enchanting golden citrine with a faceted back and hand carved top, simply presented in golden wire setting. The citrine alone measures slightly over two inches by 1 and 3/16 inches. The decorative bail extends the length to 2 and 1/8 inches...(more)

$1,450.00 - View Item    #120-1-3822

Large Intaglio Two-Tone Gold Gents Ring

This sizable, substantial and masterfully crafted gents' ring with stately, multi-dimensional, neo-classic ornamentation, regally presents - in hand-carved root beer color carnelian - a Roman soldier (or mythological character) sporting a helmet crowned with wheat. This extraordinary ring, measuring...(more)

$3,850.00 - View Item    #30-1-4874

Mid-19th Century Bacchante Cameo Brooch

A masterfully hand carved and especially refined shell cameo depicting a Classical priestess or friend and admirer of Bacchus, replete with a riotous grapevine and grape cluster hairdo, toga and, on trend for circa 1850, a double pearl strand. Mounted in an elegant gold frame with a twisted wire app...(more)

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Shell Cameo of Floral Appointed Victorian Female

This sizable shell cameo captures a 19th century enchantress adorned with a garniture of flowers in exquisite detail. The gold frame is highly patinated with a dark antique coloration. 2 1/4 inch tall by 1 7/8 inch across.

$895.00 - View Item    #50-3-4805