7000 Years of Jewellery

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Author(s): Andrews, Carol&Barley, Nigel&Buckton, David&Carmichael, Elizabeth M.&Cherry, John&Entwistle, Christopher&Higgins, Reynold&Johns, Catherine&Kidd, Dafydd&Kinnis, Ian&Knox, Robert&McLeod, Malcolm&Picton, John&Rawson, Jessica M.&Rudoe, Judy&Shelton, Anthony&Stead, Ian&Tait, Hugh&Ward, Rachel&Webster, Leslie&Zwarf, Wladimir
Genre(s): Jewelry, Art history, General
Publication: 1986
Pages: 256
Publisher: British Museum Press
ISBN: ISBN 9780714150321
Language: English
Styletag(s): Renaissance, Georgian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro, Fifties

This book is a collection of papers written on specific era's. It describes the styles of jewelry from all over the world over the last 7000 years. A very well illustrated and comprehensive book that is the product of the 1976 '7000 years of jewellery' exhibition at the British Museum.

The books content ranges from Ancient Sumerian to Medieval Mayan to Modern day European jewelry and is an impressive collection of historical information. Suitable for the amateur and the professional. ISBN 9780714150321

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