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The most comprehensive online source of information with regard to Antique, Estate, and Vintage Jewelry, Gems, Jewelers, and Jewelry History can be found right here. In-depth articles, videos, a comprehensive glossary, images, and a remarkable, searchable Jewelry Maker’s Marks database are all available for you to peruse and explore. This incredible, complimentary, educational experience is brought to you by Lang Antiques, San Francisco.

Jewelry Identification


Who doesn’t love a good mystery, especially one involving precious gems and jewels? In order to investigate these jewelry conundrums, it is helpful to borrow from the 5Ws of journalism fame. Who made this beautiful jewel? What is it made of? When did they make it?  Where did the creator live? Read more to gain insight into deciphering the clues that may be hiding on your jewelry.

Maker’s Marks

Identifying Jewelry Makers and Manufacturers.

Those tiny little marks found on jewelry can carry a wealth of knowledge. They are the key to solving who made the piece, where and when it was made, metal fineness, style number, etc. One specific type of mark – the Maker’s Mark – is the key to the first “W” – Who made this? Identifying these minute clues requires diligence and a serious reference database like the one available here.

Jewelry History

Evolution, Historical Eras, and Timeline

Jewelry can help us connect with our past, our family history and even the history of the world. As a reflection of the time a jewel was created, much can be learned by placing it in the context of history. The symbolism in the design, the gemstones and how they are set and arranged as well as mechanisms and findings can tell us a good deal about the purpose of the jewel and perhaps the intent of the wearer or giver. Lover’s Eye Jewels, Posey Rings, Medal Jewels, Engagement Rings and more can reveal the past in a most intriguing way. Read on to learn more.

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The History and Science of Gemstones

Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds, oh my! Explore the fascinating world of Gems and find the answers to your gemological questions. What makes a mineral a gem? Where do gems come from? What are gems used for (besides making us glamourous)? Did the ancients adorn themselves with gems? Find the answers and learn about your favorite gemstones in our Gemology category.

Famous Jewelers

Master Jewelers, Designers, and Retailers

Delve into the biographies of Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany, and more. The juxtaposition of history, technology, and design reside with these master craftspersons causing more than just beauty to meet the eye when you fall in love with a jewel. The right combination of scientific discovery, technology, and aesthetics along with the precise combination of gemstones and precious metals form the perfect storm to create the perfect jewel in the hands of a master craftsperson. Read their stories and enjoy their creations.