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.90 Carat Diamond Edwardian Engagement Ring

Beaming brilliantly from within a full bezel setting atop a beautifully ornamented mounting, die-struck and intricately hand tooled in bright and sturdy 14K white gold (.585), sparkles a bright white European-cut diamond, weighing .90 carat. Diamond-set scroll motifs, delicate milgraining and a flut...(more)

$5,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-7180

Natural Jade Vintage Drop Earrings

Bright translucent apple green teardrops swing to-and-fro inside rosy-yellow gold frames, surmounted by matching round buttons, in this delightful pair of natural Burmese jadeite earrings dating from the 1940s-50s. 1 1/4 inches. Accompanied by a gemological report from Stone Group Labs stating: Natu...(more)

$3,850.00 - View Item    #20-1-6529

Art Deco Onyx and Diamond Ring

This 1930s Depression-era jewel, in glorious black & white, is composed of a black onyx plaque centered with a single diamond-set (as in playing cards) sparkler, set in bright and sturdy 10K white gold. Currently ring size 5 3/4.

$495.00 - View Item    #30-1-7203

Victorian Engraved Bangle Bracelet

Fanciful floral hand engraving adorns the top half of this very lovely, 3/8 inch wide, bangle bracelet, dating from early last century. Beautifully crafted in gleaming 14K yellow gold, the hinged bangle is flat on top and curved underneath for comfortable wearing. It fits a full size wrist and is eq...(more)

$1,250.00 - View Item    #40-1-4777

Antique Diamond and Pearl Pendant

A fanciful openwork design incorporating both Gothic, Art Nouveau and neoclassical (a laurel wreath) design influences is rendered in two-tone rose and green gold with a single buttercup-set sparkler and a dangling freshwater pearl. 1 5/8 inches, the new chain measures 16 inches. Light and lovely - ...(more)

$395.00 - View Item    #90-1-6747

Red Enamel Ladybug Stick Pin

An adorable, chubby little critter to alight on your your shoulder or lapel and bring you good luck. This 18 karat yellow gold Italian-made ladybug is enameled in bright red with black spots and a black safety helmet. 13/16 inch wide by 3/4 inch tall. 1 3/4 inches with the stick pin.

$775.00 - View Item    #150-1-2868

Large Mid-Century Platinum Diamond Brooch

Sleekly and artfully rendered in platinum - circa 1950s-60s - this stunning, large scale (measuring over 3 1/2 inches across!), multidimensional, abstract loop dazzles dramatically with bright-white and beautiful round brilliant-cut and baguette diamonds, totaling 10.00 carats (6 cts. baguettes, 4 ...(more)

$19,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-132

Antique Diamond and Pear Drop Earrings

1 and 1/8 inch long, lustrous and lovely, original Edwardian/early-Art Deco drop earrings, hand fabricated in platinum over 18K gold. These utterly delightful ear drops are anchored by a pair of sparkling European-cut diamonds set in stylized star settings suspended from gently tapered tops set with...(more)

$2,650.00 - View Item    #20-1-6751

Antique Diamond and Pearl Necklace

Graceful foliate swirls of finely textured gold create a lovely pinwheel motif pendant centered with a tiny sparkler orbited by a half dozed seed pearls. Sweet! Circa 1900. Just shy of 7/8 inch diameter, the new chain measures 16 inches.

$795.00 - View Item    #90-1-6736

.97 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

Consummate and classic early-Art Deco splendor is exemplified in this original diamond engagement ring, exquisitely hand crafted in platinum, dating from the 1920s. A bright white and beautiful European-cut diamond, weighing just shy of one carat (.97), sparkles night and day from atop the artfully ...(more)

$7,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-7447

Belle Époque Plique-a-Jour Circle Brooch

Light and lacy early-20th century Edwardian design elements combine with a touch of the Art Nouveau to create this transcendent circle brooch. Diamond-set foliate motifs and swags, plus nine lustrous natural pearls, brighten the peacock colored translucent plique-a-jour enamels within a delic...(more)

$9,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-101

2.55 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

Gorgeous! An original Art Deco engagement ring, die-struck and intricately hand finished in platinum during the height of the period - circa 1925. The star of the show, however, is a bright and blazing European-cut diamond, weighing 2.55 carats, set in a finely milgrained octagonal frame. The exquis...(more)

$22,750.00 - View Item    #10-1-7379

Victorian Flower Basket Earrings

Realistically woven baskets burst with bountiful bouquets of gleaming golden flowers and leaves blossoming with freshwater pearls, in these fun and fabulous Victorian creations artfully handcrafted in three dimensions. 1 3/4 by 1 inch.

$1,750.00 - View Item    #20-1-6796

Two-Tone Gold Citrine and Seed Pearl Ring

Framed north and south with a tiny seed pearl necklace and east and west with flowers and leaves, a rich amber color citrine casts a golden glow. A beautiful Depression-era bauble, circa 1930s, substantially crafted in two-tone (yellow and rose) gold. 13/16 long. A petite 3 1/4 ring size.

