Our Selection of Victorian Brooches

Diamond and Demantoid Salamander Brooch

This spirited silver salamander sparkles with rose-cut diamonds and apple green demantoid garnets that follow the graceful curve of its body, with a glittering old mine cut diamond crowning its head. Superbly detailed in design, including two tiny rubies for eyes, this colorful brooch is a wonderful...(more)

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Georgian Agate Butterfly

A wonderful antique butterfly pin composed of multi-colored agates in subdued earth tones enhanced with delicate granulation work around the edges. A lepidopterist's dream. 1 1/2 inches across by 1 1/4 inch tall.

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Scottish Montrose Agate and Silver Brooch

Blue-gray agate from the renowned Montrose region are inlaid into this sizable (2 1/8 inch across) open circle brooch hailing from late-19th century Scotland. The four round cabochons, two golden, and two dark plum-purple are actually glass. The central X motif section is raised inside the donut sha...(more)

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Scottish Agate and Citrine Brooch

A strikingly stylish kilt pin originating from the Scottish Highlands - circa 1900. Hand crafted and thoroughly hand engraved in silver, the brooch glistens with four golden honey citrines accented with three colors of agate or chalcedony (two colors of jasper and bloodstone). 2 1/4 by 1 11/16 inche...(more)

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Antique Scottish Bloodstone and Jasper Sword Brooch

Adorn your kilt to the hilt with this 4 1/4-inch long and lovely, 19th-century sword-motif pin by way of the bonnie Scottish Highlands. Handcrafted and hand-engraved in silver, deep teal-green jasper contrasts with sienna-hued jasper for a striking effect.

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Antique Butterfly Brooch

Spring is always here with this delightful and very colorful butterfly brooch, hand fabricated, circa 1890, in silver over gold with a glittering array of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and a golden zircon in the center. She boasts a 2 inch wing span and the pin is removable so it can be worn as a pend...(more)

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Large Victorian Diamond and Moonstone Pendant and Brooch

Why settle for just one when you can have both the moon and the stars?! This celestial Victorian jewel, measuring just over 2 inches across, centers on a shimmering blue flash moonstone from which radiates 16 rays, packed to the hilt with 5 carats of sparkling white old mine-cut diamonds. Cra...(more)

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Large French Antique Diamond Crescent Brooch

Crescent motifs were all the rage during the Victorian era and throughout the years we've had the privilege of buying and selling some extraordinary examples; however, this singular and sensational jewel is truly befitting of royalty! Measuring an impressive 2 inches wide and masterfully hand crafte...(more)

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Antique Hops Flower Brooch and Earring Set

Jewels for beer lovers! This extraordinary set is comprised of a pair of earrings and matching brooch depicting a rather unusual subject: hops flowers! They are realistically rendered in shaded and textured, two-tone rose and yellow gold and are surmounted by a single leaf; one sinuous stem winds ar...(more)

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Victorian Brooch and Earrings Set

Striking geometric shapes harmonize with delicate Victorian ornamentation in this artsy earrings and brooch ensemble dating back to the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Lightly and lovingly hand crafted in softly patinated 14K yellow gold. A sweet suite. The earrings measure 1 1/2 inch by 5/8...(more)

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Large Antique Diamond and Natural Pearl Brooch/Necklace Pendant

A romantic, large scale (3 1/8 by 2 1/8 inches) brooch, small scale stomacher or necklace is designed and rendered with flowing floral and foliate motifs that foreshadow the whiplash lines of the forthcoming Art Nouveau. This beautiful and impressive jewel is set with eleven old mine cut diamonds ...(more)

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Victorian Garnet and Diamond Brooch

A rare and darkly romantic, impressively proportioned, Victorian cabochon garnet brooch embroidered all around with twinkling rose-cut diamonds set in silver atop a yellow gold bezel mounting with Fleur-de-lys style prongs. The garnet cabochon, which is convex'd on the bottom to emit a translucent g...(more)

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Victorian Turquoise Enamel Circle Brooch

An early Victorian circle brooch adorned with vibrant turquoise colored enamel and hand engraved in a stylized foliate motif, with an impressive diameter of 1 1/16 inches. A circle brooch of this dimension would have been worn in several ways during the mid 1800s: on the shoulder, on a lapel, to sec...(more)

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15K Victorian Turquoise Brooch Locket

A truly stunning early-Victorian brooch expertly rendered 15K gold, now with a velvety bloomed patina. Oval in shape, decorated with a bombè center pavè-set with robin-egg blue Persian turquoises, surrounded by a soft satin depression and then further detailed with turquoises and delicate twisted ...(more)

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Victorian Star Brooch Pendant with 2.13 ct. Cushion-Cut Center

This late-19th century diamond star brooch/pendant is undoubtedly one of the most glorious and impressive examples of this motif we have ever had in our collection. Hand fabricated in platinum over 18k yellow gold, the 10 rays of this blazing heavenly body contain over 12 carats of prong-set old mi...(more)

