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Kalo Shops

Maker's Mark Name/Period Location Specialty

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Stamped Mark
Kalo Shops
• Workshops for Jewelry & Silverware
• Founded by Clara P. Barack
• Simple silver jewelry with natural motifs & visible hammer marks.
• Created jewelry and copper trays, desk accessories, etc. for there shop on Michigan Ave.
• Early designs were angular, later they were know for rounding edges for strength.
• Later added a full line of silver table items.
• Workshop moved from the Welle's home to the shop at 32 N. Michigan Ave.
• Purchased a building on Ontario Street for the shop and the workshop.
• Moved to 222 S. Michigan Ave.
• Clara P. B. Welles
• George S. Wells
Julius Randahl
• Matthias Hanck
• Emery Todd
• Esther Meacham
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Lang Antiques