$1,450.00 - View Item    #30-1-7209

Vintage Amethyst Bracelet

Amethysts just don't come any finer or richer in color than these half-dozen lush purple gemstones, probably (although there's no way to confirm it) of Siberian origin. The amethysts glow between stylized bamboo motif links rendered in textured 18K yellow gold which has acquired a rich patina over t...(more)

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Platinum Diamond Eternity Band

A classic mid-century style platinum and diamond anniversary band sparkling all around with 22 high-color, high-quality round brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 2.00 carats. The sparklers are set in classic fishtail settings. This beautiful band is ring size 6 and measures 4 mm wide. Please note that...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #110-1-878

.45 Carat Oval Diamond Antique Engagement Ring

A splendid, original Victorian-era engagement ring with a rather rare and unusual pedigree - Austro-Hungarian! Delicately hand fabricated in two-tone gold - white gold on top of a yellow gold ring shank, it stars a bright and shining old mine-cut oval diamond, weighing just under a half-carat. Hallm...(more)

$2,450.00 - View Item    #10-1-6978

Vintage Platinum and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Whether you see a sunburst or a flower or an abstract cluster, this striking sparkler will light up your life. A dozen diamond-set rays emanate from a central half-carat old mine-cut diamond, all set in platinum with a couple more diamonds atop the (currently) size 6 3/4 ring shank. 1 carat total di...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #10-1-7433

1960s Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire Free-form Watch Bracelet

We're just crazy about over-the-top sixties jewelry, especially when its as wild and wonderful as this showstopping (and sizable) stunner. This abstract work of wearable art is rendered in richly textured 18K yellow gold and glistens and sparkles with just under 7 carats of randomly set, extra-gemmy...(more)

$9,750.00 - View Item    #40-1-4681

Victorian Amethyst Earrings

Absolutely delightful, original Victorian ear baubles - circa 1870. A pair of round faceted light purple amethysts gleam in the center from within 17(!) prong settings, framed in textured rosy-yellow gold and ornamented with black enamel tracery and outer beading. A silver floret crown the tops and ...(more)

$1,950.00 - View Item    #20-1-6795

Diamond and Ruby Orchid Brooch

Rubies don't come any redder than these flaming petals, further enhanced with bright white diamond sparklers. Crafted in 18K yellow gold, this artfully designed and rendered, multi-dimensional orchid brooch will never wilt (like mine at home). 8 carats total ruby weight, half carat of diamonds. Abou...(more)

$2,850.00 - View Item    #50-1-4883

Star Sapphire Ring by Tony Cavelti

A luminous, gray-blue cabochon sapphire, weighing 7.50 carats, is imbued with a shimmering six-legged star, and is presented in a bold and distinctive fashion ring expertly and substantially rendered in two-tone 18K gold by Vancouver, Canada's renowned jewelry designer - Tony Cavelti. The gemstone i...(more)

$4,750.00 - View Item    #30-3-7227

Antique Diamond Drop Earrings

1 and 3/8 inches long and lovely, original antique diamond drop earrings sparkling at the bottoms with a quartet of bright white old mine-cut diamonds suspended from a slender dagger, crowned by a collet-set rose-cut diamond stud. Hand fabricated in platinum over 18K gold - circa 1900. 1 carat total...(more)

$2,650.00 - View Item    #20-1-5272

1.25 Carat Center Diamond Art Deco-Style Dinner Ring

A central round brilliant-cut diamond is the star of the show in this dynamic diamond Art Deco dazzler, crated in platinum during the second half of the last century in homage to the classic, elongated dinner rings of the 1920s-30s. The center diamond is accompanied at the cardinal points with four ...(more)

$5,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-1578

Marcus & Co. Edwardian Diamond Bow Brooch

A gorgeous, bright white, high quality old mine-cut diamond, weighing 1.40 carats, is tied-up in a pretty bow in this exemplary Edwardian delicacy by Marcus & Company - circa 1910. Expertly hand crafted in platinum over 18K rosy-yellow gold, the flowing ribbons sparkle with small old mine-cut di...(more)

$12,750.00 - View Item    #50-3-4966

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Lavaliere Necklace

A pristine and precious treasure from the height of the Jazz Age - circa 1920s. This truly exquisite and exemplary platinum and diamond necklace centers on a marquise diamond floating in the center of a diamond-studded plaque, and is embellished east and west with pairs of bright diamond baguettes. ...(more)

$20,000.00 - View Item    #90-1-6783

Star Sapphire and Carved Emerald Brooch

This bold, colorful, ultra-chic and sizable bauble, circa 1950, glows front and center with a natural, no-heat star sapphire clocking in at an impressive 16 carats. The entrancing denim blue gemstone radiates with a shimmering 6-ray star and is orbited by nine sparkling white full-cut diamonds. The ...(more)

$13,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4947

Edwardian Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Ring

A modestly proportioned, royal blue cabochon sapphire is comfortably nestled in the center of a sparkling double-row of diamonds in this stunning circular ring, superbly handcrafted in platinum and contrasting 14 karat yellow gold. This dazzling Edwardian jewel measures 9/16 of an inch in diameter...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #30-1-5202

Jardiniere En Tremblant Floral Brooch

This sizable, sensational and stunning creation blooms year-round with a glittering mélange of colorful gemstones, further enhanced by sparkling diamonds and green and red enamel. A ruby-framed opal takes center stage among emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond flowers, emerald leaves and turquoise b...(more)

$6,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4951

Swedish Heart Shape Diamond Ring

Fit for a queen, or at the very least a princess, this regal diamond ring features a 1.00 carat antique heart-shaped diamond, bezel set and topped with a glittering diamond-set crown. This unique jewel bears hallmarks for Malmö, Sweden, circa 1962 (however, the center stone dates from the early 20t...(more)