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Victorian Turquoise Tassel Suite

A striking, multi-dimensional antique turquoise brooch supports a removable turquoise drop with bearded fringe which, in turn, perfectly matches the accompanying pair of earrings. All four elements are beautifully ornamented with a cluster of small turquoises and fine hand engraving and granulation ...(more)

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Antique Triple Crescent and Star Pin

We can only wonder why this may be the very first Victorian brooch we've encountered with three crescents (and a star) when the design is so symmetrically alluring. This nineteenth-century jewel glistens with three-quarters-of-a-carat of bright-white rose-cut diamonds set in darkly oxidized silver ...(more)

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Victorian Diamond Snowflake Pin and Pendant

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...! This artfully designed and sculpted snowflake (no two are exactly the same!) fell to earth sometime during the mid-1880s. Finely hand crafted in gleaming rosy-yellow gold, this Victorian jewel features an early old mine antique cushion-cut diamond (weighing ...(more)

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Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon Pin

This 'new moon' is almost 150 years old! 2.75 carats of old mine and rose-cut diamonds light up the sky (night and day) in this sparkling and amply proportioned (1 1/2 inch) crescent moon brooch, artfully crafted in warmly patinated silver over gold - circa 1875.

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Victorian Emerald and Pearl Earrings and Brooch with Fitted Box

Stellar Victoriana. A sizable, multi-dimensional oval brooch, crafted in rich 18 karat gold, is studded with shimmering pearls and pale, glowing foil-backed emeralds delineated with delicate twisted wire work. The brooch is is beautifully festooned with swags and a slinky chain tassel and is equippe...(more)

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Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch with Enamel and Pearl Frame

A classical beauty with a noble visage and alabaster skin is masterfully depicted in high-relief in this exemplary Victorian hardstone (agate) cameo brooch - circa 1875. Her striking profile is framed in jet black enamel dotted with natural button pearls (one of which was replaced at a later time) b...(more)

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Scottish Agate Brooch

This very colorful Scottish brooch and pendant is crafted gleaming 9K hand engraved textured rose gold and centers on a glistening round faceted golden citrine. The entrancing gemstone is framed by a circle of alternating brick colored and striated gray Montrose faceted agates interrupted by a prope...(more)

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Antique Heart and Crescent Pin

Instead of Cupid’s arrow, this pearly Victorian pin is pieced through by a lustrous crescent. A 14K gold sweetheart measuring 1 3/4 inches by 5/8 inch.

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Victorian Pearl and Diamond Pin

A very lovely and beautifully constructed original Victorian brooch centering on a single antique cushion-cut diamond adorned on each side with hand-engraved wheat motifs. The floating golden centerpiece is framed with lustrous half-pearls and the side gallery intricately adorned with a tiny beaded ...(more)

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Antique Scottish Thistle Kilt Pin

A small-scale antique Scottish kilt pin features bloodstone, jasper and banded agate capped with a faceted citrine in the shape of a thistle. This charming pin is crafted in 9 karat rose gold and measures 1 1/8 inches long.

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Antique Portrait Miniature in Pearl Frame Pin/Pendant

A fabulous 18th century French beauty with powdered coif and donning shiny silken raiment's is magnificently rendered in a portrait miniature wreathed in a double row of lustrous seed pearls. This elegant brooch is equipped with a flip-up loop. 1 3/8 inches.

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Victorian 15k Bull's-Eye Agate and Enamel Pin

This striking and artsy brooch, equipped with a back locket, dates from the mid-nineteenth century and centers on an aptly named bull's-eye agate presented in a yellow gold geometric frame adorned with polka-dotted black enamel alternating with a periwinkle blue enamel Greek key motif. Just over 1 a...(more)

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Antique Gold Pearl and Diamond Pin/Pendant

Entwined ribbons of diamonds, dotted with pearls, create a glorious wreath to surround a dazzling 3/4 carat mine-cut diamond in this tantalizing turn-of-the-century jewel. Crafted in rich 18 karat gold, this lovely piece can be worn as either a pin or a pendant. Measures nearly one inch in diameter.

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Victorian Emerald and Diamond Star Brooch

Deputize yourself or your sweetheart with this sparkling emerald centered, five-pointed star brooch. 1.00 carat of glittering diamonds frame a bright green 1.35 carat emerald glowing from within a gold bezel mounting. The pin mechanism screws off to allow it to be worn as a pendent. 1 1/4 inch acros...(more)

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Antique Diamond Bird in Flight Brooch

This spectacular Victorian-era avian brooch with a three-inch wing span gracefully glides and glistens with over 5.00 carats of high-quality bright-white diamonds and a tiny ruby eye set in silver over yellow gold. This superb pin is about twice the size as most we have come across. All original fro...(more)

