Jewelry helps us observe the momentous occasions in our lives, in addition to providing the simple joy of personal adornment. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more are traditionally celebrated and commemorated with jewelry. For the holidays, Mother Nature has provided us with precious gems in precisely the colors we cherish for our festive celebrations.

Rubies are red form of the gem material corundum, with their richly saturated color deriving from the inclusion of the chemical element chromium. Valued for their beauty throughout history, in modern times we have come to include rarity in our appraisal of ruby's desirability. The Myanmar (Burma) region has produced the most coveted rubies since ancient times.

Emeralds are the luscious green member of the beryl family with the most venerated quality originating in Columbia. Chromium and/or vanadium are the minerals responsible for the silky hue of green which paints the most treasured of emeralds.

Sapphires, another form of corundum, are blue (and many other colors, too) and the inclusion of titanium and iron into the mix is what makes them blue. The Kashmir region of India has always produced the most valued sapphires, with a distinctive sleepy aura in addition to their pure, rich blue color.

It's a wonderful time of the year! Lang Antiques wants to wish you all the best for a sparkling season and a gemmy New Year. We relish the excitement that comes with sharing in your celebration, bringing joy to the givers and receivers of the always stylish gift of jewelry.