We all love an elegant, tasteful jewel sighting: a shimmering diamond barrette tucked discretely behind one ear, the gleam of a perfect gold bracelet peeking out from a cuff. This dispatch, my friends, is not about that. This is about the giddy pleasure of PILING IT ON. You know you want to. The key to success here is having a clear concept and showcasing your brooch collection in a focused way.

I'm crazy about this one because it has such a fun, do-it-yourself feel, even though we can see the stylist in the shot, ha!...

....but if you want a little more refinement, let this stunner inspire you

I love the contrast here between the exuberant brooch display and the very classic, understated grey blazer. Anyone can pull off their own personalized version of this. Note the absence of any other jewelry, clean natural makeup, hair in a relaxed updo.

I saved this one for last, because it is so inspiring it gives me chills! This one image is a master class in brooch styling, with a very artful balance of color, texture, proportion, classicism and eccentricity. Bravo!