Azurite Specimen.
Azurite Specimen.

Gemological Information for Azurite

Color:Dark Brown, Light to Dark Green, Yellow & Black
Crystal Structure:Monoclinic
Refractive Index:1.730 – 1.836
Durability:1.730 – 1.836
Hardness:6 to 7
Similar Stones:BenitoiteLapis LazuliAzurmalachite
Treatments:Wax or Epoxy Impregnation
Country of Origin:U.S., France, Republic of Namibia

Azurite Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Never
Steam Cleaning:Never
Warm Soapy Water:Safe - No Abrasives
Chemical Attack:Attacked by Acids
Light Sensitivity:Stable
Heat Sensitivity:Breaks Down
Further Resources
Gems & Gemology: The Quarterly Journal of The Gemological Institute of America.


  • Fall 1960, Azurite and its Absorption Spectrum, p. 71, 1p.



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