Copal Resin Specimen.
Copal Resin Specimen.

Copal is a fossilized organic resin. This amorphous yellow-to-brownish material is often confused with amber, but amber is much older than copal. A test using acetone can separate amber and copal – copal will react immediately while amber will take longer to be affected.

Gemological Information for Copal

Color:The Color of Copal Varies from Pale Yellow to Orange
Crystal Structure:Amorphous
Refractive Index:ca. 1.54 (-.010)
Durability:Can be Melted by a Hot Torch
Similar Stones:Reconstructed Amber
Treatments:Oiling, Heat Treatments, Reconstruction (Same as Amber)
Country of Origin:Africa, New Zealand & South America

Copal Care

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Not Safe
Steam Cleaning:Not Safe
Warm Soapy Water:Not Safe - Cool Water Onlly - No Brushes
Chemical Attack:Keep Away from Chemicals
Light Sensitivity:Will Darken with Age
Heat Sensitivity:Burns Readily
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