The French Blue

French Blue book cover.jpg

Wise, Richard W.. The French Blue. ,

Brunswick House Press, 2009.

Language: English
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9728223-6-7

Wise has really done it this time. Building on the 17th century best seller 'The Six Voyages' by Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the well known traveler and gem merchant himself, Richard Wise has created an exciting, vivid story that reads as a pure pleasure and captivates the reader. You join the main character through his exciting travels that lead him to becoming one of the most remarkable persons of the 17th century. Although being a novel and for a large part the product of Richard's imagination the book serves as an excellent tool in acquiring an insight into the world as it was during Tavernier's life. The author did a great deal of research and this shows. The result is a realistic story.

I cannot recommend it highly enough, the book falls into the category of those that I regret finishing. I wanted the joy of reading it to last.

For more information check out the book's website and an interview with the author.

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Jean Baptiste Tavernier (1605 - July 1689)
2008 sketch of the Golden Fleece (of the Color Adornment) showing the "French Blue" diamond