$6,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-1825

Diamond and Sapphire Double Clip Brooch

A fabulous late-Art Deco double clip brooch, expertly and substantially hand crafted in platinum, circa 1930s, featuring mirror-image cornucopias of vibrant blue Ceylon sapphires flowing from sparkling, asymmetrical diamond bows. A truly gorgeous example of long lost, opulent Art Deco artistry. Equa...(more)

$11,750.00 - View Item    #50-3-4954

Diamond and Synthetic Sapphire Bracelet

A tale of two eras: In the center we have a classic platinum and diamond line bracelet embraced on each side by a slender row of rich royal blue, scissor-cut, calibre sapphires (synthetic) - circa 1930s. Then, later in the century (1950s-60s), when yellow gold was back in vogue, the bracelet was wra...(more)

$6,450.00 - View Item    #40-3-4784

1.18 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring - GIA I VVS2

A bright white and beautiful, high-clarity, European-cut diamond, weighing 1.18 carats, sparkles loud and clear from atop this stunning, early-Art Deco engagement ring, finely die-struck and hand finished in platinum - circa 1920s. The ring features a crisp, vertically spoked side gallery punctuated...(more)

$9,450.00 - View Item    #10-1-7404

Platinum Diamond Arrow Jabot Brooch

Cupid's arrow is headed for its next lucky victim. Delicately hand fabricated in platinum during the zenith of the Art Deco period, circa 1920s-30s, both the arrowhead and the feathery fletching are aglitter with tiny round diamonds. Just over 2 inches long and lovely.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4937

Edwardian Natural Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Delightful ear drops, circa 1910, rendered in glorious white & white! These delightful, classic Edwardian jewels center on a lustrous, satiny, natural pearl gleaming from within a bright-white halo of European-cut diamond sparklers. Hand fabricated in platinum over 18K gold, except for the tops ...(more)

$2,875.00 - View Item    #20-1-6350

18K Yellow Gold Woven Band

From Birmingham, England, circa 1907 (so the hallmarks tell us), a charming band ring, crafted in rich 18K yellow gold, adorned with a distinctive braided~nail head top. 5/16 inch top, ring size 6 1/2.

$975.00 - View Item    #110-1-7329

Art Deco Hexagonal Diamond Ring

This highly distinctive dazzler, die-struck and hand finished during the 1920s-30s in 18K white gold, is crowned with a chamfered hexagonal top centered with a bright white and sparkling European-cut diamond, weighing .30 carat, surrounded by tiny glittering single-cut diamonds. The classic Art De...(more)

$2,750.00 - View Item    #10-1-7449

Opal, Ruby, and Diamond Bee

The title doesn't mention her emerald eyes and sapphire-tipped antennae! This colorful, sizable and very precious pollinator sports an opal head, a ruby abdomen and sparkling diamond wings. A queen bee if there ever was one, she'll add some serious buzz to your wardrobe. Circa mid-to-late 20th centu...(more)

$1,750.00 - View Item    #50-1-4756

Retro Diamond Ring

From the glamorous 1940s comes this wild work of wearable modern sculpture. Artfully handcrafted in platinum over rosy-yellow gold, the dynamic asymmetrical design sparkles on top with a sweeping scroll and an overlapping flame of old mine-cut diamonds. The diamonds predate the ring by two or three ...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #10-3-7463

.50 Carat Vintage Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

A bright-white and brilliant transitional-cut round diamond, weighing one-half carat, sparkles between a pair of diamond-set loops in this perfectly sweet and lovely vintage engagement ring, crafted in platinum - circa 1940s. Ring size 5 1/2.

$2,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-7475

Vintage Moonstone and Ruby Ring

From the 1940s-50s, a syzygy (look it up!) of lustrous moonstones, punctuated by small round rubies, glow times three in this very lovely, Retro bauble. Sturdily and comfortably crafted in 14K yellow gold, currently size 4 1/2. 1/2 inch wide.

$1,675.00 - View Item    #30-1-7204

Modern Chalcedony Ring

Ultra-cool and artsy chic. This fabulous post-modern work of wearable art is somewhat reminiscent of the classic Boucheron perfume bottle, but most likely predates it. A high-domed cabochon chalcedony, with a pale lavender hue, floats above a squarish ring shank crafted in 18k yellow gold. A singula...(more)

$1,950.00 - View Item    #30-3-7228

1.65 Carat Antique Diamond Earrings

A rare and wonderful and eminently wearable pair of original Victorian ear sparklers, hand fabricated in rich 18K yellow gold - circa 1890. A dazzling duo of matched European-cut diamonds, together weighing 1.65 carat, dance below stylized lyre motif tops. What's not to love? They measure 5/8 inch b...(more)

$6,750.00 - View Item    #20-1-6520

18K Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

Wrap your wrist in radiant luxury. Expertly crafted in rich 18K yellow gold, 5 rows of square-cut sapphires are bordered on each side by a sparkling row of round brilliant-cut diamonds to create this sensational and supple 7/8 inch wide bracelet. Over 40 carats of royal blue sapphires, 6.30 carats o...(more)

$28,750.00 - View Item    #40-3-4787

18K Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

A perfect match to bracelet #50-3-4954. 3/4 inch square earrings, finely crafted in rich 18K yellow gold and centering on four rows of royal blue square-cut sapphires framed on each side with sparkling round brilliant-cut diamonds and tapered baguettes at each corner. Fitted with omega backs.

