Diamond Cutting & Grading

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Diamond cuts

Diamond Cuts
Point cut thumb.jpg

Point Cut

Rose cut thumb.jpg

Rose Cut


Table Cut

Mirror cut thumb.jpg

Mirror Cut

Emerald cut thumb.jpg

Emerald Cut

Shield Cutthumb.jpg

Shield Cut

French cut thumb.jpg

French Cut

Old Mine Cut thumb.jpg

Old Mine Cut

Briolette Cut thumb.jpg

Briolette cut

Mughal Cut
Single cutthumb.jpg

Single Cut

Swiss cutthumb.jpg

Swiss Cut

Old european cut thumb.jpg

Old European Cut

Brilliant cut thumb.jpg

Brilliant Cut

Oval thumb.jpg

Oval Brilliant

Marquise cut thumb.jpg

Marquise Cut

Asscher thumb.jpg

Asscher Cut

Baguette cut thumb.jpg

Baguette Cut

Princess cut thumb.jpg

Princess Cut

A history of diamond cutting2.jpg

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