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French Three-Piece Coral Suite

We were pleasantly surprised to discover French hallmarks on this gorgeous, classic mid-nineteenth century Etruscan Revival style ensemble composed of bright orangy-salmon colored corals and rich 18K yellow gold doughnuts ornamented with fine twisted wire and granulation. We would normally expect Vi...(more)

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Mid-Century Coral and Diamond Clip Earrings

The prettiest palest pink coral (a.k.a. 'angel skin') alternates with nearly a carat of dazzling, bright-white diamonds in these stunning 1960s vintage earclips that curve gracefully against the ear. Bellissima! Superbly crafted in rich 18 karat gold, these earrings measure 1 1/8 inches by 1 inch.

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Italian Coral Chandelier Earrings

Fun, festive and fabulous, large-scale earrings handcrafted in 800 silver and festooned with dancing coral drops. From Venice, Italy in their original box by G. Vorano Gioielliere (Marco 78) Venezia. These exotic vintage earrings, dating from the second or third quarter of the twentieth century, mea...(more)

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Angel Skin Coral and Diamond Earrings

A matched pair of peaches-and-cream coral buttons are wreathed with small sparkling diamonds set atop a textured gold loop-de-loop design in these fun and refreshing vintage earrings - circa 1960s. 18 karat yellow gold, 3/4 inch round.

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Large Coral Button Earrings

These rare, wonderful and quite striking 1 5/8 inches long drop earrings feature two pairs of sizable, deep salmon-colored coral buttons measuring 18 millimeters and 12 millimeters respectively (about 11/16 and 9/16 inch). The colorful ocean gems are punctuated by a small coral bead and are backed i...(more)

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Victorian Bacchus Coral Earrings and Pendant/Brooch

A lovely and ornate late-nineteenth century convertible pendant/brooch and earring combination in rich 14 and 18 karat gold and featuring highly dimensional, handcarved coral cameos of adolescent Bacchus (or Dionysus in ancient Greek). The mischievous Roman god of wine and revelry is shown, as is cu...(more)

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Vintage Coral Drop Earrings

Fun and kind of whimsical, these early-20th century asymmetrically designed earrings are composed of beads and drops of various shapes, sizes and shades of coral, predominately in a lovely salmon pink. Cheerful and charming. 2 inches long by about 5/8 inch wide.

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Vintage Coral Drop Earrings

A gorgeous pair of deep vermilion-red Sicilian coral drop earrings - presumably of mid-twentieth century Italian origin. A pair of faceted coral pendeloques are capped top and bottom and swing and sway from fancy gold beads surmounted by slightly lighter colored coral buttons. These colorful, fun an...(more)

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Antique Angel Skin Coral Neclace, Earrings and Ring

A rare and ravishing twenty-one inch strand of bright pink coral beads (exactly the color of angels' cheeks) graduate in size from 15 millimeter in the center, to 6.5 millimeter at the extreme end. The beautiful, 3/4 inch wide, coral-centered clasp is crafted in silver over 14 karat gold and is enci...(more)

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Antique Sicilian Coral and Gold Drop Earrings

From the crystalline-blue waters of the nineteenth-century Mediterranean come these rare and ravishing two-piece drop earrings of deep reddish-orange coral. A matched pair of one-inch long faceted drops, or briolettes, are capped in 14 karat gold and swing and sway below their faceted oval counterpa...(more)

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Angel Skin Coral Earrings

A pair of pale pink coral buttons, measuring 12.5 millimeters, comfortably nest inside a delicately woven 18 karat gold mesh basket in these very lovely and very wearable contemporary estate earrings. 7/8 inch round.

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Vintage Coral Dangle Earrings

2 and 1/4 inch long drop earrings, most likely of mid-twentieth century Italian origin, comprised of three distinct sections. A pair of deep reddish-orange elongated tear drop pendants and matching buttons are separated by a coral centered golden flower. Bellissima frutti de mare!

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