$5,750.00 - View Item    #20-3-6806

Mid-Century Diamond Wedding Band

Five bright white full-cut diamonds flash across your finger solo, or to add extra splash and sparkle to your vintage engagement ring. Crafted in 14K white gold (on top) with a contrasting yellow gold ring shank. Circa 1950s-60s. Currently ring size 4 3/4.

$795.00 - View Item    #110-1-7398

1.12 Carat Diamond and Platinum Art Deco Engagement Ring

A pristine and precious platinum and diamond engagement ring dating back to the heart of the Art Deco period - circa 1920s-30s. The star attraction, a bright and beautiful European-cut diamond, weighing 1.12 carats, sparkles between pairs of shimmering baguette diamonds on the sides and fanciful dia...(more)

$8,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-7409

1.52 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

A stunning and sparkling engagement ring, hand crafted in platinum at the height of the Art Deco period, circa 1925, featuring a bright and brilliant European-cut diamond, weighing 1.52 carats. This ornate bombe shape jewel is decoratively pierced and set with small diamonds glittering throughout th...(more)

$8,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-2517

.75 Carat European-Cut Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring - Netherlands

Understated elegance, par excellence, is exemplified in this classic Art Deco engagement ring, masterfully hand crafted in platinum and showcasing a gorgeous, bright white European-cut diamond weighing three-quarters-of-a-carat. The scintillating stone is traditionally presented between a pair of st...(more)

$5,450.00 - View Item    #10-1-7366

Carved Nephrite and Amethyst Floral Brooch

A beautiful bouquet in glorious purple, green and white (diamonds). Lucky seven carved amethyst and diamond-centered flowers forever blossom atop five lush nephrite jade leaves in this never wilting charmer artfully hand fabricated in rich 18K yellow gold. These elaborately carved jewels usually ori...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4950

Art Nouveau Diamond and Pearl Pendant

A lovely elongated open design is dotted with a tiny buttercup-set diamond, a small pearl and a freshwater pearl dangle. Sweet, circa 1905-1915. 1 7/8 inch long, the new chain measures 16 inches.

$375.00 - View Item    #90-1-6759

Edwardian Deep Pink Sappire and Diamond Ring

A classic Edwardian jewel, elegantly handcrafted in platinum over 18K yellow gold, circa 1915, featuring a vibrant deep pink, half-carat sapphire glistening from within a sparkling, double-tiered frame of old Swiss-cut diamonds. The sapphire is just shy of enough red to be called a ruby and comes wi...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #30-1-7186

.60 Carat Diamond and Platinum Vintage Engagement Ring

This traditional engagement ring, subtly imbued with Art Deco flair, highlights a bright-white and brilliant European-cut diamond, weighing .60 carats. The scintillating stone is accompanied east and west with small diamond sidekicks leading to double epaulet shoulders. Sleekly crafted in platinum, ...(more)

$2,850.00 - View Item    #10-1-7373

Victorian Enamel Fringe Slide Bracelet

A 7/8 inch wide ribbon of supple golden mesh is capped with multi-fringed tassel (or is it multi-tasseled fringe?) and is crowned with a decorative slide, strikingly ornamented with black enamel tracery, for which to adjust the bracelet length. Some minor enamel loss above the fringe, otherwise in s...(more)

$2,850.00 - View Item    #40-1-4781

Three Strand Dark Red Coral Necklace

About as dark rich red as they come, a triple strand of coral beads, harvested long ago from the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, cascade in slightly varied lengths of about 18, 20 and 21 inches. The silver clasp is probably much newer than the coral. The beads range from 4 to 7.5 millimeters...(more)

$6,950.00 - View Item    #90-1-4470

Victorian Diamond Earrings

Rare, ravishing and radiant, original Victorian diamond earrings, circa 1875. A classic cluster of antique cushion-cut diamonds, set in silver, sparkle night and day from the center of a yellow gold, buttercup style surround. Just shy of 2 carats total diamond weight, the two center stones alone tot...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #20-1-6744

Victorian Onyx and Enamel Earrings

Times change. What were once worn as mourning or memorial jewelry is now a chic accessory to compliment your black wardrobe. These lovely Victorian earrings, circa 1875, are comprised of scalloped onyx fan, or scalloped bell motifs overlaid with shimmering seed pearls. The tops mimic the fan motif i...(more)

$1,450.00 - View Item    #20-1-5002

.82 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Rings

A bright white and blazing European-cut diamond, weighing .82 carat, is presented in sleek and streamlined Art Deco style in this stunning and sophisticated sparkler. The diamond dates back to the 1920s, the mounting is newly recreated in platinum with a slender pair of diamonds baguettes and four s...(more)

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Mid-Century Cover Wrist Watch

A double threat - a beautiful gold bracelet and a hidden timepiece, just lift the flap and voila! it's cocktail time! By the legendary Swiss watchmaker Longines, The substantial mesh bracelet is woven in both bright polished and textured 14K yellow gold for a very rich and chic effect....(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #60-1-783

French Mid-Century Platinum and Diamond Earrings

These stunning and almost literally transporting, earrings from 1950s-1960s Paris evoke stylized feathery angel's wings measuring 2 1/2 inch long (!). A matched pair of central .75 carat each, high-quality transitional-cut diamonds are enveloped by graceful cascading swirls of shimmering baguette di...(more)

$22,750.00 - View Item    #20-91-2528

.65 Carat Diamond Art Deco Ring

A gorgeous, high-color European-cut diamond, weighing .65 carat, sparkles loud and proud from atop a triple-tiered mounting, artfully designed and rendered in platinum and glittering on all sides with small round diamonds. Delicate milgraining and a sleek knife-edge ring shank (currently size 4 3/4)...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-7446

Victorian Diamond Snake Ring

A diamond crowned, diamond-eyed serpent, hand fabricated in bright 14K yellow gold, is ready to coil around your finger. An enduring symbol of creative life force. Circa 1890-1900. Ring size 5 1/2.

