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.27 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

This lovely solitaire engagement ring dates back to the 1920s and features a bright-white and sparkling old mine-cut diamond weighing just over a quarter-carat. The light and airy 18K white gold mounting is is adorned on all sides with decorative openwork details.

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1.35 Carat Mid-Century Platinum and Diamond Ring

A bright, radiant old mine-cut diamond, weighing 1.35 carats, presents considerably larger in a spacious four-cornered setting beveled inside and out to create a super splashy sparkle. The geometric center is embellished all around with an array of small old mine-cut diamonds that gently curve aroun...(more)

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Retro Two-Tone Diamond Ring

A chic, high-style diamond ring - circa 1940s - sleekly crafted in yellow gold and topped with palladium - a WWII era substitute for platinum, which was needed by our armed forces as a strategic metal. A fun and restive right-hand ring, or an artistic vintage engagement ring.

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.41 Carat Diamond Two-Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring

A glorious and glittering European-cut diamond, weighing .41 carat but presenting considerably larger in a floating, double-tiered, cushion-shape setting, shines solo in this relatively simple, yet highly effective, solitaire engagement ring, die struck and hand finished in two-tone gold - circa 193...(more)

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1.20 Carat Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

A glorious and gleaming original Art Deco engagement ring, crafted in platinum - circa 1920s. A bright and lively 1.20 carat old mine-cut diamond is flanked on each side with a pair of shimmering straight baguette diamonds punctuated with a triangular-set diamond, all of which are bordered all aroun...(more)

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Mid-Century Diamond Engagement Ring

A high quality H color VS1 clarity 1/3 carat European-cut diamond shines bright and larger than expected in the center of this illusion-style mid-century engagement ring. Each side is accented with a small diamond. Vintage charm.

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2.20 Carat Mine-Cut Late Deco/Early Retro Ring

This distinctive and tres chic Art Deco engagement ring, dating from the late thirties to early forties, showcases a gorgeous 2.20 carat mine-cut diamond in a floating square frame, attended by rows of looping ribbons studded with glittering single-cut diamonds. Meticulously hand fabricated in plati...(more)

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.68 Carat Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Ring

An original Art Deco engagement ring, die struck and hand finished in platinum, circa 1920s-30s, and accented with mirror-image flares of calibre sapphires, sparkles front and center with a much newer, modern round brilliant-cut diamond, weighing .68 carats, for maximum sparkle. Unfortunately, due t...(more)

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2.42 Carat Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring

This fabulous early-Art Deco style engagement ring, beaming with a glorious (1920s vintage) 2.42 carat antique cushion-cut diamond, was handcrafted in platinum by one of our finest jewelers to replace the original (worn beyond salvation) mounting. The gracefully fashioned ring makes artful use of cl...(more)

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Late Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

This thoroughly darling original Art Deco engagement ring, die struck and hand finished in platinum - circa 1930s - displays consummate and sophisticated Art Deco geometry which flourished during the much-heralded, bygone design period. A high-quality .20 carat European-cut diamond glistens front an...(more)

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.91 Carat Platinum and Diamond Wedding Set

A sparkling, high-color round brilliant-cut diamond, weighing just nine points shy of one carat, is classically presented between a pair of sleek tapered baguette diamonds in this stunning and stately estate wedding set from the latter-twentieth century. The matching wedding band perfectly mirrors t...(more)

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Tiffany & Co. 1.07 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Set

A gorgeous, ice-white and high-clarity (GIA F-VS1) emerald-cut diamond, weighing a lucky 1.07 carats, is traditionally presented between a pair of tapered baguette diamonds, set in platinum by the illustrious all-American jeweler - Tiffany and Co. The engagement ring is accompanied by a fitted plati...(more)

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