Today I'm daydreaming about my one of my favorite pieces in the Lang collection, a heartbreakingly lovely Victorian bow brooch. The prettiest pink diamond drop, mine cut diamonds in patinated silver, it is so finely wrought I could cry. It even has little moving tassels of diamonds. It is basically, you know, perfection.

It started me thinking about the lost art of the signature jewel, the special piece worn constantly, which friends, family and colleagues come to associate with one. My bow brooch (see how I snuck in that pronoun?) and really all special brooches are especially well-suited for signature jewel status because of their exciting versatility. It will always look amazing on the lapel of your coat, but don't forget:

at the waist

on a ribbon at the throat

in your hair

or on a clutch,

to name just a few. I did a double-take the other day when I saw a cool woman who had one on the cuff of her jeans. There are no limits to the possibilities!