We think rubies look stunning all year long, but we especially love them in July, when those lucky enough to be born this month get to wear rubies as their birthstone. Fortunately these rich, radiant gems come in so many forms and styles, you won’t be tired of “seeing red” even after 31 days.

Ruby earrings look particularly lively when the sun is bright. Whether you prefer long or short, make a statement in a pair mixed with diamonds and set in glowing 18k gold.

We love the delicate romanticism and “mixed media” feeling of this Edwardian beauty, totally in keeping with the florals and gauzy looks of the season.

This stunning necklace features 37 carats of July’s gem, with another 9 carats of diamonds thrown in for good measure. Reminiscent of a crown or diadem shape, this piece is truly fit for royalty.

Cabochon rubies look too cute on this expressive and dimensional seed pearl butterfly. We’ve tried to capture the clever posture of his wings, but he really must be seen in person to be appreciated!

Rubies make great, eye-catching bracelet accents, and are tough enough (with a hardness just below that of diamonds) to be worn on the wrist. The sleek, tailored design of this Edwardian bangle lends an air of casual wearability to an exceedingly fine piece, and this Art Deco beauty is definitely fancy-dress-ball ready!

We would be remiss in our ruby roundup if we omitted perhaps its most varied and popular vehicle, the ring. Whether a star cabochon, a clever arrangement of geometric cuts, or a stunning center stone, rubies are the perfect solution for any undecorated finger.

Happy birthday to July babies, and happy Ruby Month to us all!