Hoedus II

A pendant by the Italian artist Akelo in the permanent collection of the Newark Museum

Hoedus II

New York - A jewel by Andrea Cagnetti, also known as Akelo in the artistic world, became part of the permanent collection of the Newark Museum in New York. It is the latest in a series of acquisitions of this artist’s works, confirming the great international appreciation of the Italian artist, known for his outstanding jewels.

This particular work of art, called Hoedus II and dated 1996, is a golden pendant in the shape of an eight arm cross with double ring for suspension. The perpendicular arms present a decoration in plain wire and small golden globes and enclose at their upper end a flower in red cloisonné enamel; the transversal arms present a decoration realised in granulation with triangles and rosettes. The central sheet gold, bordered with a fine cord, exhibits an inner decoration realised using filigree and granulation.

"Collecting jewelry is very important to me as a curator of decorative arts, because I am interested in continuing to develop connections between the art of the jeweler and those of the silversmith, cabinetmaker, glassblower and potter. Andrea Cagnetti (Akelo) is a modern master, breathing new life into age old techniques. His unmatched skills as a goldsmith echo the brilliant work done by his forebears in Italy in the 19th century, yet he brings a modern eye to his artistry that places it firmly in the present day", said Ulysses Grant Dietz - Senior Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts of the Newark Museum.

Akelo’s works and unparalleled technical excellence combine with a timeless, classical language and the artist’s exquisite sensitivity as he creates original works of art that contain echoes of the past with a complete mastery of the materials and techniques, thanks to 25 years of unflagging experimentation. Among the most complex techniques, his granulation work stands out. It consists in welding miniscule golden spheres (1 mm to 0.07 mm, the so-called "dust") to create delicate and fascinating decorative designs on jewelry and objects. Magazines and specialized websites have dedicated a great number of publications and reviews to Andrea Cagnetti, underlining his talent and stylistic originality. His works have been put on display in several exhibitions around the world, the most recent being “The Voyage of A Contemporary Italian Goldsmith in the Classical World: Golden Treasures by Akelo” now on view at at the Museum of the Gemological Institute of America, in Carlsbad, California, in the United States.

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