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Golden Knot Cufflinks

One pair of well-made mid-century 14k yellow gold, double sided cufflinks depicting love knots on the front (measuring slightly over 1/2 inch in diameter) hinged to a stylized, elongated whiplashing curved 14k yellow gold element on the back. The cufflinks are stamped with a quality stamp (585) and ...(more)

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Vintage Diamond Center Cufflinks

Suave double-sided, highly textured white gold cufflinks glistening with European-cut diamond centers. Mid-twentieth century. 9/16 inch, 14K.

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Tiffany and Co. Carnelian/Sard Cufflinks

By America's premier purveyor of pretty things in small packages, a handsome and tailored pair of carnelian cufflinks, sturdily rendered in 14 karat yellow gold. Dark (root beer colored) carnelian is sometimes called 'sard'. Both cufflinks are signed on the toggle backs. 13/16 by 5/8 inch.

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18 Karat Yellow Gold Love Knot Cufflinks

Sweet love knot cufflinks for the well-dressed gentleman who is comfortable with his masculinity. 18 karat yellow gold, hinged backs.

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18K Yellow Gold Bamboo Cufflinks

A perfect pair of double-sided cufflinks for the big fuzzy-wuzzy panda bear in your life. Artfully fashioned bamboo stalks in gleaming 18 karat yellow gold. 3/4 inch wide.

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Mother-of-Pearl Dress Set

This striking, original Art Deco dress set was manufactured, circa 1920, in 14k yellow gold, topped with platinum. The set consists of a pair of cufflinks, four shirt studs or vest buttons, plus two smaller shirt stud. Each piece features an extraordinarily handcarved mother-of-pearl center set with...(more)

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Mother-of-Pearl 5-Piece Art Deco Dress Set

This very striking Art Deco dress-set was designed and manufactured, circa 1920, in 14k rose gold, topped with white gold, by one of the largest producers of fine jewelry in the world at the time, Carter, Gough and Co. Very stylish, this original Art Deco tuxedo ensemble would have added the final p...(more)

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Reverse Intaglio Pheasant and Mallard Cufflinks

Birds of different feathers flock together in these delightful hand painted reverse intaglio crystal cufflinks. A mallard duck is taking off into the wild blue yonder, while his pheasant cousin is taking a well-earned break from dodging shotgun pellets. Extensive hallmarks indicate Austro-Hungarian ...(more)

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Mother-of-Pearl 8-Piece Art Deco Dress Set

Crafted in platinum and 14K gold, this elegant Art Deco tuxedo set - circa 1930s - is comprised of a pair of double-sided cufflinks, four vest buttons (or large shirt studs) and a pair of small shirt studs. The shimmering, glimmering, iridescent mother-of-pearl centers are framed with an engraved br...(more)

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Log Cuff Links

Put another log on the fire, or, better yet, on your shirt cuffs. 14 karat yellow gold 'bark-textured' cufflinks with swivel backs. 7/8 inch.

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Russian Fox Head Cufflinks

A wily pair of long-snouted, diamond-eyed silver foxes, in full profile, peer out from cobalt blue enameled ovals in these whimsical cufflinks, crafted in silver and 14 karat gold and bearing the famed Faberge hallmark (not legit however). The opposite side is modeled as a diamond ribbon-wrapped log...(more)

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14 Karat Yellow Gold Nugget Cufflinks

Bright, highly-textured amorphous globs of gold, cast in the form of gold nuggets, create a pair of interesting and stylish mementos from the 1980s. 13/16 inch by 11/16 inch.

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