$1,250.00 - View Item    #10-1-7450

Large Antique Eagle Brooch

Boasting a 4 and 1/4 inch wingspan, this may be the most phenomenal eagle brooch of all time! Dating from the-turn-of-the-last century and, based on the 18ct. mark, more than likely of British origin, he/she sweeps through the sky with a natural pearl in its talons and a sparkling diamond in ...(more)

$7,950.00 - View Item    #50-1-4952

Green Lady Bug Stick Pin

An adorable, chubby little critter to alight on your your shoulder or lapel and bring you good luck. This 18 karat yellow gold Italian-made ladybug is enameled in bright green with black spots and a black safety helmet. 13/16 inch wide by 3/4 inch tall. 1 3/4 inches with the stick pin.

$695.00 - View Item    #150-1-2869

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Ring

This dramatic Jazz Age jewel sparkles front and center with a bright and beautiful European-cut diamond, weighing .68 carats, but which presents considerably larger due to its bezel setting and all around frame of jet black, faceted, calibre onyx. The outer bezel and open work under gallery are craf...(more)

$3,850.00 - View Item    #10-1-7359

Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet

From the 1920s-30s, this consummate, high-caliber Art Deco bracelet dazzles with a double row of bright white European-cut diamonds alternating with vibrant royal blue rectangular step-cut sapphires. The diamonds sparkle from within finely milgrained box settings and the sapphires are set in finely ...(more)

$22,000.00 - View Item    #40-1-4776

Belle Epoque Plique-a-Jour Enamel Pendant Brooch

A mesmerizing mandala necklace/brooch centering a sparkling European-cut diamond surrounded by concentric rings of translucent plique-a-jour enamel. The intricate design catches the light with blue, green, yellow and rose color flashes within platinum diamond-shaped cells, punctuated by diamo...(more)

$12,750.00 - View Item    #90-91-6804

Demantoid Garnet and Pearl Pendant

A darling and delicate delight dating from the earliest days of the last century. The slender 1 and 5/8 inch long lavaliere is anchored by a lustrous cluster of rosé tinged natural pearls, dotted with bright apple green demantoid garnets. 15K yellow gold, hence of British origin. The new 20 inch ch...(more)

$975.00 - View Item    #90-1-6766

Mid-Century Gaspipe Necklace

From mid-century Milan, Italy, a classic, gently graduated gaspipe necklace crafted in very springy 14K yellow gold. 16-17 inches.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #90-1-6788

Vintage Diamond Band Ring

This mid-20th century sparkler works wonderfully as either a wedding band or a just-for-fun ring. A horizontal stripe of shimmering baguette diamonds, set end-to-end, is bordered on each side by a glittering row of single-cut diamonds to produce an impressive flash of brilliance. Just shy of 3/8 inc...(more)

$2,950.00 - View Item    #110-1-2651

Large Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Brooch

By William B Kerr & Co of Newark New Jersey, circa 1900, comes this fabulous, large scale brooch, crafted in sterling silver, depicting a nubile forest nymph peeking out between sizable (and lucky) clovers. 3 inches by just under 2 3/4 inches.

$675.00 - View Item    #50-1-4926

Antique Agate Drop Earrings

A strikingly artsy pair of late-19th/early 20th century banded agate earrings, probably of Scottish origin. The geometric, trefoil design is composed of an amphor, a beveled cylinder and a bead, each imbued with a bold, striated design, courtesy of Mother Nature herself. They measure just shy of 2 i...(more)

$975.00 - View Item    #20-1-6742

Opal and Diamond Vintage Style Cluster Ring

An mesmerizing melange of polychromatic pastel hues swim inside this enchanting 6.00 carat white opal, orbited by 23 sparkling, collet-set European-cut diamonds. Hand fabricated in platinum with an open navette motif under gallery and tiny twinklers enlivening the pinched upper ring shank. The top m...(more)

$4,950.00 - View Item    #30-1-7213

Victorian Gold and Enamel Bangle Bracelet

This striking 5/8 inch wide hinged bangle bracelet, dating back to the third or forth quarter of the nineteenth century is beautifully ornamented all around with a lovely, repeating, ivy leaf motif expertly applied with black enamel tracery. Consummate Victoriana.

$1,850.00 - View Item    #40-1-4478

.46 Carat Art Deco Engagement Ring

Just shy of a half-carat, a bright and beautiful European-cut diamond sparkles mightily between stylized buckle shape shoulders in this endearing solitaire engagement ring, die-struck and hand finished in gleaming 18K white gold, circa 1920s-30s. The enduring buckle motif is said to originate from t...(more)

$2,150.00 - View Item    #10-1-7432

Retro Ruby and Diamond Double Clips and Brooch

A superb and unique pair of asymmetrical clips and brooch combination from the glamorous 1940s. Based on a free flowing ribbon design and magnificently rendered (even the back is beautifully decorated) in baguette and round diamonds, Burmese rubies, rose gold, white gold and platinum, this multi-dim...(more)

$11,750.00 - View Item    #50-91-44

1.01 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring: GIA G VS2

A truly superb, high-quality, original diamond ring dating from the early 20th century displaying design elements from both the Art Deco and the slightly earlier Edwardian period. The bright white and sparkling 1.01 ct. G-VS2 European-cut diamond - accompanied with a report from GIA - is sitting pre...(more)

$10,750.00 - View Item    #10-1-2836

Pearl Bird's Nest Earrings by Tony Cavelti

Artfully and creatively sculpted by the noted jewelry designer Tony Cavelti of Vancouver, Canada, a pair of lustrous 9 millimeter cultured pearls are comfortably nested and waiting to hatch from within their 18K yellow gold nurseries. Eminently wearable works of jewelry art, circa 1970s. 5/8 inch.

