I have a burgeoning collection of vintage and antique cufflinks. I hesitate to share this, because I certainly don't need more women to catch on to the joys of collecting this very affordable jewelry category. The extraordinary range of charming styles and motifs, the phenomenal quality at a fraction of the price of say, earrings... I could go on and on.

Whenever I wear them I am treated to oohs and ahhs of admiration, everywhere I go. As you might imagine, I'm also a big fan of the crisp white shirt, and for nearly any occasion. Dressed up or down, it always feels polished and right, and also happens to be the perfect blank canvas for my cufflinks du jour.

Typically I go gaga for wonderful little animals, or exquisite enamels, but lately glistening gemstones have been catching my eye, which is why these lovely violet beauties from the Lang collection stopped me in my tracks:

So pretty! Eye-catching mid-century cufflinks, with faceted amethyst and gleaming golden ropes. I am besotted.

I think Greta Garbo would approve.

Jean Shrimpton too.