Buckle Bracelet

Buckle Bracelets
Pair of Victorian Buckle Motif Bangle Bracelets with Taille d'Epargné Embellishment.

A buckle bracelet is a wrist adornment that incorporates a buckle motif within its design. The Victorian jarretière is an example of a buckle bracelet designed as an articulated wide strap with a functional buckle motif closure. The termination of the strap on a jarretière was often trimmed in fringe and embellished with seed pearls. Hinged Victorian bangle bracelets also sported the buckle theme and often featured fine taille d’epargné decoration. They were usually produced and worn in pairs. Ludo bracelets of the 1940s Retro period are an example of buckle bracelets that incorporated brick links and gem-set details.

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