$1,475.00 - View Item    #20-3-6803

Mid-Century Two-Tone Diamond Band

Lucky seven bright white single-cut diamonds, sparkling from within classic fishtail settings, make a lovely addition to virtually any vintage engagement ring. Or, let it flash across your finger solo. The top is white gold, the currently size 5 3/4 ring shank is in contrasting yellow.

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.50 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring by Belais Brothers

The Belais Brothers from NYC are renowned as being amongst the first jewelers in the U.S. to craft jewelry in 18 karat white gold. Their pieces were in high demand, and many people at the time referred to 18 karat white gold as "belais gold". This beautiful example from the 1920s features a blazing,...(more)

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.63 Carat Art Deco Engagement Ring

Die-struck and meticulously hand detailed in platinum, circa 1920s-30s, this stately and sophisticated Art Deco sparkler shines loud and proud with a European-cut diamond, weighing .63 carat, nestled within an octagonal setting. The elaborately ornamented mounting is suffused with classical acanthus...(more)

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Large and Long Anchor Link Necklace

24 inches long, this fabulous, oversize anchor link necklace was created during the 1950s in homage to enduring and endearing 19th century Victorian style. Crafted in rosy-yellow 14K gold, each and every main link is embossed with a floral design, with each slave link bearing a star pattern. The nec...(more)

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Large Art Deco Cabochon Ruby Ring

Here is an original  Art Deco showstopper from the 1920s - 1930s. This sizzling and sizable bombe domed ring centers on a bright and lively round cabochon ruby weighing 4.05 carats. Bright-red flames of calibre-cut rubies sweep up the sides against a wav...(more)

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Victorian Style Diamond Cross Pendant

Sparkling from the heart of this glittering cross, crafted in darkened silver over rose gold in classic Victorian style, is a .60 carat antique cushion-cut diamond set within a circle of 14 European-cut diamonds. Ten more vibrant European-cut diamonds complete this divine diamond pendant. 5.60 carat...(more)

$9,950.00 - View Item    #120-91-35

Art Deco Diamond Pagoda Dinner Ring

This impressive, all original and quite exotic platinum and diamond dinner ring, dating from the zenith of the Art Deco period - circa 1925 - showcases a bright white and beautiful antique cushion-cut diamond, weighing 1.85 carats. The scintillating stone sparkles from atop a pierced dome glitteri...(more)

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Victorian Style Diamond Cluster Ring

Mark a very special occasion with this dazzling diamond cluster ring, crafted in rosy yellow 18 karat gold. The ring sparkles brilliantly all around with nine deeply cut old mine-cut diamonds, together totaling just shy of one carat. The beautiful antique diamonds, dating from the turn-of-the-last-c...(more)

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Carved Coral Brooch

A beautiful and bountiful bouquet of blossoms and leaves are hand carved from a single piece of bright salmon colored coral in this cheerful and charming brooch, backed in 14K yellow gold, dating from the middle of the last century. 1 5/8 inches by just over 1 1/4 inches.

$1,150.00 - View Item    #50-1-4948

Victorian Garnet and Diamond Bracelet

Sublime Victoriana. A claret colored garnet cabochon, hollowed out in back to enhance its glow; crowned by quatrefoil rose-cut diamonds and framed in bright white and sparkling, high-crowned, cushion-cut diamonds, serves as the centerpiece for this exquisite and exemplary bangle bracelet, dating fro...(more)

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Two-Tone Gold Diamond Bracelet

A chic and stylish torsade (or barber-pole) bracelet dazzles with fourteen diagonal rows of fine white, round brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 5.80 carats. The diamonds are accentuated by white gold settings and alternate with sleek, rope textured, golden links. Although crafted in sturdy 14K, the l...(more)

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Large Gianni Versace Medusa Earrings

By the late great Italian fashion designer, the iconic Versace Medusa logo is rendered in rich 18K yellow gold and strikingly accentuated with shiny black enamel in these rather scarce (in gold) and sizable, 1+ inch diameter ear clips, each of which is boldly signed and numbered on the back. Bell...(more)

$3,750.00 - View Item    #20-3-6801

6.12 Carat Marquise Diamond and Platinum Necklace

Glimmering boldly from from its diamond-set scroll motif gallery, this vivacious and voluptuous marquise-cut diamond, weighing 6.12 carats, is surmounted by a complimentary 1.25 carat pear-shaped diamond, all of which swing and sparkle from a platinum chain set with four marquise-cut diamonds. 8.7...(more)