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Enameled Victorian Brooch

Consummate Victoriana is exemplified in this wonderful nineteenth-century brooch superbly and elaborately rendered in gleaming rosy-yellow gold accented with black enamel tracery. The beautiful antique brooch is constructed in three sections, the center and bottom of which swing freely. 2 1/8 inches...(more)

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Large French Antique Amethyst and Diamond Brooch and Pendant

This regal, ravishing and quite sizable (over 2 inches by 1 1/2 inch) Victorian brooch and pendant combo radiates with a luscious deep purple Siberian amethyst, weighing 17.75 carats. The majestic gemstone is set in a yellow gold bezel and is fancifully framed in sparkling flowers and flowing ribbon...(more)

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Victorian Bar Pin

This 2 1/4 inch-long antique bar pin, dating from the late 1800s, is artfully adorned with a charming foliate and flower design, pierced and outlined with delicate twisted wire. One side of the 18 karat yellow gold brooch is hand engraved "M. Hewlett, Stockton". Consummate Victoriana.

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Antique Rose-Cut Diamond and Peridot Pendant/Brooch

An early-eighteenth century, possibly Georgian, pendant and brooch featuring a glistening pair of lime-green peridots. The central emerald/scissor-cut stone is embellished all around with a shimmering array of rose-cut diamonds set in a graceful foliate design, rendered in darkly oxidized silver ove...(more)

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Turn-of-the-Century 22K Gold and Diamond Brooch

An exquisitely designed and rendered Art Nouveau brooch, sculpted in rich 22 karat yellow gold, shimmers with flowing leaves and feathery plumes enlivened with a sparkling trio of old mine-cut diamonds. 2 inches by 1 3/16 inches, circa 1890 - 1910.

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Victorian Garnet Tassel Brooch - Pendant Locket

Here is a truly superb, sizable and versatile antique garnet pin and/or pendant combination piece from the mid-to-latter 19th century. The bottom tassel pendant is removable to allow both pieces to be worn separately - as a pin, pendant or as one of each. Etruscan-style granulation work ornament bot...(more)

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Antique Round Hardstone Cameo Brooch

A classical beauty is handcarved in artful and precise detail in this exemplary Victorian cameo brooch - circa 1875. This thick and translucent circular agate is tastefully outlined with a cobalt-blue enamel Greek-key design followed by a twisted rope inside a reflective 18 karat gold frame. This st...(more)

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Victorian Earrings and Brooch

An exemplary suite of Victoriana. Delicate golden flowers dangle inside scalloped crescents surmounted by artful geometric motifs. The earrings measure over 2 inches in length and almost 1 inch in width. The pin top measures 1 5/8 inches across by 1/2 inch.

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Victorian Diamond, Tiger's Eye, Opal and Ruby Bee Pin

This intriguing and irresistible antique insect, finely crafted in silver over gold, is all abuzz with glistening rose-cut diamond wings, an opal and diamond banded, honey-colored tiger's eye abdomen, and tiny ruby eyes. A breathtakingly beautiful, brilliantly rendered and regal Victorian brooch fit...(more)

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Bohemian Garnet Starbust Brooch in 9 Karat Gold

This extra-lovely central-European garnet brooch, crafted in 9 karat rose gold, is composed in three distinct layers of darkly glistening almandine garnets, including six heart shapes alternating with round pave' sections. Circa 1890, 1 1/4 inches diameter.

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Antique Niello Locket Brooch w/Peacock Feather

An unusual and exotic nineteenth-century dome brooch, measuring 1 and 7/8 inches in diameter, artfully crafted in darkened silver with decorative tri-color gold inlays. The reverse side houses an open locket displaying an iridescent peacock feather. Something beautiful and very different.

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Georgian Amethyst and Seed Pearl Brooch

A thoroughly charming early-nineteenth century Georgian brooch/pendant featuring a bright lavender-purple amethyst glowing from within a gold-backed setting and orbited by eight shimmering natural pearls. The amethyst and pearls are presented in a regally ornamented 18 karat yellow gold cartouche. A...(more)

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Lapis, Ruby, Pearl & Diamond Pin/Pendant

This unusual Victorian beauty centers on a bright eight-pointed star of rose-cut diamonds which radiates from a rich red Burmese ruby. The royal-blue sky is actually a large cabochon lapis lazuli encircled with alternating natural pearls and rose diamond-set bullet shape motifs. A rare, gorgeous and...(more)

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Large Antique Coral Cluster Brooch

Measuring just a smidgen shy of one-and-three-quarters inches across, this beautiful nineteenth-century coral cluster brooch is significantly larger than the usual. The center button alone measures 15 millimeters across and is orbited by three rows of matching dark salmon color cabochons. A striking...(more)

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Antique Citrine and Seed Pearl Brooch

A richly colored amber Madeira citrine glistens from within a scalloped frame of shimmering seed pearls in this beautifully crafted 1 and 1/8 inch by just under 1 inch early-nineteenth century brooch.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-3-4154

Victorian Coral Tassel Earrings and Brooch

This superb and stunning set, dating back about a century-and-a-half, features beautiful, deep orangy-salmon colored button corals presented in consummate Victorian Etruscan Revival splendor. Each of the three pieces are adorned with fine dancing tassels surmounted by exquisitely granulated circular...(more)

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Antique Diamond and Ruby Lizard Pin

A sinewy, ruby-headed reptile, with an extraordinarily long diamond-studded tail, is artfully sculpted in 18 carat gold in this wonderful and whimsical Victorian-era brooch, circa 1860. 1 3/16 inches by 1 inch.

