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Victorian Silver Engraved Bracelet

This silver cuff is bracelet constructed in the classic Victorian style so popular during that era. It is sweetly engraved in a simple floral design. It is 6 5/8 inches in length and 1 inch wide with safety chain.

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English Victorian Style Wide Engraved Bangle

At just a tad shy of 1 1/2 inches in width, this rather wonderful hinged bangle bracelet from England makes a bold and stylish statement. The gleaming cuff is thoroughly ornamented with fanciful foliate hand engraving, the likes of which is seldom seen in Victorian retrospective jewels. A full set o...(more)

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Victorian Gold Tassled Slide Bracelet

This very lovely exemplar of classic Victoriana features an intricately ornamented slide mechanism adorned with not one, but two complimentary tassels, to adjust the length of the traditional mesh bracelet. Black enamel tracery, textured gold and a single pearl combine in the decoration.

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Edwardian Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet

A beautifully pierced platinum topped gold bracelet. Nine links, each centering one European cut diamond and surrounded by tiny rose cut diamonds, alternate with delicate links set with rose cut diamonds and calibre cut sapphires.

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18 Karat Beaded Garnet Bracelet

This lovely and far from ordinary antique garnet bracelet centers on a round Bohemian garnet section which serves as the clasp for six strands of faceted garnet and glass beads in rich and dramatic colors. Just shy of seven inches long; the decorative clasp measures 13/16 inch.

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Antique Diamond and Emerald Bangle

A very lovely openwork hinged bangle bracelet decorated with French design motifs and alternating with sparkling old mine-cut diamonds and colorful cabochon emeralds on top. Circa 1900.

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French 18 Karat Rose Gold Large Link Bracelet

This sizable - 3/4 inch wide by 7 1/2 inches long - 18 karat rose gold bracelet from late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century France will add much-needed jingle-jangle to your life. The light hollow links make it easy to wear and much less costly. French hallmarks.

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Art Deco Diamond and Synthetic Sapphire Platinum Line Bracelet

A striking and sophisticated straight row bracelet, crafted in platinum - circa 1930s - looks great alone or stacked with virtually any other Art Deco bracelet. The beautiful bracelet alternates with geometric sections of glistening single-cut diamonds and deep-blue synthetic scissor-cut sapphires (...(more)

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Large French Hinged Bangle with Turquoise

TA sizable 18K Antique French made cuff bracelet with black enamel ornamentation and three turquoises bezel-set near the center. The elaborate, multi-dimensional centerpiece also includes a teeny-tiny chain threaded through the curving vertical section. The borders of the beautifully patinated cuff ...(more)

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14K Victorian Bracelet with Japonesque Style

Victorian, wide (3/4), hinged bangle bracelet with taille depargne (black tracery) enamel depicting fans and flowers reflecting the fascination for Japanese design seen in Europe during the latter part of the Victorian Period. Slight damage on one side of the bracelet. Best suited for a small to m...(more)

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Moonstone Bracelet

A collection of eight shimmering moonstones of various shapes and sizes - about half of which display blue flashes - are joined by double 18 karat rosy-yellow gold chains in this light, lovely and luminous bracelet, dating back to the mid-century Retro period. 5 3/4 inches.

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Wide Gaspipe Bracelet

A gleaming and slinky 14 karat spring-gold bracelet in the classic gaspipe style, circa mid-twentieth century. Slightly over 1/2 inch wide, 7 1/2 inches (approx.) long.

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