Heading into the second month of the year, we’re looking forward to wearing February’s birthstone, that lavender-to-deep-purple colored quartz known as amethyst. Although this color was once reserved for royalty, we won’t even insist you don your birthday crown to try on our many examples of this regal stone.

Equally at home in detailed antique pieces, streamlined retro gems, and transitional estate jewelry styles, bold amethyst makes a perfect center stone. Its signature purple is highlighted by diamond or pearl accents, or set off by planetary rings of multi-colored gold. And at a more modest price point than some of its gemmy cousins, it delivers a lot of bang per carat.

Perhaps because the ancient Greeks believed that this grape-hued gem could protect its wearer against drunkenness, amethyst works especially well in splashy cocktail rings. Toss it with a few icy diamonds into a platinum setting, and you’ve got a very tempting mix.

Though Queen Amethyst loves to be the star, she can also play well with others—especially when swirling or framing a stunning diamond. These Art Deco pieces take full advantage of that eye-catching hint of color to highlight that era’s signature geometric designs. And while you may not find any purple bees in nature, carved amethysts do make a surprisingly lifelike spray of violets.

However you choose to wear them—alone, or in a bouquet of mixed stones—we encourage you to experiment with February’s vivid, queenly birthstone!