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Carved Italian Corno Coral Brooch

This exemplary, deep orange-red coral, nineteenth-century brooch, hand carved in the form of a Italian good luck horn (or corno, or cornicello) is guaranteed to to keep the evil eye at bay. This not-so-little masterpiece, crowned with a bouquet of flowers, measures just over 2 inches long.

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Large Antique Malachite Brooch

A colossal (over one-and-a-half inch wide) vivid marbled green, round malachite cabochon is simply presented in a hand-engraved, 9 karat gold frame with a graceful scroll motif. Thus, this bold and colorful Victorian brooch is more than likely of British origin. A couple very minor flaws surfaced i...(more)

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Victorian Mercury Head Cameo

The Roman god Mercury (Hermes in Greek) sporting his trademark winged helmet is masterfully handcarved in glorious black & white sardonyx, and framed in 18 karat gold with seed pearls pearls in this nineteenth-century hardstone cameo pin/pendant. Mercury is a rare subject for cameos and he moves...(more)

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Victorian Garnet Brooch and Earring Set

This wonderful suite of garnet jewels, comprising a brooch and a pair of earrings, highlight glowing deep raspberry color garnets arrayed in circles atop multi-dimensional 18 karat golden 'wedding cakes'. The brooch is fitted on the reverse to accommodate a drop. The suite is housed in its original ...(more)

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Antique Gold-in-Quartz Bar Pin

From the days of the American gold rushes, a straightforward 2 and 1/4 inch bar pin comprised of three shimmering, rectangular, gold-in-quartz plaques. 14 karat rose gold, circa 1850's.

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Antique Gold In Quartz Brooch

A wonderful American, Victorian-era bar brooch, circa 1850s, comprised of twelve separate inlays of light and dark gold-in-quartz plaques. This rare and collectable, mid-nineteenth century jewel is rendered in richly patinated 10 karat rose gold and measures just shy of three-inches long.

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Scottish Agate Pin

A 2 and 3/4 inch-long faceted amethyst topped pin secures a circular multi-color agate pin to your kilt or coat. Three faceted Citrines add some extra spice and the reverse is hand-engraved with a mysterious Cyrillic message. Bonnie!

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Antique Scottish Agate Scabbard Kilt Pin

An intriguing silver antique Scottish kilt pin in the shape of a sword scabbard. The pin is set with greyish-blue and white banded agate and capped with engraved silver detailing. A purple glass thistle is set at the tip and two foil-backed stones add color as well.

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Carved Opal Cameo

A Roman Centurion is depicted in profile in this expertly carved white opal displaying scattered flashes of orange, yellow, green and blue. The cameo is presented in an antique rose gold oval frame decorated with black enamel stripes and a decorative leaf motif on each end. The opal is bezel set int...(more)

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Antique Hardstone Cameo Brooch

A radiant and noble Victorian beauty is elegantly portrayed atop a gorgeous, highly-translucent, apricot-colored carnelian in this superlative nineteenth-century cameo brooch framed in rich 18 karat yellow gold with glistening rose-cut diamonds punctuated with glowing natural pearls. Engraved on the...(more)

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Victorian Seed Pearl Lyre Pin

Honestly, this is a lyre. 1 and 1/8 inches long and shimmering with tiny natural seed pearls. Circa 1890.

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Antique Cat's Eye Spider Brooch

A friendly spider to adorn your wardrobe. This spider brooch is crafted in silver and set with two cat's eye quartz cabochons and deep red eyes.

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Hardstone Cameo Pin and Earring set

A trio of classic beauties are depicted in glorious black & white onyx cameos and presented in exquisite style in this original Victorian pin and earring ensemble. The tasseled set is lovingly crafted in two-tone 14 karat rosy-gold and accented with tiny shimmering seed pearls. All three pieces ...(more)

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Large Hardstone Cameo Brooch

A classic Victorian female bust is carved in exceptionally high-relief in the 19th century hardstone agate cameo. The wide bordered frame is fully hand engraved for a rich finish. The frame looks English and is marked 18K with makers marks "BBK" although the gold tested a bit lower. This is a great...(more)

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Micro-Mosaic Brooch and Earrings

The Basilica di San Pietro and ruins of the fabulous Forum are depicted the hard way in this lovely antique micro mosaic pin and earring suite. The pin measures one inch in diameter, the earrings 9/16 inch.