$69,000.00 - View Item    #90-91-920

Art Deco Natural Pearl and Platinum Chain

48 inches of fancy platinum links and lustrous natural orienal pearls to wear full flapper length style or doubled or tripled! A rare, ravishing and very versatile adornment dating from the early part of the last century. The accompanying GIA report reads: 4.77 x 4.28 mm. to 5.28 x 4.90 mm. Natural ...(more)

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.76 Carat Diamond Mid-Century Engagement Ring

A beautiful mid-century diamond ring in eminently wearable two-tone 14 karat gold showcasing a bright and beautiful European-cut diamond, weighing .76 carats, set in a four-cornered setting which has the effect of making the round diamond look somewhat squared. A quartet of twinkling diamonds, glitt...(more)

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Angel Skin Coral Bead Necklace

Shining with the bright clear complexion of actual angel skin (we've conducted careful, close comparisons), this very lovely, opera length strand of fifty-five 12-12.5 millimeter, peachy cream colored coral beads measures just over 30 inches and secures with a brightly polished 14K gold oval clasp. ...(more)

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Victorian Etruscan Revival Coral and Enamel Locket Bracelet

A colorful angel skin coral and turquoise enamel star, glittering with tiny rose-cut diamonds, crowns this extraordinary and extraordinarily beautiful hinged bangle bracelet dating from the second half of the 19th century. The central high-profile dome is artfully embellished all around with delicat...(more)

$4,750.00 - View Item    #40-1-4775

Antique Topaz and Diamond Ring

An enchanting, apricot colored, elongated oval topaz fills a sparkling halo of old mine-cut diamonds in this 5/8 inch long and lovely antique jewel. Hand fabricated in 9k gold, hence more than likely of British origin - circa 1910. .75 carat total diamond weight and currently ring size 6 3/4.

$2,450.00 - View Item    #30-1-4667

Estate Baguette Diamond Band

A seamless row of mirror-like baguettes shimmer around 5/8ths of this sleek, octagon-shaped band ring, crafted in rich 18 karat yellow gold. The ring ever so slightly tapers down to the base. An inventive, highly distinctive, geometric variation on a classic theme. 2.75 carats total high-quality dia...(more)

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French Tiffany and Co. Birdie Brooch

This sweet petite tweet sports a multitude of spiky golden feathers and a tiny cabochon emerald eye. Fabulously crafted in rich 18K yellow gold by none other than Tiffany & Co. - Française contingent. 1 and 1/4 by 1 inch.

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Victorian Coral Earrings

A trio of deep orange corals overlay shimmering, elaborately engine engraved discs in these delightfully distinctive earrings dating from the second half of the 19th century. Just over 5/8 inch diameter, the ear wires are newer.

$795.00 - View Item    #20-1-6503

Antique Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

Bright and cheerful antique emerald and diamond dangles. An old mine-cut diamond up top supports a pair of bright green, old Colombian emeralds punctuated in between with a pair of small old mine-cut diamonds. Crafted in silver and yellow gold, they measure 1 inch long and drop from the ear just ove...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet

A sizzling row of bright white, high-quality European-cut diamonds, totaling 5.35 carats, is bordered on each side by slender rows of deep blue, scissor-cut, calibre, natural sapphires in this striking Art Deco adornment - circa 1925. The bracelet is substantially hand fabricated in platinum with fi...(more)

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Antique Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Dinner Ring

Designed and rendered in glorious red, white and blue (a.k.a. rubies, diamonds and sapphires), this striking, distinctive and impressive dinner ring centers on a bright and sparkling European-cut diamond, weighing just under a half-carat. The diamond is accompanied north and south by a pair of brigh...(more)

$3,950.00 - View Item    #10-3-7442

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Brooch

Consummate Art Deco artistry, circa 1925, is elegantly exemplified in this stunning brooch, expertly hand crafted in platinum and sparkling throughout with a mélange of round, triangle and baguette diamonds, totaling just shy of 3 carats. The cartouche shaped jewel effectively incorporates fine pie...(more)

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.40 Carat Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

A classic engagement ring from the 1950s. This 14 karat white gold diamond engagement ring features a sparkling European-cut diamond, weighing .40 carat, secured with four trefoil prongs and enlivened on each side by glittering trios of channel-set diamonds leading to a sleek knife-edged ring shank...(more)

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Diamond Cocktail Ring

Artfully and substantially crafted in rich 18K yellow gold during the latter 20th century, this fun and fabulous, high-profile cocktail ring glitters high on top and all around with tiny, bright white single-cut diamonds set and accentuated in platinum. The distinctive and intricate bird's nest desi...(more)

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Princess-Cut Diamond Platinum Wedding Band

This delightfully distinctive diamond eternity band, crafted in platinum, features twenty-two princess-cut diamonds set in square settings with each and every one accentuated with delicate milgrain detailing. This ring is great to wear alone or to stack with others. TAn unsizable size 6.

$1,775.00 - View Item    #110-1-3976

Art Nouveau Amethyst and Pearl Pendant

Circa 1900, a sweet Art Nouveau treat designed with a stylized, pearl-set fleur-de-lys centered with a violet amethyst. The maker's mark indicates William Link Company 1893-1910. 14K yellow gold, the 16 inch chain is new. 13/16 by 7/8 inch.

