It’s graduation season, and we’ve turned in our final paper. The subject? What to get your graduate! In short-essay form, we’ve put together a top 10 list of gems that will anchor any burgeoning collection—practical beauties that will mark your grad’s achievement without losing their appeal over time.

1. The Perfect Strand of Pearls

Need we say more? Straddling the line between youth and maturity, the pearl choker has been a jewelry wardrobe stable since…well, forever.

2. The Diamond Stud Earring

Another no-brainer. We love the classic high-carat, high-color prong set variety, of course, but also appreciate fresh takes on a classic style. The halo adds extra flash and sparkle, and this beautifully-crafted yellow gold floral version, with its mix of old-mine cushion and rose cuts, bursts with creativity while keeping traditional proportions.

3. The Antique Locket

The affectionate nature of this jewelry genre won’t be lost on a recipient going though one of life’s greatest transitions. Choose a large gold oval with intricate detailing, or the appropriately-scholarly figural book! Worn on an extra-long, thin chain, these Victorian beauties look cool and contemporary.

4. The Right Hand Ring

Although we adore a good cocktail or dinner number, for graduation we prefer the wear-anywhere variety. Pretty and practical, it’ll always be ready for your grad’s next adventure.

5. The Pocket Watch

Yes, we know…we all have smart phones, and they all have clocks. But a pocket watch isn’t just about knowing what time it is—it’s about learning how to care for a special piece that requires maintenance and attention, and about connecting the technologies of the past with the technologies of the present (and future). Watches are still a popular graduation gift, and the pocket watch adds another “complication”—as watch experts say—to that tradition.

6. The Diamond Pendant

Is your grad doing a “gap year” abroad? These never-take-off necklaces will travel easily, while still feeling fresh once they return stateside. You can’t go wrong with a classic halo, but we also love the sweetness of a puffy heart.

7. The Mix-and-Match Bangle

This is the kind piece that will pair effortlessly with a handful of fun plastic bracelets pulled out of a bargain bin, draw attention away from the imperfect crease of a business-casual cuff, and dress up a bare arm emerging from a gown (even if it’s a recycled prom dress). They’re formal but not stuffy, fine but not frumpy—exactly the thing your grad didn’t know they needed, but won’t be able to remember how they lived without.

8. The Bead Necklace

The perfect alternative if your grad isn’t a pearls kind of person. Lapis, jade, opal, coral, malachite, ruby…we’ve got a rainbow of options, but these are a couple of our favorites.

9. The Lapel Pin

A unisex office staple that will set your grad apart in the working world.

10. The Stacking Band

If we told you our slim antique and vintage bands sell only to brides, we’d be greatly underrepresenting their appeal. These highly wearable beauties look chic and modern worn singly or on multiple fingers, and additional bands can be added to your grad’s “ring stack” on future special occasions.

And to all our 2017 graduates…congratulations!