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Anniversary Gifts

This anniversary gift list is a recent compilation that is recognized by the American Gem Trade Association, Jewelers of America, The American Gem Society, The Gemological Institute of America, the Jewelry Industry Council and the Cultured Pearl Association.

Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary YearAnniversary JewelTraditional Gift
1st AnniversaryGold JewelryPaper
2nd AnniversaryGarnetCotton
3rd AnniversaryCultured or Natural PearlsLeather
4th AnniversaryBlue TopazLinen
5th AnniversarySapphireWood
6th AnniversaryAmethystIron
7th AnniversaryOnyxWood
8th AnniversaryTourmalineBronze
9th AnniversaryLapis LazuliPottery
10th AnniversaryDiamond JewelryTin
11th AnniversaryTurquoiseSteel
12th AnniversaryJadeSilk
13th AnniversaryCitrineLace
14th AnniversaryOpalIvory
15th AnniversaryRubyCrystal
16th AnniversaryPeridot
17th AnniversaryWatches
18th AnniversaryCat's Eye
19th AnniversaryAquamarineChina
20th AnniversaryEmerald
21st AnniversaryIolite
22nd AnniversarySpinel
23rd AnniversaryImperial Topaz
24th AnniversaryTanzanite
25th AnniversarySilver JubileeSilver
30th AnniversaryCultured/Natural Pearl JubileePearl
35th AnniversaryEmerald
40th AnniversaryRubyRuby
45th AnniversarySapphireSapphire
50th AnniversaryGolden JubileeGold
55th AnniversaryAlexandriteEmerald
60th AnniversaryDiamondDiamond
65th AnniversaryDiamond



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