Ruby & Sapphire


Richard W. Hughes. Ruby & Sapphire. ,

RWH Publishing, 1997.

Pages: 512
Language: English
ISBN: ISBN 0-9645097-6-8

The title covers the topic of the book and my review could be limited to the word: comprehensive.

It's out of print at the moment (august, 2009) and almost as rare and highly prized as the stones the book describes. A gem is valuable because of the following properties: beauty, rarity, durability and social acceptance. Richard W. Hughes has given the world a true gem of a book: it's a beauty not only because of the info in it but also because of RWH's writing style. It's just as rare as a fine 1 ct kashmir blue with only a few second hand copies available at any one time for 10 times the original price! The vast amount of information given by RWH will prove to be very durable as the standard work on corundum for decennia to come and, unlike some articles of this author, his book has been widely accepted.

All in all: if you ever come across a copy: BUY IT!