For centuries only royalty, nobility and the clergy have had access to gems this rare and glorious, and you better believe they held them close. Sapphires were deeply coveted as talismans of protection, good fortune and dazzling beauty.

Gazing into this majestic gem, it is easy to gather why humankind has always been especially captivated by fine blue sapphire. The earliest superstitions held that the wondrous blue of the sky was actually a reflection of the sapphire deposits here on earth. That is some deep reverence. Throughout history every culture has associated their cool and refreshing appearance with holiness and wisdom, and they have long been considered symbols of sincerity, loyalty and fidelity in romantic love.

Try on this ring and feel your heart skip a beat. You won't regret it. Just shy of nine and a half carats, this mesmerizing Ceylon cushion-cut sapphire is nestled between a carat of crisp, icy white trapezoid diamonds on an elegant platinum band. The perfect way to say 'I do,' 'I cherish you,' or 'I've always wanted one.'