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Antique Scottish Agate Pin

This study in gray and white agate, with a touch of butterscotch in the center, measures just over 1 and 3/4 inch in diameter. A stylized Celtic cross overlays a circle pin in this very cool nineteenth-century Scottish kilt pin.

$875.00 - View Item    #50-1-2873

Giant Scottish Agate Crescent Pin

Clocking in at over two inches diameter, this grand antique Scottish pin shimmers in silver set with closely banded multi-hued gray agate. Celestial!

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Thespian Portrait Miniature Brooch - Edwin Booth

And at 2 and 1/2 inches by 2 and 3/8 inches, quite a sizable 'miniature' it is! Edwin Booth, the greatest American actor of his day, and brother of the reviled presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth, and costumed as his most notable character - Brutus, in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar - is colorful...(more)

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Antique Carved Peridot Cameo and Diamond Brooch Pendant

A queenly presence inhabits this exemplary and truly exquisite peridot and diamond Victorian brooch and pendant. Her royal highness is magnificently carved and captured atop a glowing green peridot weighing approximately seventeen carats and framed by twenty-six bright white, high-quality European-c...(more)

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Antique Opal Bar Pin

This entrancing 'torpedo' shape opal brooch glows all around with a vibrant palette of pastel colors and fiery orange flashes. It is set in 15ct rose-gold - thus it is most likely of Victorian British origin. A splendidly radiant, one-of-a-kind adornment measuring just a smidgen shy of 2-inches long...(more)

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Antique Mont Blanc Swiss Enamel Brooch

You know the pens - here is the mountain! Majestic Mont Blanc is covered in snow with the bridge of Saint-Martin in the beautiful French Chamonix valley in the foreground. Superbly hand painted in colorful Swiss enamel over copper and framed in hand engraved yellow gold. 2 and 1/8 inch by 1 3/4 inch...(more)

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Large Victorian Diamond Brooch

Twelve-and-a-half carats of old mine-cut diamonds sizzle in all directions in this fantastic antique diamond clip brooch, finely crafted in rich 18 karat yellow gold. The central section is composed of 11 larger diamonds each of which shines and sparkles from an elaborate buttercup setting. The mult...(more)

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Victorian Male Cameo

A stern and distinguished, goateed, starched collared and bow-tied nineteenth century gentleman is masterfully depicted in this unusual antique shell cameo. The classic hand-engraved Victorian frame is further enhanced with black enamel ribbons. Signed on reverse - 'Adele H. 1859'. One fissure on up...(more)

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Pair of Victorian Diamond Cloak Pins

A rare and fabulous pair of antique diamond cloak, or hat, or stickpins from the late 19th century. These original disco balls contain approximately 560 individual round diamonds, set in silver, totaling about 7.00 carats. A 9 1/4 inch yellow gold Victorian chain connects the two pins which are als...(more)

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Victorian Black Enamel and Seed Pearl Pin and Earrings

A dramatic, rare and unusual Victorian jewelry suite in glorious black, white and gold. Matching ornamental orbs, rendered in yellow gold, matte finished black enamel and white seed pearls, swing from from a matching bar pin as well as your ears. What was once considered mourning jewelry (one and a ...(more)

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Victorian Diamond Bar Pin

This original Victorian bar pin measures just shy of 2 1/8 inch long and sparkles with three old mine-cut diamonds weighing three-quarters of a carat. The light and airy Victorian symbolism includes a central sunburst flanked by a pair of hearts.

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Victorian Coral Brooch

A wonderful antique Italianate carved coral composition pin just shy of 1 3/4 inches wide by 1 5/8 inches tall. Three tall oval cabochons are wonderfully framed by intricate twisted rope and neo-classical ornaments all rendered in perfectly matched coral with rose gold bracing on the reverse. A deli...(more)

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Victorian Hair Mourning Brooch

A superb and sentimental memento from Victorian times. A stylized butterfly is created from the gossamer hair of a departed loved one and a handful of teeny-tiny seed pearls. The strikingly beautiful frame is created from overlapping sections for added dimension. Just a tad shy of two inches by 1 a...(more)

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Large Bull's-Eye Agate Victorian Brooch

A striking 1 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch antique Victorian brooch centering on a large oval black agate with a outer band of white - otherwise referred to as a 'bull's-eye' agate. The golden frame is adorned with classic Victorian ornamentation.

