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Book reviews can be written following a few standard forms to establish uniformity in the reviews. The most important one being Form:Book. Simply fill in the title of the book name and it will create the form for you to fill out. You can also upload an image of the book cover there.

The standard format for the author's name is "Lastname, Firstname", so if a book is written by Jane Doe, the correct form is "Doe, Jane".

When a book is written by multiple authors you can separate them by an ampersand "&". Example: a book is written by John Doe and Jane Smith; you simply fill in "Doe, Joe & Smith, Jane".

You can use the tick boxes to indicate genres and style tags. This makes it easier to search for books of specific interest later on.

When you have saved your work, you can make adjustments easy by pressing the "edit with form" tab above your review.

You will notice that if an author does not have a page associated with him/her on the AJU, the name(s) appear in red. If you click on the name, you will be directed to another form where you can enter data on the author. You can also do this for the publisher of the book. We prefer to give detailed information on the publisher as that makes it easier to contact them. For instance if we would like permission to use images from their books etc..

If you don't want to write a full review on a book, but rather a biography on an author, you can use the standard form named Form:Author. Simply type in the name of the author (Lastname, Firstname format) and a form will be created for you on the fly.

For contact details of a publisher, the form Form:Publisher can be used. Here again you simply fill out the name of the publisher and you will be directed to form that is easy to work with.

Book embedding Widgets

Does an online version of the book exist? Please add it to the wiki so that users can access the text instantly. Below you find directions on how to do this.

Google Books

This widget can be used to plug Google Books texts into the wiki. Here's how you do this:

1. Find a book you want to plug, let's say this book.
2. Copy the url:
3. Then copy the bit behind 'id=': UmsDAAAAQAAJ
4. Paste that code in the widget shown below.
5. Define the width and height.

So that you get something that looks like this:
{{#widget:Google Books

Results in:

This widget is the the iframe widget mentioned above with its parameters adapted so that it makes full use of the width of our pages. It can be used to plug online books from into the wiki. Here's how to do this:

1. Find a book on Let's say... this book.
2. On the book page on, click on 'read online':


3. Copy the url of the page that will pop up and paste it in the widget below:


This will result in: