Ancient Jewellery, interpreting the past

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Ancient jewellery, interpreting the past.jpg
Author(s) Ogden, Jack
Genre(s) Jewelry
Year publication 1992
Number of pages 64
Publisher British Museum Press
ISBN number 071412060x
Language English

With this 64 page book the author, Jack Ogden, tries to help the reader to develop an insight into 'how to study ancient jewelry' without wasting any words. He provides techniques that may help in extracting information from a jewelry piece, discusses the materials used in ancient times and elaborates on the metalsmithing techniques of the goldsmiths of the past.

All in all the book is an eyeopener for everybody studying jewelry history and especially for those who handle and date historical jewelry for a living. Ogden stresses the fact that jewelry is as much of a source to decipher the lives our ancestors as every other archaeological find.

It's a rather thin soft cover book that appears to be out of print at this date (2009). (ISBN 071412060x)

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Lang Antiques