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Early-Victorian Amethyst Lovers Knot Brooch

Ten glowing, foil-backed, grape colored amethysts emblazon the tops of intertwining ribbons in this wonderful antique lovers knot pin with decorative engraving and texturing on the darkly patinated 14 karat yellow gold half-rounded ribbons. This romantic early-Victorian brooch measures 2 1/8 inches ...(more)

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Victorian Turquoise Locket Brooch

This marvelous antique brooch with an open locket compartment on the reverse exhibits quintessential Victorian ornamentation. The high-domed center is crowned with a turquoise studded star and all four sides of the navette shape cartouche is emblazoned with a mini turquoise studded tiara. This beaut...(more)

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Antique Opal Laurel Leaf Pin

A fabulous and enchanting, old mine Lightening Ridge opal radiates every color imaginable from this turn-of-the-twentieth century, neo-classic gold and diamond pin. Glorious!

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Shreve & Co. Gold in Quartz Pin and Earrings

Exceedingly rare and wonderful collectibles from the California Gold Rush. A fabulous 1 and 5/8 inch-long bar pin with a gold braided frame accompanied by matching earrings of contrasting light and dark checkers of gold-in-quartz. Both the pin and earrings are stamped "G.C.S. & Co" - for George ...(more)

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Early Victorian Hardstone Cameo Brooch

This exceptional early-Victorian cameo depicts the classic female in profile, carved of semi-transparent hardstone in a honey colored hue. Her curled tresses are upswept and adorned with a laurel leaf wreath. The cameo is set within a rich 18 karat gold Etruscan revival beaded frame. A tiny, hardl...(more)

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Fine Victorian Shell Cameo Pin

A classical beauty is wonderfully captured in profile in this magnificently carved round shell cameo presented in a fabulous, geometric 14 karat yellow gold frame with a soft velvety patina. Circa 1885, 1 5/8 inches in diameter.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2799

Victorian Cameo Tassel Brooch

A marvelous and sizable (3 1/2 inches long) Victorian hardstone cameo and double tassel brooch, and/or pendant, crafted in two-tone rose and green gold. The profile of a distinguished Greek gentleman is portrayed in glorious black & white sardonyx framed by acanthus leaves and elaborate, quintes...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2790

Victorian Cameo Brooch and Earring Suite

A lovely Victorian lass is captured in three separate profiles in glorious black & white and respendent rose gold in this rare matching Victorian sardonyx cameo suite. The brooch has a flip-up bail and may be worn as a pendant. A delightful antique jewelery suite. The pin measures 1 3/4 inch by ...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2791

Blue Agate Cameo Pin

A ravishing Victorian beauty comes to life in superb detail in this exceptionally carved, high-relief, light blue agate cameo. The light and lovely open work frame is finely crafted contrasting platinum and gold with a touch of pearl; a fold down bail makes for for a lovely pendant. A truly enchanti...(more)

$5,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2783

Venetian Lion Brooch

The Winged Lion from the clock tower of St. Mark's Square has alighted on a splendid bold gold Victorian era brooch. This fantastic feline stands proudly atop a banner which reads 'Souvenir of Venice' (in Italian of course). An artfully rendered, hand chased three-dimensional sculpture which stands ...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2785

Angelic Micro-Mosaic Pin

A winged cherub is magnificently captured in this truly phenomenal antique micro-mosaic brooch which was painstakingly crafted in the Eternal City, circa 1875. Minuscule tesserae (approximately a bazillion of them) have been individually placed to create this angelic vision. The bright blue sky is c...(more)

$11,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2781

Antique Malachite Cameo of Dionysus

A rare and exemplary cameo depicting a young Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry (Bacchus in Roman parlance) bearing a pine-cone topped staff and dressed in a regal lion skin toga and an arrangement of grapes and grape leaves adorning his hair. An early, magnificent and collectible cameo pre...(more)

$8,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2730

Hardstone Cameo and Diamond Brooch

A ravishing classical beauty with a grapevine in her hair and a rams head on her shoulder is captured in high-relief in glorious black & white. The grape leaf motif frame is artfully rendered in finely textured gold and glistens with a half carat of sparkling European cut diamonds. A Victorian treas...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2662

Victorian Citrine and Pearl Pin

A deep golden amber Citrine is regally presented in a fine double rope bezel flanked by Etruscan revival style rosettes a lustrous pearl. 1 5/8 inches by 1 inch; circa 1890.

$1,375.00 - View Item    #50-1-2758

Victorian Turquoise Suite of Pin/Pendant and Earrings

This is a stunning suite of jewelry from the Victorian era. A magnificent large brooch can be worn as a pin or dropped from a chain to be worn as a large pendant. Both turquoise cabochons and small seed pearls adorn this fanciful piece. Matching earrings are brightened with turquoise as well as flor...(more)

$4,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-704

Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Brooch

This sizable and scintillating bauble from the mid to late 19th century is quintessential Victorian in every repect. A constellation of 12 shimmering rose cut diamonds orbit around the larger central diamond which stands in high profile and is held in place by nothing less than 16 prongs (!) The tex...(more)

$4,850.00 - View Item    #50-3-2683

Early Victorian Floral Memorial Pin

An extraordinary keepsake from the sentimental 19th century. Preserved under glass is a lovely flower in full blossom, lovingly crafted from human hair and painted over shimmering mother of pearl. The miniature work of art is encircled by a seamless braided rope of the same material. The lovely gold...(more)

