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We maintain the Archive for research purposes only. These items have been sold and the sales price is confidential. Please click here to go to our home page to search our current collection.

22 Karat Gold Chinese Dragon

A gleaming golden 22 karat gold pet for your purse, pocket, vitrine or desk. This very cheerful and lovable Chinese dragon is 'realistically' rendered in three dimensions and stands up on a flat surface. Of course there is also a tiny loop on the end of his snout so he may be shown off at the end of...(more)

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Victorian Figural Seal

15 Karat yellow gold Victorian figural seal realistically depicts a hound, barking up the trunk of a tree, in pursuit of an ornately enameled, stylized golden pheasant perched on a limb slightly out of reach. The bird is cleverly attached with a mechanism that allows movement. The actual seal is ...(more)

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Continental Silver Stamp Box

Continental silver stamp box with a pebble finish and rose gold overlay appliqués which opens to reveal wooden stamp compartments, stamped ‘CM on base. This little box measures 2 long by 2 1/2 wide by 1 1/2 deep.

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Japanese Repousse Silver Box

Very fine Japanese heavy repousse work silver box decorated with three swimming fish on the top and exquisite crashing undulating waves all around the sides. This box measures 3 1/2 wide by 2 3/4 long by 2 1/8 tall.

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Rose Gold Adorned Desk Diary

Something different from Victorian times. We’ve (cleverly) re-purposed these beautiful hand-pierced and hand-engraved foliate rose gold decorations. Once used to dress up the corners of an old desk blotter, their most recent incarnation is to enhance a lovely (and useful) black leather, gilt-edged...(more)

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French Mourning Miniature c.1833

A very fine hand painted portrait of a dearly departed Monsieur, signed by the artist and dated 1833, adorns one side of this large double-sided memorial locket. The reverse displays an intricate memorial tableaux, replete with French poodle, composed of the beloved's hair over a plaque. 18K yellow ...(more)

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Agate Mosaic Box in Guilded Metal

Solid piece of agate is overlain with a pattern of bloodstone and banded agate in warm orange and white. If you examine the top carefully you will see mossy agate patterns through the most transparent area s of the banded agate pattern, giving it an added dimension. The reverse is set with a solid...(more)

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Mixed Metal Japanese Silver Box Depicting Shinto Shrine

Lovely silver and wood Japanese box from the early 20th century. The box's top depicts a bridge leading to a Shinto shrine. Mixed metal is used to embellish the scene's trees, hills and accents the bridge. Lifting up the box's lid, you will find the mirror image of this scene in even more vibrant...(more)

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English Silver Box

A sterling silver box in the shape of a small chest with beautifully detailed repousse work featuring dancing figures on the lid, garland motifs around the sides and a boating landscape on the bottom. Hallmarked London, 1920-1921. This box measures 2 1/2 wide by 1 1/2 long by 1 1/2 tall.

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Glass and Sterling Perfume Bottle, Circa 1900

An intricate glass and sterling perfume bottle. The sterling silver design expertly drapes over the cut glass bottle with a repousse design featuring cherubs, birds and flowers. Hinged lid slightly damaged. Hallmarks from Chester, circa 1900.

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Italian 19th Century Ornate Gold Box with Cameo

Absolutely exqusite 18K tri-color gold Italian box adorned with a cameo of a reclining nude female surrounded by small diamond accents. The box is beautifully engraved and appliqued with scrolling foliate motifs. Italian hallmarks, 19th century, engraved Speranza on inside lip. This box measures 2 1...(more)

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Antique Enamel and 18 Karat Gold Box

A lovely hinged box in 18 karat yellow gold with a graceful curved outline and elaborate engraved ornamentation highlighted with contrasting cloisonne type black enameling. Small initials "McC" are engraved in the center.

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