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Bohemian Garnet Crescent Brooch

This 'new moon' is over 100 years old and measures 7/8 inch across. Rendered in gilded metal by way of late-19th~early-20th century Czechoslovakia.

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Silver Austo-Hungarian Brooch/Pendant

From late-nineteenth century Vienna comes this colorful, festive and sizable antique adornment set with lustrous blister pearls, bright turquoise beads and dusky, glowing garnets. Crafted in silver and multi-color enamel (front and back) in classic Renaissance Revival style. Wear it as a necklace or...(more)

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Vintage Garnet Snowflake Brooch

The classic late-nineteenth century Bohemian garnet snowflake brooch has been effectively updated in this bolder and golder (versus the conventional gilded metal of the originals) version incorporating modern-cut round faceted and kite-shape garnets (plus one cabochon in the center) of this amply pr...(more)

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Victorian Garnet and Diamond Tassel Pendant

A magnificently ornamented, multi-dimensional Victorian pendant and brooch centering on an elongated oval cabochon garnet overlaid with a sparkling diamond-set star. The concentric oval shaped sections are adorned with delicate Etruscan Revival granulation and twisted wire designs. A multi-strand ta...(more)

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Victorian Garnet Bug Pin

A charming little nineteenth-century beetle composed of rich burgundy garnets and rendered in 10 karat rosy-yellow gold. This pulchritudinous pest measures 1 1/8 inches long.

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Antique Austro-Hungarian Silver, Garnet, Turquoise and Enamel Brooch

Here's something you don't see everyday: A large and elaborately ornamented antique silver brooch from mid-nineteenth century middle-Europe, in the form of a veritable mini-mythological palace, guarded east and west by a pair of vigilant large-breasted griffins, and adorned with dark faceted garnets...(more)

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Bohemian Garnet Cluster Pin

Scores of garnets sparkle in this Bohemian garnet cluster pin from the Victorian era. The pin features a traditional rosette motif. All garnets are, as is traditional, foil backed. Base metal with gold wash.

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Garnet Butterfly Brooch

An adorable fluttering bohemian garnet butterfly brooch.

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Victorian Garnet Cluster Brooch

A glittering array of bohemian garnets are set in this antique cluster brooch. Large rose cut round and pear shaped garnets are tiered and finish with a scalloped border.

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Rhodolite Garnet Victorian Garter Style Brooch

A antique treasure! This Victorian Etruscan revival brooch has a buckle motif accented with beautiful Rhodolite Garnets. Delicate fringe dangles below.

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Antique Amethyst and Garnet Spider Brooch

A unique and dramatic hand made spider pin incorporating the unusual combination of amethyst and garnet with green garnet and glass doublet eyes. Expertly crafted in 18 karat rose gold. Cool!

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Bohemian Garnet Brooch

An intense deep red cabochon garnet is the center of this wonderful base metal brooch. It is encircled with rose cut Bohemian garnets clustered in perfectly scalloped rows. Circa 1880's.

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