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Vintage .85 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

A lovely diamond engagement ring from the Mid-Century features a .85 carat European-cut diamond set into classic claw prongs atop a lacy latticework gallery. The center diamond is embraced by two smaller old mine-cut diamonds centered within openwork detailing. The shank is engraved with scrolling f...(more)

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1.06 Carat Diamond Unisex Vintage Diamond Ring

This sparkling and singular 1930s vintage diamond ring swings both ways: either as a bold and highly-distinctive lady's ring (or engagement ring) or as a gentleman's pinky ring. This unique jewel displays an artful amalgam of Art Deco geometry (on top) and fanciful neo-classically inspired ornamenta...(more)

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4.35 Carat Total Weight Vintage Diamond Three-Stone Ring

An original 1930s vintage three-stone diamond ring in platinum. The 2.65 carat European-cut diamond center stone joins forces with a beautifully matched pair of European-cut side diamonds, together weighing 1.70 carats, to create maximum sparkle. The gracefully sculpted platinum mounting features a ...(more)

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Large Rose-Cut Diamond Ring

If this sparkling geodesic-cut gem were a modern brilliant-cut diamond, at 9/16 inch across it would clock in at about 12 carats! As it stands, however, it measures about 3.00 carats. This huge and hypnotic diamond is bezel set in a traditional closed foil-back setting that floats above a bright pol...(more)

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4.00 Carat Total Weight Vintage Diamond Three-Stone Ring

A tantalizing trio of European-cut diamonds, totaling four carats, sparkle mightily in this 1930s vintage three-stone diamond ring, crafted in decoratively hand-engraved platinum. The 1.90 carat center stone rubs shoulders with a matched pair of side diamonds, together weighing 2.10 carats, bring th...(more)

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Victorian Sapphire Ring

A rare and gorgeous Montana cabochon-cut sapphire, measuring 5.00 carats, is displayed in this dramatic antique Victorian mourning ring, crafted in 18K yellow gold and finished with a rich black enameled lattice design. The inscription inside reads Emma Mathilda Halford died 9th April 1860. Due to t...(more)

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Art Deco Twin Diamond and Calibre Ruby Dinner Ring

Two diamonds are better than one, and four are better than two! This majestic, original Art Deco double-decker dinner ring, masterfully crafted in platinum - circa 1920s-1930s - glistens front and center with bright and lively pair of European-cut diamonds, together weighing 1.75 carat, and on the ...(more)

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1.46 Carat Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

A bright and shining European-cut diamond, weighing just a smidgin shy of one-and-a-half carats, radiates from within a finely milgrained bezel setting in this exemplary platinum and diamond engagement ring, dating back to the peak of the Art Deco period - circa 1930. The body of the ring is adorned...(more)

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.75 Carat Platinum and Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

A gorgeous, high-color, high-clarity transitional European-cut diamond, weighing three-quarters of a carat exactly, is beautifully and distinctly presented between a pair of marquise diamonds followed by a trio of baguette diamonds arrayed in a geometrically stepped bookend setting. Sleekly handcraf...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond Ring

A bright and shining Art Deco dome-style ring, elegantly crafted in platinum - circa 1930. The three central European-cut diamonds sparkle from within hexagonal settings atop an exquisitely detailed bombe-shape backdrop that gently caresses your finger. Tiny single-cut diamonds glitter from a pierce...(more)

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Victorian Diamond Ruby and Sapphire Ring

Hooray for the red, yellow and blue! A sparkling one carat antique cushion-cut diamond with a distinct yellow glow rubs shoulders with a pair of gorgeous colored gemstones - a radiant pinkish-red .85 carat oval cushion-cut ruby and a bright lively blue .75 carat oval cushion-cut sapphire. The shoul...(more)

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1.79 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

A GIA certified 1.79 carat European-cut diamond, graded K color - VS1 clarity - shines mightily from the center of this beautifully designed Art Deco dazzler, crafted in platinum - circa 1950s in consummate 1930s style. The graceful triple-tiered mounting cascades down the sides with baguette and si...(more)

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