$595.00 - View Item    #90-1-6781

Antique Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring

A deep, crystalline, luscious green emerald-cut emerald, weighing 1.75 carats but presenting considerably larger (at least 3 carats) due to its spread octagonal cut, radiates in the center of a gorgeous, sparkling diamond halo of bright white old mine-cut diamonds, totaling 2.50 carats, in this sens...(more)

$13,750.00 - View Item    #30-3-7221

.70 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

Flashing from within an octagonal setting, accompanied by a glittering single-cut diamond at each corner, a beautiful bright and sparkling European-cut diamond, weighing .70 carat, crowns a fanciful filigree mounting, crisply die-struck and hand finished in 18K white gold - circa 1920s-30s. Currentl...(more)

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1.98 Carat Square-Cut Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring: GIA G VS2

A radiant and ravishing, bright white square-cut diamond, weighing just a couple points shy of 2 carats, and accompanied by a GIA Diamond Grading Report stating: G color - VS2 clarity, is presented in consummate, sophisticated Art Deco glory between shimmering scrolls of baguettes and small round di...(more)

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Edwardian Natural Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl Necklace

A thoroughly exquisite and singular Belle Époque jewel, circa 1910, masterfully hand crafted in platinum over 18K yellow gold, centering on a natural no-heat, oval faceted sapphire, weighing 4 carats, displaying a lovely sky blue hue with a touch of violet. The enchanting gemstone radiates from wit...(more)

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Estate Diamond 'Bubble' Ring

A fun, effervescent and impressive fashion ring created in a half-band or cigar band style. A sparkling row of raised, bezel-set diamonds (bubbles!) are set diagonally across a field of pave set sparklers. A guaranteed smile inducer! 1.50 carats total of bright white diamonds, crafted in rich 18 yel...(more)

$2,850.00 - View Item    #110-91-142

Carved Natural Jade Pendant

A very unusual and unusually lovely natural jadeite pendant. The thick, 1 1/2 inch-long pear-shape gemstone is beautifully carved with a fanciful floral design and displays a light gray-green background with streaks of vibrant apple-green. It suspends from sparkling diamond-set loop and a new 18", 1...(more)

$4,850.00 - View Item    #90-1-6784

Petite Antique Diamond Pendant Necklace

Artfully designed and rendered during the early days of the twentieth century, this sweet and petite lavaliere necklace sparkles with a pair of old mine-cut diamonds. The uppermost is framed by a pair of textured tulips, the bottom glistens from within a golden buttercup. 1 1/8 inch long and lovely....(more)

$695.00 - View Item    #90-1-6754

Art Deco French-Cut Diamond and Enamel Cuff Links

A suave and sophisticated pair of original Art Deco double-sided cufflinks for a suave and sophisticated gentleman. Finely crafted in platinum over gold, each beveled plaque is outlined in black enamel and centered with a glinting French-cut diamond. Superb. 9/16 by 1/2 inch.

$1,950.00 - View Item    #130-1-6341

1.00 Carat Fancy Orange-Brown Diamond Cluster Ring

A bright and sparkling European-cut diamond, weighing 1.00 carat and imbued with a truly enchanting orange-brown cinnamon glow, fills a sparkling halo of old mine-cut diamonds (totaling 1.10 carats) in this rare, ravishing, original vintage ring, hand fabricated in platinum during the 1920s-30s. Th...(more)

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1.10 Carat Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring

A truly exquisite diamond engagement ring rendered in platinum, circa 1920s-30s. The star attraction is a gleaming European-cut diamond, weighing 1.10 carats, accented top and bottom by graceful arcs of tiny calibre sapphires. The highly decorative shoulders present a pierced diamond-set floral moti...(more)

$7,950.00 - View Item    #10-1-2780

Free-form Diamond Cocktail Ring

A very knotty cocktail ring, circa 1960s, rendered in substantial, bright, deeply textured 18K yellow gold. The high-profile, free flowing, interweaving figure 8 (or infinity) design is topped with lucky 13 sparkling, high-color, full-cut diamonds, totaling three-quarters of a carat. A bold and beau...(more)

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Vintage Diamond Buttercup Earrings

A bright and sparkling pair of high-color round brilliant-cut diamonds, together weighing .40 carats, are enlarged and enhanced by wonderful Victorian style buttercup settings embellished with a six-ray star. They measure just shy of 1/2 inch diameter and dazzle night and day. Light up your lobes!

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Platinum Sapphire and Pearl Pendant

As sweet as can be, a bright royal blue, collet set, round faceted sapphire is encircled by a tiny pearl necklace punctuated on top with a single diamond sparkler, all of which suspends from a long and slender, pearl-set bail. Platinum, circa 1910-1920. 1/2 inch diameter, 1 3/8 inch long. New 16 inc...(more)

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14K Vintage Style Diamond Earrings

Glittering snowflakes are framed by twinkling octagons in this darling pair of diamond studded vintage style earrings, newly crafted in bright 14K yellow gold. Delicate milgraining accentuates each of the 68 tiny twinkling diamonds. Endearing and enduring adornments, measuring 3/4 by 3/8 inch, they ...(more)

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire and Seed Pearl Bracelet

A rare and wonderful treasure for your wrist from the zenith of the Art Deco design period - circa 1925. Lucky seven rows of tiny natural seed pearls are woven in platinum to form a lithe and lustrous ribbon. The pearly ribbon culminates in a gorgeous, three-section, diamond studded centerpiece feat...(more)

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Platinum Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Gift wrap your finger in this fun and festive smile maker from the 1950s. A deep red round faceted ruby is neatly tied-up in a sparkling platinum and diamond bow. This fabulous vintage cocktail ring measures an impressive 7/8 inch across. Currently size 7 1/2.

$2,850.00 - View Item    #30-1-7103