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Vintage Two-Tone Gold Bracelet

This splendid (and somewhat unusual) vintage bracelet, crafted in two-tone yellow and rose gold, was created in the 1940s and artfully blends classic Victorian design elements with bold Retro design. Graceful multi-dimensional, curved yellow gold links with elaborate hand engraving alternate with bo...(more)

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Green Tourmaline Retro Bow Brooch

A classic 1 and 3/4-inch by 1 and 1/4-inch Retro bow brooch. This two-toned green and rose gold double bow is centered with a deeply-hued 1.65 carat oval green tourmaline. The bow is marked ‘Cartier 7957', but we aren't entirely sure of the provenance. Nonetheless, a strikingly beautiful 1940s v...(more)

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Retro Diamond and Ruby Brooch

Two bright sparkling European-cut diamonds, together weighing well over 3.00 carats (1.67 and 1.65 carats each), glisten in this glorious high-style 1940s vintage Retro brooch brooch, masterfully hand-crafted in two-tone yellow and rose gold, and brightened with seven Burmese rubies and twelve sma...(more)

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Retro Diamond Earrings

An impressive pair of mid-century - 1940s-1950s - Retro earrings each sparkling with a cluster of six old mine-cut diamonds, bezel-set inside radiant sectioned ovals and a sculpted geometric cascade below. 1 and 3/16 inch long by 3/4 inch across.

$4,750.00 - View Item    #20-1-4282

Large 1940s Amethyst Ring

A large and distinctive 1940s vintage amethyst ring handcrafted in two-tone 18 karat - yellow and green gold. An emerald-cut amethyst, weighing about 18 carats, is artfully presented in a floral motif frame which is held aloft by striking Art Deco-inspired geometric shoulders atop a multi-arched s...(more)

$2,675.00 - View Item    #30-1-4645

Vintage Aquamarine Bracelet

Eight light pastel blue emerald-cut Aquamarines, together weighing 25.00 carats, alternate with two-tone pierced gold plaques in this serene, refreshing and very distinctive Art Deco-ish/Retro-ish bracelet, most likely dating from the 1930s-1940s.

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Retro Rose Gold and Diamond Necklace

This classic and consummate Retro necklace from the 1940s is composed of lithe and supple serpent chain in ravishing rose gold. The graceful multi-dimensional collar sections each twinkle with five star-set diamonds in this superb vintage necklace measuring 16-inches long.

$6,750.00 - View Item    #90-1-4281

Retro Ruby and Diamond Belt Bracelet

A classic 1940s Retro belt bracelet, crafted with a supple brick pattern mesh with a calibre ruby tab and fastened with a sparkling diamond-set buckle and calibre ruby prong. Quintessential Retro style. 7 1/2 inches long by 5/8 inch wide (the diamond buckle measures 1-inch wide).

$4,750.00 - View Item    #40-1-3986

3.00 Carat Lozenge-Shaped Diamond Ring

This show-stopping right-hand fun ring, fabricated sometime in the late 20th century, pays homage to Retro designs of the glamorous 1940s. The 3.00 carat fancy lozenge-shape diamond, with a lite yellowish hue, is the shining star of this multi-dimensional 18K yellow setting co-starring a three-row w...(more)

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Retro Turquoise and Pearl Earrings

1940s vintage fan motif earrings crafted in two-tone rose gold and yellow gold each with a center rosette of turquoise beads and a single pearl. These dramatic Retro earclips measure one inch by 3/4 inch.

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Retro Moonstone Two-Color Gold Pin and Pendant

From the fabulous forties - a sleekly stylized bow in dramatic two-tone 14 karat rose-gold and green-gold embraces a bouquet of three glowing moonstones. A cool original Retro piece which can be worn as either a pin or necklace pendant. 2 1/2 inches by 1 3/4 inches. (One hardly noticeable kink in on...(more)

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Chariot Race Shell Cameo Bracelet

Seven Roman chariots race swiftly across seven shell cameos in this clever and classic Victorian retrospective bracelet.

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