For Memorial Day, we’ve inspected our ranks for patriotic pieces, and the mission was a success! Perhaps because we don’t have crown jewels, we choose to honor our country with our own personal, expertly-crafted expressions. Here are just a few excellent examples, worthy of the wardrobes of public servants and private citizens alike.

This highly patriotic ribbon pin from celebrated American jeweler Harry Winston leaves no loyalties in question. Its perfect curve features a mix of round and baguette cut diamonds, reinforced by round cut rubies and sapphires.

Stars and stripes shine prominently from this dimensional, elegantly crafted pin. The intricacy of its anchor makes it look ready to drop at any moment.

The red, white, and blue are set at attention in this subtly patriotic ring. Equally appropriate for a male or female wearer, anyone can celebrate with this three-star stunner!

Reminiscent of Madeleine Albright’s famous antique eagle pin, which she wore for her swearing-in ceremony as Secretary of State, this quintessentially American symbol is ready to grace the most stately lapel. Crafted in platinum with rose cut diamonds, its majesty lends gravitas to any occasion.

We set aside Memorial Day to remember those who died while serving, and while it is also a time for celebration, it’s worth keeping the more somber observation in mind as well. An item of Victorian mourning jewelry makes a subtle but significant tribute to those who are gone.

Ever since Paul Revere’s famous ride, horses have held a place of prominence in the American imagination. Harness that legacy with this handsome Art Deco horsehoe pin, set with round brilliant diamonds and calibre cut sapphires and rubies.