$1,575.00 - View Item    #50-1-2699

Victorian Pietra Dura Brooch

A delightful and dramatic mosaic brooch depicting flowering white lilies with shaded green leaves against a black background. The lovely frame exhibits classic Victorian ornamentation with foliate motifs. 1 3/4 inches by 1 3/8 inches. One leaf appears to have been re-set (and re-glued), but is barel...(more)

$495.00 - View Item    #50-1-2667

Victorian Cameo Pin with Diamonds

An aristocratic beauty is captured in profile and in delightful detail in this wonderful carnelian cameo from the latter 19th century. The rose gold open work frame has a warm antique patina and is further enhanced with four glistening old-mine cut diamonds which together total .60 carat.

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-2670

Large Antique Diamond Horseshoe Pin

The impressive size of this splendid Victorian era diamond horseshoe alone will assure good luck to the fortunate recipient immediately upon presentation. Guaranteed! 5 carats of glittering European cut diamonds set in platinum over 18 karat yellow gold won't hurt either. Circa 1890.

$11,700.00 - View Item    #50-91-2526

Victorian Repousse Brooch Locket

This Etruscan revival brooch locket bursts with tapered bead and twisted wire appliques. The reverse reveals carefully constructed palette work of hair and tiny seed pearls under a crystal. The brooch suspends a Etruscan style fringed drop.

$895.00 - View Item    #50-1-2594

Bohemian Garnet Cluster Pin

Scores of garnets sparkle in this Bohemian garnet cluster pin from the Victorian era. The pin features a traditional rosette motif. All garnets are, as is traditional, foil backed. Base metal with gold wash.

$695.00 - View Item    #50-1-2542

Guilloche Enamel Keychain

A rare item! In purple guilloche enamel, a retractable chain of 16 1/2 inches emerges from its round case to carry a watch key or small accessory. The fanciful initials "SM" are set with twenty-nine rose cut diamonds. This jewel is worn as a brooch.

$1,150.00 - View Item    #100-1-212

Antique Victorian Natural Pearl and Diamond Bar PIn

An outstanding antique treasure. This 18 karat rosy yellow gold bar pin is set with eleven natural pearls down the center and wreathed by antique old mine cut diamonds. The central pearl measures 8.2 x 7.5 mm. Fabulous!

$12,500.00 - View Item    #50-1-1529

Victorian Coral Cameo Pin and Clip Earring Suite

An intricately detailed suite of a pin and matching earrings from the Victorian time period. Carved coral cameos of a lady in profile are set with delicate pointed prongs inside ornate frames with bead fringe and scroll work detailing. The pin measures 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/8 inch wide. The earri...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-1685

Rhodolite Garnet Victorian Garter Style Brooch

A antique treasure! This Victorian Etruscan revival brooch has a buckle motif accented with beautiful Rhodolite Garnets. Delicate fringe dangles below.

$1,650.00 - View Item    #50-1-2448

Antique Enamel and Diamond Pinwheel Pin

A wonderful transitional design from the Victorian - Art Nouveau periods. A multi-dimensional and intricately interlocking design incorporating shaded tones of lavander and white matte finish enamel. A sparkling old-mine cut diamond adorns the center. Circa 1890 - 1900.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-113

Antique Amethyst and Garnet Spider Brooch

A unique and dramatic hand made spider pin incorporating the unusual combination of amethyst and garnet with green garnet and glass doublet eyes. Expertly crafted in 18 karat rose gold. Cool!

$1,650.00 - View Item    #50-1-2188

Bohemian Garnet Brooch

An intense deep red cabochon garnet is the center of this wonderful base metal brooch. It is encircled with rose cut Bohemian garnets clustered in perfectly scalloped rows. Circa 1880's.

$845.00 - View Item    #50-1-2468

Riker Bros. Griffin Pin

An elaborately constructed Griffin wielding a diamond encrusted sword. Composed of seed pearls with a ruby in the eye and one in the wing. Produced at the end of the 19th century by the venerable American manufacturers Riker Bros. Some lead solder is present.

$2,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-2361

Late Victorian Intaglio Moonstone and Diamond Bar Pin

Exquisite bar pin from the turn of the 20th century. A rare carved intaglio moonstone is delicately set with pointed prongs and embraced by three European cut diamonds set on either side atop a straight 18 karat yellow gold bar pin. Stamped C & CO.

$3,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-2257

Victorian Diamond and Sapphire Star pin

This lovely Victorian 15 karat yellow gold pin made in Chester, England - circa 1875 - boasts exquisite details, including a small sapphire surrounded by delicate rose-cut diamonds set in the center of a perfectly hand cut star. The shoulders are ornamented with fine twisted wire, beads, floral and ...(more)

$695.00 - View Item    #50-1-2417

Bohemian Garnet Circular Brooch

A perfect bohemian garnet brooch in excellent condition. This base metal brooch is studded with rose cut bohemian garnets and centered with a true carbuncle. This piece measures 1 1/2 inch round.

