Fact, Fiction & Care for Quartz

Quartz is a commonly occurring variety of silicon dioxide. It often crystallizes into well-formed hexagonal prisms. Quartz occurs in many colors, purple amethyst, pink rose quartz, yellow citrine, and a smoky variety, referred to as smoky quartz. The colorless, transparent crystals represent the modern concept of "crystal". Crystal balls with a mystic significance are made from quartz.

A Brief History of Quartz

Examples of rock crystal objects date back to 75, 000BC. They are the earliest talismans known to man. Every civilization has attributed magical powers to quartz crystals. To the ancient Japanese it symbolized faith, perseverance, infinity and purity. Crystal balls were brought to Europe from the Near East by the Crusaders who credited them with the ability to cure diseases.

Ancient priests would use quartz crystals to light alter fires by focusing sunlight through the crystals. Quartz focused sunlight was also used for cauterizing wounds.

Roman ladies often carried quartz balls for both medicinal purposes and to cool their hands on warm days

The name, quartz, comes from the Greek word, krustallos, which means ice. It’s often referred to, as the ice of the Gods and it was believed that one could quench their thirst by holding a quartz crystal in their mouth.

The Metaphysical aspects of Quartz

Quartz is metaphysically the most powerful of all crystals. It is used for protection against all negative energy. Quartz is a great healing tool, fortifying and strengthening all systems of the body and drawing out pain. It is particularly effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, fibromyalgia and intestinal troubles.

Quartz is a channeler, and is extremely beneficial in amplifying energy, inspiration, creativity, concentration and meditation.

Quartz is a stone of the crown chakra, and aids the third eye in clarity of psychic vision.

Gemological properties of Quartz

Color: all colors Durability: excellent
Crystal Structure: trigonal Hardness: 7.0
Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553 Family: Quartz
Similar Stones:
Treatment: varies, depending on the variety

Quartz Care

Ultrasonic Cleaner: usually safe Chemicals: no acids
Steam Cleaner: usually safe Sensitivity to Light: may fade
Warm Soapy Water: ok Sensitivity to heat: changes colors
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