Thomas and Amanda love each other so much that they married twice. Ok, they really only officially married once, but they did have two wedding ceremonies. Their first nuptials, with part of their family, took place in the City of Lights. No, not Paris—Las Vegas!

With the requisite pink Cadillac (there’s an Aretha Franklin song in here somewhere) waiting outside, Thomas and Amanda pledged their true love to one another inside the illustrious Little White Wedding Chapel. Not to be outdone by the flashy Vegas lights, Thomas presented Amanda with a dazzling Art Deco ring from Lang. With said ring sparkling on her finger, Amanda and Thomas sealed the day with a kiss beneath a smiling image of The King himself…Elvis.

Four days later, and over 6,000 miles away, the couple, along with the other part of their family, celebrated with a second ceremony in the magnificent city of Prague. Now, that’s what we call tying the knot—two times for good measure.