$865.00 - View Item    #50-1-2403

Bohemian Garnet Cluster Brooch

An incandescent array of bohemian garnets glisten night and day in this fabulous antique cluster brooch by way of late-nineteenth century Czechoslovakia. Large round rose-cut and pear shaped garnets are multi-tiered and outlined with a scalloped border created by the outer rosettes. This Bohemian ba...(more)

$795.00 - View Item    #50-1-2517

Victorian Turquoise Memorial Locket Brooch

This superb sentimental treasure of early Victorian vintage is artfully and intricately crafted in multi-layers with turquoise beads and white enamel exhibiting classic Victorian ornamentation. Although stunning purely as a brooch, the locket compartment on the back will keep a photo of your loved o...(more)

$1,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-2778

Victorian Oval Locket Brooch

Quintessential, multi-dimensional Victorian decorative motifs abound with a teeny-tiny star-set rose-cut diamond in the center of this oval brooch. The reverse side of the brooch allows for a souvenir of a loved one.

$975.00 - View Item    #50-1-2796

Victorian Diamond Starburst Pendant/Pin

A stellar silver over yellow gold creation, its rays sparkling with seventy-two European-cut diamonds and a fiery .85 carat center European-cut, for a total of 4.50 carats of animated shimmer. The reverse is cleverly equipped with a fully retractable hinged bail and a pin to switch from brooch to pe...(more)

$7,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-30

Georgian Amethyst Locket Brooch

A royal purple Siberian amethyst shines front and center in this fabulous and regal early-nineteenth century brooch in gleaming yellow gold with elegant repousse borders, leaf motif overlays with pearls atop a finely textured background. The reverse contains a beveled glass covered locket space disp...(more)

$2,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-2863

Antique Diamond Pin

This exceptionally graceful Victorian diamond pin is packed with 2.30 carats of glistening old mine-cut diamonds. The beautiful antique jewel is rendered in rich 18 karat yellow gold and is comprised of two sparkling mirror-image swooshes. Just shy of two inches long.

$3,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-2914

Victorian Lapis Pendant Locket

This strikingly beautiful antique Victorian Etruscan revival pendant/locket/pin blasts with a sizable, deep rich blue lapis lazuli cabochon. The lapis is artfully framed in lustrous yellow gold ornamented with delicate granulation work. The reverse houses an open beveled glass locket compartment. Th...(more)

$1,950.00 - View Item    #90-1-4334

Antique Diamond Gargoyle Brooch

A particularly grotesque and fearsome mythical winged creature, otherwise known as a Gargoyle, embraces a sparkling-white, old mine-cut diamond in her (it is a Goyle after all!) menacing claws. Circa 1900, 18 karat yellow gold, 1 1/4 inches.

$2,450.00 - View Item    #50-1-4124

Antique Diamond Bow Brooch with Light Pink Diamond Drop

Eminent Victoriana. An absolutely stunning and extra-fine diamond bow pin dating from the mid-nineteenth century. The darkly patinated silver ribbons (over gold) glisten with tightly set old mine cushion-cut diamonds, a rare, natural Fancy Light Pink antique pear-shape diamond weighing .77 carats (a...(more)

$24,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4475

Antique Etruscan Revival Confronting Panthers Pin

The Victorian fascination with the arts of ancient Greece is wonderfully apparent in this charming late-19th century pin, featuring the confronting panthers motif from ancient Greek vases and amphora, and delicate Etruscan style granulation as seen on ancient jewelry. Beautifully crafted in 14 karat...(more)

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4634

Victorian Diamond Starburst Pendant

2.65 carats of dazzling mine-cut, antique cushion-cut and rose-cut diamonds provide the celestial fire in this stunning example of a classic, mid-nineteenth century Victorian starburst jewel. Gracefully hand-fabricated in darkly patinated silver-topped gold, this lovely piece is gently domed, for ad...(more)

$4,450.00 - View Item    #90-1-6011

Mid-19th Century Bacchante Cameo Brooch

A masterfully hand carved and especially refined shell cameo depicting a Classical priestess or friend and admirer of Bacchus, replete with a riotous grapevine and grape cluster hairdo, toga and, on trend for circa 1850, a double pearl strand. Mounted in an elegant gold frame with a twisted wire app...(more)

$2,250.00 - View Item    #50-1-4717

Shell Cameo of Floral Appointed Victorian Female

This sizable shell cameo captures a 19th century enchantress adorned with a garniture of flowers in exquisite detail. The gold frame is highly patinated with a dark antique coloration. 2 1/4 inch tall by 1 7/8 inch across.

$895.00 - View Item    #50-3-4805