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Pair of Antique Gold and Turquoise Barrettes

We've converted this pretty pair of late-19th century lingerie pins into a charming pair of hair barrettes. Handcrafted in lovely rosy-yellow 9 karat gold and dreamy robin's egg blue turquoise with spider’s web matrix, one navette shape is ever so slightly larger than the other. Measurement: 1 5/1...(more)

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Damascene Japanese Cigarette Case

This lovely damascene cigarette case depicts a rustic piece of Japanese landscape. A Shinto shrine, marked by a characteristic gate, sits in the foreground; a mountain rises behind it. The piece, which dates to the early twentieth century, was most likely purchased as a souvenir during a holy pilgr...(more)

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Fine French Gold Box with Mirror

Exceptional decorative hand and machine engraving decorate this exquisite 18 karat yellow gold antique box outfitted with a beveled vanity mirror on the inside lid. 19th century French with French hallmarks. 3 5/16 by 1 7/8 inches.

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Antique Ouroboros Serpent Magnifying Glass

A slithery, sinuous golden serpent is coiled around a magnifying glass and devouring its own tail (ouroboros - an ancient Greek symbol for eternal recurrence) in this very unusual and exotic magnifier and adornment. Hand fabricated and engraved in 14 karat gold - circa 1900. 1 3/8 by 2 1/2 in...(more)

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Diamond and Enamel Masonic Fob

This 10k yellow gold, antique, Knights Templar Fob was designed for American Masons, c. 1900. It reads "In Hoc Signo Vinces” ("In this sign you will conquer”), with a three dimensional gold helmet over a black onyx Maltese cross. The tablet features an applied enameled red cross, piercing a dia...(more)

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Silver Heron-Motif Japanese Cigarette Case

This early-twentieth century silver Japanese cigarette case features a heron swooping above a rushing river. The naturalistic scene is beautifully engraved and embellished with inlaid gold and copper. Though originally intended to hold cigarettes, the case would also accommodate custom-made business...(more)

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Pair of Antique Hair Combs

A rare pair of late-19th/early-20th century hair combs carved from animal horn and minimally adorned with plain 14K yellow gold tops. The dumbbell maker’s mark stamp indicates Day, Clark & Company, Newark N.J. - since 1873 until 1935. 4 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches.

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Antique Agate Fob

This petite fob, crafted in 18 karat yellow gold, features a carved banded agate in the shape of an Irish shillelagh, or Irish walking stick. The antique fob also features a small bloodstone seal.

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Art Deco Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Barrette

Ladies, take a page out of the flappers' book of elan and tuck a stunning sapphire and diamond barrette into your bob or updo! This sleek and stylish barrette alternates 1.15 carats of bright and glittering antique cushion diamonds with 3/4 of a carat of rich, royal blue square sapphires in a crisp ...(more)

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Shakudo Locket and Chain

An exquisite Japanese Shakudo locket ornamented with birds and flowers with a matching mixed metal fob locket and chain. Some minor dings, otherwise 'sugoi'! (That's Japanese for great!). The chain measures 14 inches.

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English Art Deco Silver and Enamel Cigarette Case

Hallmarks tell us this original Art Deco cigarette case was crafted in sterling silver in Birmingham, England in 1931. Featuring the loveliest, bright creamy mint green guilloche enamel, shimmering atop gorgeous engine-turned engraving. This divine case epitomizes suave Art Deco elegance and style! ...(more)

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18K Gold Enameled Perfumer Pendant from Germany

A charming, highly stylized miniature amphora adorned with textured machine engraving and white and blue enamel serves as a wearable perfumer (or kept in your purse) with a decorative cabochon sapphire cap. 1920s-30s. Marked 'Aleman' (Germany) on loop. 1 and 3/4 inches not including the chain.

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