Some of the notable characteristics of Art Nouveau jewelry, circa 1900, are the use of curved and sinuous lines, the imaginative use of materials, and the motif of nature—this incredible brooch has it all!

Made in France, where the best of Art Nouveau jewelry was created, this tour-de-force brooch is an impressive size (2 ¾ x 2 inches) and loaded with gorgeous gemstones. The unusually cut beautiful black and white opals form the petals of an exotic orchid, a favorite of the Art Nouveau jewelers for its beauty and suggestion of eroticism. The elaborate gold wirework is used to form trails of leaves reaching out in seemingly ongoing movement and set with demantoid garnets to represent leaves.

The 2.00 carat diamond stamen provides a vivid contrast to the surrounding opals magnifying their intense color. The brooch is further accented by clusters of diamonds of various sizes set in platinum bezels which make the diamonds appear as dew drops shimmering in the early morning light on this magnificent flower.

A hallmark of a finely made piece of jewelry, the wirework on the back of the piece is as intricate and well wrought as the front of the brooch. This is truly a very special piece of jewelry that will make you the envy of any woman in the room when you wear it. Imagine it as the only piece of jewelry you wear on your special “little black dress”!